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  1. I have Bell in one league (friends and coworkers) but have to go against him in the second round of one of my money leagues. Its sickening how much they use him on every play lol. My opponent who has him has been carried by Bell/Zeke and bums all season. Not looking forward to facing him again.
  2. Scored 156 this week...more than anybody in my league...except the guy with 186 who i faced with Bell and Elliot.
  3. David J. Chao, MD‏ @ProFootballDoc Better than 50/50 that #SpencerWare is cleared for next week, but concussions are not predictable. Neeraj Batra‏ @neerajbatra@ProFootballDoc When do you see Ware getting cleared? Nov 5, 2016, 10:03 PM It could be possible that he misses another.
  4. Carson Wentz as he has CIN and Denver in Week 13 and 14 while Mariota is on bye and then goes to Denver.
  5. David J. Chao, MD‏ @ProFootballDoc Would not surprise me at all if @CutonDime25 out again. Frank Urresta‏ @FrankU17@ProFootballDoc hey doc! I've read reports that McCoy may sit out again? What are the chances of this happen ring? Thank you!
  6. Those players usually don't miss practice though, they get veteran days off. Ware is still in protocol and looks like a long shot to play this weekend.
  7. Obviously they are going off of the quote of Coleman himself saying "once he's catching, he's playing." and if hes cleared to catch.....
  8. Matt Derrick‏ @mattderrick This was Spencer Ware's final play vs Colts. Hit high by two guys, then face mask driven into turf. Got up quickly but grabbed his helmet.
  9. @AdamSchefter: Packers' WR Randall Cobb is not expected to play Sunday vs. Falcons due to a hamstring injury, per source. Packers being careful with Cobb. Looks like he's in for a bigger night than expected. He was already Rodgers main target.
  10. Not sure why this too so long @AdamSchefter: Hardly a huge surprise, but still: Bills' RB LeSean McCoy, nursing a hamstring injury, is out Sunday vs Patriots, per source.
  11. The whole "plod" thing seems pretty overblown. I know a few years ago he looked pretty bad but now he actually looks like he's gotten a lot faster and slimmer. Yes, confidently everywhere i have him. He was already playing more and better than McKinnon. Vikings ball control offense will most likely get points on almost every drive against the miserable Bears D and the Bears offense will be stifled by the Vikings D. Im liking Asiata, I could easily see a 2 TD game with respectable yesterday as they get a big lead and chew clock with the run game.
  12. I made the same mistake as Freeman wasn't giving me much and Langford went down so early in the week i sent a trade offer of "Freeman + Howard and Dorsett". To to be fair, At the times values were different as Freeman was in a timeshare. Howard was the clear leadback and Dorsett was supposed to beast with Moncrief out. During Freemans blow up game 152 yard game against NO, the guy accepted the trade that i completely forgot about. Its a bum move to do but i'm tied for 1st while he's 1-6 so maybe it's karma for him.
  13. I'm in 4 leagues now and that's my limit. When i first started in HS i used to have 8 but it's not worth it. Even now every week i have a guy in one league and face him in 1/4 leagues so it's hard to celebrate when he does good. The adrenaline rush of drafting is too much of a high for me to only have 1 team.
  14. He may be in a run heavy offense but he's so hit or miss and has only had 1 good game out of a possible 4 which could have been why Asiata has been getting more and more work. Im starting Asiata this week and dropped McKinnon for a kicker. He just doesnt produce consistent numbers, i wouldn't be shocked at all to see Asiata outproduce McKinnon this year.
  15. Me neither. I was big on Howard but Carey looks a lot better than him honestly. Howard would get a carry and barely make it to the LOS, Carey would come right in on the next play and pick up chunks of yards.