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  1. I purposely try to get a QB/WR stack everytime but besides the ones you named Wilson/Baldwin Brees/Cooks Rivers/Allen Cheap pairings: Tyrod/Watkins Fitz/Marshall Sleeper would be: Brady/Gronk. Guys hold people like C-Mike on their bench, you can hold Brady through his suspension and reap the rewards.
  2. I actually came to this section to ask this exact question when I found this topic.... I wouldn't like to write for RW specifically, but I would love to be a fantasy writer. Everytime I search though, nothing comes up on how to apply. Any ideas?
  3. The article posted by NYR Fan is another reason I have faith in him as he is Wilson's favorite target. This is also why I don't worry about him dropping off in the TD department (tied for 1st). I definitely enjoyed his big games towards the end of last year. He finished the year #7 at WR but following the Seahawks Week 9 bye, when the offense went more pass oriented, Baldwin was second behind only AB. I have him as a discounted WR1 in the 5th round which is absolute robbery for him and I'm taking him everytime at that price. As he has 1st round ability, but people are stuck in the "But Seattle is a run-first team" mentality. Guys are looking at his 7th in WR finish but not taking into account that he finished as the 2nd. I'd rather draft a guy who tore it up towards the end than one who started out on fire and then flamed out towards the end of the season.
  5. Mark Sanchez and Sam Bradford shouldn't be in the league so we can't measure Chip's offense off of their incompetency. It sounds weird for me to say but Blaine Gabbert is actually a competent QB that runs his offense and has players with him in SF that can actually help him move the chain and keep drives alive. Edit: In real time on MNF, that spin was ridiculous. The guy had him a few yards behind the LOS, he did that spin and ends up going in for the TD.
  6. Also getting another start this week, the offense looks much better under him than Sanchez even though they both are turnover prone. He's finally getting his chance and looks to show how much he learned from Peyton Manning. For guys with Broncos stock, we should be hoping for him to win out. He's moving the offense with ease.
  7. Definitely. Trent Richardson was way less talented and is still getting chances in the league. Ill have to keep an eye on him. Chargers, Patriots or Ravens all are the best landing spots. I personally don't think he has any business going to the Steelers.
  8. This move alone had me sending trade offers to get this guy in week 1. Just to end up having his owner deny everything while he did little to nothing else in the other games that he played. The move to get Chip Kelly actually caught my attention of course I'm late as he has 19 pages. SF has terrible defense but with Kelly's fast offense keeping the defense off the field, their guys should have plenty of chances on offense. The fact that he goes in the 4th round around guys like Jordan Reed, Doug Baldwin, and Jarvis Landry. I just can't have him on my team unless his price falls. I'll definitely keep an eye on him this season though.
  9. From Weeks 9-17 (returning from injury), he was the ninth-highest scoring quarterback. His floor is safe and his ceiling is through the roof.
  10. He may never give you a 300 yard games but his rush totals more than make up for it. I had him last year and his ceiling is high and so is his floor. I can easily see him in the top 8, the only thing that held him back last year was that he only played in 14 games. I wouldn't mind at all stacking up on other positions and having him as my QB late in the draft
  11. He only had 6 carries last game, teams don't want their star getting injured in the preseason (Jordy Nelson). Most guys with gaudy stat lines in the preseason go on to do nothing in the regular season as Zachary Zenner and Jarryd Hayne led the preseason in rush yards. I still believe Lamar Miller could go on to finish as RB1 this season
  12. Handcuff being a guy that you can insert in place of the starter and get the same production. Houston hasn't had a handcuff since Ben Tate as the RBs behind Miller are all bums.
  13. I would've taken this seriously if you said you were a Niners fan and know how Greg Roman uses his RBs. Rex Ryan called his own defensive plays in NY not offensive. He started out as a defensive coordinator since his college coaching days. In the first year of the Greg Roman the Bills went from having a running rate of 39% to a 50%. Also in 2011-2014, Roman had Gore consistently running 260+ times for 1000+ yards. I'm confidently picking McCoy as I see a big bounce back this year as he returns to his dominant self. Edit: He's a better receiver than Bush so he won't have to come out on every 3rd down. Ever since McCoy's Philly days, he was getting goal line work poached from Chris Polk so that's nothing new. He makes his mark by his ability to take it to the house from anywhere. Not with goal line carries.
  14. Henry for DeMarco Alfred Morris for Zeke Coleman for Freeman Sims for Dougie
  15. He's been pretty under the radar, but with Jeff Heuerman missing so much time hes seizing the moment. He he blocks just as well as Heuerman and is a much better athlete so he could lock up the job full time with Heuerman "having a hard time staying healthy". The connection that he's built with Siemian is obvious and Kubiak loves his TE. Being in bad shape at TE, made me look deeper into him but he looks like he's ready for a breakout. In 2013 when they had Dreesen and Tamme both missing time with injury, who was there to soak up the time with the 1s in the preseason....Julius Thomas who went on to have a pretty good season. Much like JT, Virgil Green has a background in basketball, which we've seen from the majority of the best TEs. As they are big bodies who are used to posting up and getting in position to box out defenders.