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  1. Haven’t played in ‘12 but interested in joining a Yahoo money league if one is drafting soon.
  2. My J. Brown & Carson for Laundry & Gronk

    I wouldn’t be trading for Gronk especially with the back injury that’s making his year go down. Really cant see what you are upgrading with this trade. You have Ertz so really no need for Gronk. Carson has a good year and JB has been on fire outside of last week.
  3. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Comparing my auction leagues with my snake draft leagues.... This is definitely the last year i’ll do snake draft money leagues. Auction let’s you make some pretty dominant teams.
  4. Tajae Sharpe 2018 Outlook

    Also picked him up and stashing through the bye in a few leagues. It looked like almost every pass was to him and he was the only Titan consistently making plays. Mariota looked good buying time and extending plays.
  5. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Week 1 @LAC 10 Week 2 - @PIT -3 Week 3: SF (with jimmy G) 4 Week 4: @Den 6 Week 5: Jax 22 Week 6 @NE 0 Week 7: Cin 14 Obviously im not playing them against high powered offenses but for the most part they’ve dominated when playing at Arrowhead. Lesser offense won’t be able to keep up also they have some pretty good matchups ahead for the next 3 straight weeks. I’ve paired them with Chicago and Philly in some leagues. Week 8: Den Week 9: @CLE Week 10: Ari Week 11: @LAR Week 12: BYE Week 13: @OAK Week 14: BAL Week 15: Lac Week 16: SEA
  6. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    KC. That offense puts up points in a hurry and forces team to play make mistakes while playing catch up. They also have very good match ups coming.
  7. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Colts. Cards offense can move the ball now with Rosen and they can create pressure with too pass rusher in Chandler Jones on Keenum which leads to short field position. Cowboys you just never know what version of them will show up on any given Sunday, Colts seem like the solid play with the highest ceiling and floor.
  8. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Even so, he signed about a week ago I doubt he has a good handle on the playbook or chemistry with the WRs besides maybe KB. Colts are also 3rd in sacks.
  9. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Josh Allen is out so you have Peterman giving up good field position and Luck throwing at least 30 passes. Doesnt sound like a good mix at all for a streaming defense. I agree with Asian Sensation, when coaches get fired, teams get fired up at least for a few weeks and TB has all of the pieces to lock up the short handed Browns. TB vs CLE IND vs BUF DET vs MIA Edit: If Tannehill is also out, i'd take the Lions against Osweiler. It looked like they just caught the Bears offguard last week especially when they witheld Tannehill's status until close to gametime, Osweiler is who we think he is. A defense's dream,much like Peterman. A good amount of Osweiler's yardage came from YAC, he wasnt just out there gunslinging his way to 300+ yards.
  10. Is this trade considered vetoable?

    Didnt realize it needed to be broken down Barney style. In general. Yes or no. Does this trade look vetoable. You voted no, that’s the end.
  11. Is this trade considered vetoable?

    Thanks for voting. Not sure if you read the first sentence or not though
  12. Is this trade considered vetoable?

    Mixed reaction in the league. Just gauging outside opinions
  13. Is this trade considered vetoable?

    This league has automatic trades so no approval necessary. For context Team B is 4-0 and Team A is 0-4. Seemed fishy to me as if you haven’t been closing to winning a game yet you trade away a contributor for close to nothing, but just gauging responses. Team A receives Fournette/OJ Howard Team B receives Phillip Lindsay/Evan Engram Prior to the trade Team B had no RB 2 behind Chris Thompson with Smallwood, Riddick, Corey Grant, and Robert Turbin. Also had Vance McDonald so closing up their only two weaknesses. While Team A had only Alex Collins, Hines, McCoy, Coleman and not too many threats in general outside of Arod, Tate, Landry and Jeffery.
  14. NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2018 Week 5

    Man Ahmad Bradshaw is a name i haven’t heard in years. Loved him on the Colts. Agree on Hines though. Not sure if i’d put a claim in for him but Jonnu Smith. He was targeted a good amount but Mariota, who loves throwing to TE and doesn’t have many WR weapons, but Malcolm Jenkins had him clamped on at least 3 passes that i saw. One was a would be TD. I like the targets and playing time, it will translate to points soon.