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  1. With this, the Alshon Jeffery trade and the McCoy injury flip seems like I would be better off waiting until to catch up on injury news. I agree everyone wanting to be "the source" that they just report anything. I'll believe it when Schefter says it.
  2. I wouldn't say the Packers thrashing the Bears was unpredictable in any way. The games just are always one sided. I wouldn't be surprised at all for the Titans Defense to out score ARob as this week i'm picking Titans to win and these games are almost always one sided.
  3. Not sure any team with playoff hopes would be starting McCown unless it's in a 14 team league maybe.
  4. Drew Copley‏ @DrewASJax Through 6 games: Marqise Lee - 29 catches, 337 yards. Allen Robinson - 26 catches, 296 yards.
  5. Cuff being someone you can insert and get the same kind of production (Deangelo for Leveon) No. Dujuan Harris looked pretty good, id plug and play him if Hyde wasn't healed over the bye.
  6. They talked him up all summer but i didn't pay any attention as he was always injured and missed games. Seeing the Jags on NFLRZ, Bortles seemed like he only had eyes for Lee. He's on pace for 102 targets, leads the Jags in receptions, catch rate, 2nd for receiving yards on the team. 5+ catches in 4/6 games like season. Also drafted higher than Hurns and Robinson in the same draft...This could be time to put it all together.
  7. One PPR league i've been top 3 all season. In a pro league i sat at 10th with a 1-3 record after trading away Antonio Brown in the still kills me...I actually beat the guy i traded him to this week and on a 3 game win streak. 4th place because of points but tied for 2nd as we speak. In a PPR league where i have a stacked team that started out slow to a 0-4 record, i was dead last but after a 3 game win steak im now 3-4 (7th place) and one game out of 3rd place as they are 4-3. Lastly in a bizarre, 16 team, 1 RB, 1 WR and 2 flex PPR league i started 1-4, and after a 2 game win streak im now 13th but one game away from 4th place. Thats why i'm hooked. You can go from last place to a playoff team in a matter of weeks, trades, WW and FA pick ups and you can basically have a new team. I was facing teams having the game of their season early on. The three problem teams were all drafted before the preseason so it's kinda understandable. I changed my name to Marathon in all 3 of those.
  8. Jacquizz has had two good games against two teams that won't even sniff the playoffs this year (Panthers and 49ers) but Doug Martin is definitely coming back to his job, he's earned that job security. Hopkins is not the same WR as last year so it was an easy trade for me. He's too boom or bust and mostly bust with Osweiler behind that terrible O-Line.
  9. i sent away Nuk for him straight up, needed RB help for that team and i'm willing to wait. This was days before his setback so i'm not sure what his value is at the moment.
  10. The way it's been going these past few weeks in my PPR, i have him in Jordy's slot for me. Watching the past 3 games almost every pass has gone to Montgomery, Cobb or Adams basically. Jordy has actually had his man beat at times but ARod just wasn't looking his way.
  11. I was able to trade Hunter Henry to a TE hungry team and get Hill last week before his big game. Even after his big game i'm sure there are still skeptical guys who want to sell him. Hoping Sunday was a turning point for him this season as he looked to be in his rookie year form. I'm definitely starting him against the Redskins with some confidence.
  12. We might be getting ahead of ourselves but after this year Lacy is a UFA.
  13. With Flacco and SS possibly being out, it seems more likely that they stack the box as the Ravens' only offensive threat would be West.
  14. Yeah that's not particularly bold. if he gets 22 carries (which he could) i'm pretty sure he hits the 100 yard mark.
  15. It was more than that. If that was the reason, they would've just let him get back in shape over his 4 game suspension. Stashing Mike G with confidence in the 2 leagues i have McCoy and in the other where i go against McCoy.