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  1. That's fantasy football for you, when situations change you have to change with it or you could end up losing.
  2. I stashed him last year but Jennings started to take off and he was forgotten about in the rotation. Now with Vereen and Jennings out, it's his time to start. I already have $29 bids on him in 2 FAAB leagues and i feel perfectly fine about it. Watching Lynch last year and AP this year, I don't trust 30+ year old RBs to recover from injuries (whether lower body or not) especially with jennings being injury prone to begin with. Obviously ill scale it back if news about Jennings gets better.
  3. In a league with Gronk and Ryan Matthews in my lineup, i'm down 35.8 points with Brees left and he has Fleener. Now its it's entirely possible for Fleener to have an unimpressive game while Brees could spread it around for about 5 TDs to everyone else. I've accepted the fact that i went 4-1 in all leagues this week.
  4. @AdamSchefter: Terrelle Pryor in the first half: 26 passing yards, 14 rushing yards, 62 receiving yards...and 1 snap at safety....
  5. Best post i saw in this thread so far. This is how these disaster hype trains start. Page 1-4 "Has potential, im stashing on my bench" Page 19 "All aboard the RB1 train." With that said, had to drop to stash Arian Foster in one and a K for my lineup in another league. Hopefully he can help the Lions but there just won't be touches to go around. Now if Riddick would ever miss time, i'm all over him.
  6. Welp, at least Jimmy G should be back next week. Luckily an opponent of mine used him against me in one of my leagues
  7. Wr5...Who writes these blurbs. There aren't that many guys with a safer floor and higher ceilings than him right now. Top 20 WR, 18 points behind WR1 overall and he's a WR5 lol
  8. I lost one starter and two bench guys for a gamechanger. With the way Martin was playing im not interested in owning him anyway. The point is that it's like pulling teeth trying to trade in money leagues. If you're 0-2 they wanna keep you there so don't trade with you, if you're 2-0 they want you to overpay.
  9. Literally going through the same thing in a few of my leagues. It's like they don't want to trade unless they're raping your team. To get Gronk i had to give Jordan Reed, Doug Martin and Moncrief the other day and it was accepted hours before the injury news came out. I'd make that trade 10/10 on any day. The trick is to make it seem like their getting the best side of the deal.
  10. Pure speculation but the fact that he was in full pads at walk through to get the feeling again of wearing pads and waiting at his locker afterwards to talk to media (previous weeks he didn't) Im guessing that he plays this week. Jacoby Brissett or hell even if it was Tim Tebow. I'm starting him no question, The TE position as a whole hasn't done anything this season and even 30 yards and a TD would be fine with me.
  11. Lacy isn't even a RB2 right now, how in the world would Starks become one in the same offense... I specifically remember losing in the championship because i grabbed CJA instead of David Johnson last year around Week 12 or so, i can definitely say that's not true.
  12. Yeah the chances you find a player better than him on the WW are very low. As long as Wilson's ankle heals, he'll easily be a WR1 again
  13. Both teams were down early, but again give Alf those 20 carries and we wouldn't be having this conversation. They faced two underwhelming RBs and two struggling run games. I wouldn't be surprised if the Panthers as a whole ran for 150 combined yards in their RBBC.
  14. This is my mood when thinking of the Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, Shaun Alexander and MJD days of do it all RBs. Nowadays it seems like every team wants some RBBC. One guy to catch passes, one guy for goal line carries and another to pass protect. This is crazy.
  15. They didn't bottle up McCoy, the BS play calling bottled up McCoy. I'd have no problems playing Ware with Charles out. Hopefully that Ware/West split was just to teach him to protect the ball last game and doesn't continue.