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  1. I agree completely with this. For example, take a standard 12 team yahoo league with 23 man rosters. You only eat into 37% of the player pool. If you do an AL or NL Only league, with those same 12 teams, you now eat into 85% of the available player pool. You just made a far deeper and more rewarding fantasy baseball game without the headache/logistic issues that come with running 16, 20+ team leagues. I also agree with another poster that talked about the quality of league being only as good as the commitment of the members in it. It's FAR easier to find a smaller group of really committed hardcore fantasy owners than a really large one.
  2. I don't understand why anybody would want to host a league where it costs the league an additional $100 - $150. Yahoo & ESPN are both free, both offer live scoring now, reliable data/stat keeping, plenty of customization, dynasty/keeper league support, auction support, minor leaguer player pool, etc. etc. etc. Why burn $100+?
  3. I agree about smaller more committed leagues being the better experience. And with smaller numbers of teams, you can split the player pool in half and still get that deep experience. My problem with trying to join one of these AL or NL only leagues, is that it's virtually impossible to find one where the rules are traditional/straight forward. e.g. I would love to join an "only" league that has the same basic structure as a typical public mixed league, where it's all very straightforward and simple. Anytime I try to find an NL only league or AL only league, there's always a bible of rules in the league, with exotic roster formats, and dynasty/keeper format, etc. I want to join a 10 team al or 10 team nl only league (or both) with very committed owners, and just have the league be a simple redraft that follow the basic structure of Yahoo's default leagues. A simple 5x5, 10 teams, 10 active hitters, 9 active pitchers, NL only, with default $100 FAAB budget, and the league be a simple redraft with a $260 auction live draft. These types of leagues are impossible to find.
  4. I would love to play in both an NL & AL only with the same guys. If any of you get openings, please let me know.