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  1. C.J. Prosise 2017 Season Outlook

    Definitely just an end of bench lotto ticket that could pay off, Seattle is looking for somebody to take over with Carson out.
  2. C.J. Prosise 2017 Season Outlook

    Also stashed him with the same thinking. He’s back to full practices and the Hawks’ OC has came out and said he will have a role and they see him as an every down back as long as he’s healthy.
  3. Orleans Darkwa 2017 Season Outlook

    People seem to be forgetting that this is an away game for the Seahawks and their defense is notoriously different when they are not in Seattle. They are prone to giving up big plays. The Giants commitment to the run game, lack of receiver talent, and reshuffling of the O-Line makes Darkwa look like he will have season long value as long as he’s healthy. Also last weeks game was in Denver, Darkwa looks promising, i’m starting him in my flex.
  4. Deshaun Watson 2017 Season Outlook

    It’s called playing until the final whistle. Just because your up doesn’t mean you have to take your foot off of the other teams neck. Also the other way around when they were clearly about to lose the game to the Chiefs and he kept firing off TDs. That’s why he has QB1 overall potential
  5. Tanner Gentry 2017 Outlook

    Definitely throwing him on my bench now, as opposed to possibly waiting on waivers, to see if they can turn chemistry into production. @ZachZaidman #Bears QB Mitchell Trubisky on WR Tanner Gentry: "We've developed a good chemistry ever since rookie minicamp." 5:37 AM · Oct 12, 2017
  6. Ricardo Louis 2017 Season Outlook

    Same here, Hue has already stated that benching Kizer would benefit him so I see the change coming soon. I figured Higgins would be the pick up but Louis has been producing for a couple weeks now.
  7. Kevin Hogan 2017 Season Outlook

    I plan on picking up Hogan, after waivers clear, as my bye week replacement for RW. The offense just looks better with him out there, there’s no way around it. Clearly he hasn’t been named the starter yet but i’m sure he will be. James @GABrownsGuy Kevin Hogan has the same amount of passing TDs on the year as DeShone Kizer. Hogan has played 3 quarters of football 9:17 PM · Oct 9, 2017
  8. Andre Ellington 2017 Season Outlook

    AP doesn’t even know the playbook. AE wasn’t being used as a runner anyway, i’m not too worried about him for at least a few weeks really. Kinda like Kamara in NO honestly, he’s still the back on the field for passing downs
  9. Adrian Peterson 2017 Season Outlook

    Dianna Russini @diannaESPN Trade! The New Orleans Saints have traded Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional pick per sources 12:43 AM · Oct 11, 2017
  10. Latavius Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    I’ll never understand why people consistently comment in a players thread that they don’t like. Your previous posts show you don’t like him, move on already. As for McKinnon, you can check his game logs, number don’t lie. Nothing “delusional” about it, he’s not consistent period. That’s why they brought in Murray and Cook in the first place.
  11. Latavius Murray 2017 Season Outlook

    Ii’ve had McKinnon plenty of times. He’s inconsistent, give you 20+ one week and score less than 10 the following week. I’ll believe it when i see it with him when it comes to reliability. I refuse to believe Murray is as slow as he played last night, he didn’t even look like himself as the one thing he’s best at is his speed. He said himself that he’s not 100% so i’ll give him a pass for the Vikings game, still holding.
  12. Deonte Thompson 2017 Season Outlook

    The above quote from an article is what made me get Thompson after waivers clear. Rashad Higgins comes to mind when i think of matching up bench WRs with a bench QB turned starter so luckily i didn’t have to burn a waiver claim this time. I think Thompson hits the ground running with Trubisky though.
  13. Survivor Football 2017 Season Thread

    Almost took this comment seriously until i saw your profile picture. Ravens over Jags easy. With Buck Allen and Ben Watson keeping the chains moving, that Jags defense will tire out fast as the Ravens dominate time of possession. One of the easiest picks of the week for me behind the Dolphins over Jets. Going back and forth over those.
  14. Survivor Football 2017 Season Thread

    Thats my pick too, Jacksonville’s only offensive threat is Fournette and that Ravens defense is looking good again. Tennessee also exposed the Jaguars defense as it didn’t look as dominant as they did Week 1 against the Texans. looks like a safe pick for me
  15. Brandon Marshall 2017 Season Outlook

    I have no idea why people make such definitive statements when it comes to fantasy. There’s no way for you to possibly know that. We’re two weeks into the season...just bench him and see how it plays out. I see he’s been dropped in a few leagues and i’m looking at scooping him up. The Giants offensive woes shouldn’t continue for much longer as McAdoo is thinking about giving up play calling duties. Hes not startable obviously but too good of a player to drop 2 WEEKS into the season after being drafted in the middle to late rounds.