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  1. Lockett and Paul Richardson both aren't playing but he's definitely looked good. With so many weapons at WR but still wanting to pound the run game, none of the receiving options look reliable outside of Baldwin and Graham. Another Seattle guy stuck down on the depth chart that would be great on another team
  2. Looked like Odell on the contested 1 hand catch on Xavier Rhodes before that Moss like catch in the end zone. 6 targets for 6 catches and 147 yards so far in the preseason.
  3. Turned 98 targets into 75 receptions, 833 yards and 5 TDs last year on a team that led the league in rushing attempts with 499. Could be a cheap WR3 with WR2 upside with Elliot's suspension having him possibly miss the first 6 games.
  4. Only makes sense to me that Burkhead is the next man up while Mike G is sidelined. When Brady and the starters are held out, Burkhead is with them. Brandon Bolden also received 1st team reps in their joint practices so it's not clear. Looks like the starters will play tomorrow so we should get clarity as Dion has only been with the 2s for the majority of his work
  5. Legarette Blount is just as bad of a fit for the Eagles as Murray was. Why they keeping running North and South with him...I have no idea.
  6. Steelers D/ST in every league for me. Teams will have to keep up with their high scoring offense. While Shazier roams the middle and TJ Watt harasses the other teams QB...Cake schedule to start the season too. @Browns VS MIN @ Bears @Balt vs JAX
  7. Literally been the talk of 49ers camp making plays daily. Also expanding his route tree and not just running on Go routes. First thing I thought was of course he would be the SF defense in practice, but he even against Aqib Talib he had him running in circles a few times...( Video on Twitter. Im not good at embedding) He could be a good PPR sleeper as Hoyer has also built a good rapport with him. They've been making 50+ yard receptions almost daily too on a variety of routes. His speed getting in and out of his breaks helps him get seperation. He flashed in Buffalo but their playcalling and usage of their players period is terrible. Kyle Shanahan knows how to utilize speed guys, one of my favorite sleepers this year.
  8. Rawls didn't practice today and Lacy was the first back in to start it off. Would love him if he was with another team but he needs 3 injuries to have value in this backfield.
  9. He would instantly be the most talented back on the team. Right now it is crowded but not talented. Giants, Packers or Redskins would definitely be the dream spots. With him being clear a team should give him a chance soon.
  10. What beat reporter specifically? Because the ones i follow all like him to have a role at some point this season and have various quotes from Vance Joseph praising him all summer. Not worried about Booker, ill have to see Charles on the field to think of him as a threat. Now CJA i actually like but Henderson size and speed are just a hell of a combo.
  11. Ravens, Patriots, Giants and Redskins are the only good fantasy locations for him to get instant playing time. I've always been a fan since his Chargers days and he wasn't that bad last year when he was actually given carries, 4.2 YPC. 155 carries which wildly varied from 19 some weeks then back down to 7 the next. Wouldn't mind giving him a spot on my bench if he goes somewhere valuable.
  12. Typically the Bengals don't draft offensive skill positions early and have drafted no higher than 17 since they took AJ Green in 2011 (9th this year). While I've give you Eifert, Sanu and Tyler Boyd. AJG, Gio, Jeremy Hill, and Dalton disagree with you. Boyd was taken in the 2nd and Sanu in the 3rd. They haven't taken a WR in the first round since AJG. The opportunity will be there for the taking, he's definitely a sleeper no one is talking about.
  13. I just don't see the 6 game suspension sticking, if i end up having a snake draft i wouldn't mind taking him in the 2nd. (Plan on spending no more than $30 on him, like others have said it's a weekly game and i can fight the first 8 weeks if it comes down to it) This entire time i actually forgot all about this until i saw the pictures again but this was said to be an attempted set up from the beginning. Her best friend even admitting that she was asked to lie about the incident with screenshots, this suspension seems ridiculous, i fully expect him to take it to court.