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  1. Gibson vs. Clevenger WHIR

    Give me Clevinger.
  2. Which SP should I roster ROS? **WHIR**

    Maeda and Buehler or Price.
  3. Rest of this season.. all Dodgers. Maeda, Buehler, Wood. I wasn’t even considering Maeda until I looked at his game log for his past 6 starts. Will help in return!
  4. Trade Kershaw? WHIR

    I agree with the sentiment above about getting what you can for Kershaw now in keeper leagues. But there's just too much risk in what you're getting in return. I still think Kershaw on name alone can bring you back something less risky that can help you win immediately...if you think you can win your league this year.
  5. Which one, ROS? whir.
  6. trade question 100% whir

    I'd definitely do it if I were you but has the other owner agreed to it? thanks for help with mine.
  7. Trade Acuna for Strasburg?

    Yes, I'd do it as well for the reason mentioned above. thanks for you help with mine.
  8. 10 team league, another owner got impatient with him. I'm assuming I do, right? He was great for me last year but to be honest I haven't followed him that closely this year. Without getting into who I'd have to drop for him, I just want to get opinions on him and if he's someone you'd burn your #1 waiver for. will help in return!
  9. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    Oops you're right. It was Murphy, my other Nat who's sat out back to back games. Eaton has sat out 3 of last 5.
  10. Adam Eaton 2018 Outlook

    He's sitting again. Its so frustrating. I seriously dont know what to do with him. I cant make myself drop him because his potential is just too high in that lineup, but this is now back to back games he's sitting while Taylor is starting. I honestly dont know a lot about Taylor. Is he that good of player to take away playing time from Eaton?
  11. Daniel Murphy 2018 Outlook

    He's sitting again today. Ive never had him on my roster before but I obviously know how good of a hitter he can be when healthy. I just hope he returns to that form soon. I've turned down some pretty good offers for him.
  12. Start which SP or stream? whir

    Because of matchups alone, I'd probably go Eovaldi, Gibson and Biebs. Please help with mine..
  13. Which Outfielder should I choose for the rest of this season or please rank them? Points league Adam Eaton, Aaron Hicks, Gregory Polanco, Matt Adams Ideally I'd stick with Eaton, but his sporadic playing time before Zimmerman and Adams even returned has me worried. And does Matt Adams have a defined role? Anyway, will help in return!
  14. Choose 4 closers **WHIR**

    As others have mentioned, Iglesias would probably be the odd man out because of the possibility of a trade. Otherwise probably Vizcaino. Thanks for your help with mine.
  15. I need SP help! whir

    Please rank these SPs for the rest of this season... Or at least the top 2 or 3. Jack Flaherty, Dylan Bundy, Freddy Peralta, Rich Hill, Nick Pivetta will help in return!