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  1. PPR league. Which bench RB should I go with? who has the most upside? will help in return.
  2. Anybody else got a feeling that Bregman is about to go on a monster tear? It could be wishful thinking but he's been slumping a little here lately and it seems like when he breaks out of them he absolutely goes off.
  3. I didn't really look deep into his numbers, i just know in his last 3 starts he's only given up 2 runs with 21 Ks. I didn't even notice that he only went 4.1 innings in his last start, but I have a lot of pitching categories so the 0 ER, 7 Ks and 14.54 K/9 helped me despite not going deep into the game. In his two prior starts before that game he was great. So i guess that's what I meant by "on a roll." Not a long roll, but I was at least hoping it was a sign of better things to come.
  4. He's been on a roll here lately and I almost never sit my starters, but I'm nervous about this one tonight against the Astros. Anyone starting him?
  5. For this season only, Lorenzo Cain or Oscar Mercado? Will help in return!
  6. Another note on this guy, I looked up his minor league stats and this year at Triple A El Paso, in 94 ABs he hit 5 HRs 20 RBIs with a .372 avg. He also had a 14 walks to 18 Ks. I know it's the PCL but still, that's not bad.
  7. I actually got him later than I've seen in most drafts, but I really hope he gets going quick in my redraft league. Nobody will give me much for him and there's no way I'm dropping him. I've held on this long so I'm in for the long haul, but I sure have let a lot of good players get scooped up off the waiver wire this year while holding a spot for Vlad. Having said all of that, he's just too talented not to break out at some point, i just really, really hope it's this season. And I still would bet that he does.
  8. I don't see a thread on him so sorry if I missed it, but according to my league's scoring settings this guy is the #7 overall player in the entire league for the last 30 days! Over the past month he's hitting .412 with a 1.268 OPS. I know absolutely nothing about him other than the small bit of research I've dug up on him, but he's hitting on fire since being traded to the Giants, and it looks like he was a pretty good hitter in the minors as well. Does anyone have any advanced stats on him or was he ever considered a prospect? He's 29 years old and seeing that we're over halfway through the season and there's no thread on him I'm guessing this is just another flash in the pan, hot streak, or is there possibly something to it? And is he even a full time player once he cools off?
  9. Was it 3 Ks on 9 pitches or just 3 outs? Either way I’ll take it if it’ll keep his pitch count down.
  10. I love those Phillies throwback uniforms.
  11. What the hell? Now I have no idea if I should start him or not. Is he hurt? I have no idea if he'll even play the 2nd game and I could end up wasting a roster spot. Is he just getting rested? I mean the Rays do know he's probably their best player, right?
  12. He's been killing it for me. I wish I could find the guy who I bet a million dollars early in the year in one of the daily game threads that he'd be fantasy relevant at some point this season.
  13. My gut tells me this guy will be a hitting machine the 2nd half. I think he'll force his way into the lineup.