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  1. Thanks for the input, guys! Anyone else care to chime in? Rosters are due Thursday night.
  2. NL only dynasty with a $250 salary cap. 2 C, 2 1B, 2 2B, 2 SS, 2 3B, 5 OF league with hitter cats: OBP, SLG, HR, RBI, SB+R, DRS. Multi-position eligibility is a big deal in our league, as 1 player can satisfy multiple positional requirements simultaneously (e.g., When I play Machado, he counts as one of my 3B and one of my SS.) I'm planning on keeping Jacob deGrom ($27) and Stephen Strasburg ($11) as SP and Cody Bellinger ($24), Manny Machado ($29), Nolan Arenado ($35), and Yasmani Grandal ($15) as hitters that count against my draft position. That's $141 of my $250 cap. I can also keep up to 6 more of the following, but I have to release at least 2: Max Muncy 1B/2B/3B ($14) Brian Dozier 2B ($12) Justin Turner 3B ($15) Joc Pederson OF ($12) Chris Taylor 2B/SS/OF ($19) Matt Kemp OF ($13) Enrique "Kike" Hernandez 2B/SS/OF ($11) A.J. Pollock OF ($16) We have a rule that any player kept with a value over $10 counts against our draft position, and we can keep up to 12 players over $10. Who would you hang on to and who would you release?
  3. Are you thinking of the Verducci Effect? I think many posters have debunked that idea in these forums.
  4. Right? Eckstein and Erstad were two of the toughest, grittiest players of their era, and they played half their games in the O.C.
  5. Mark Reynolds signed to a minor league contract...a chance to further muddy the Colorado infield waters...
  6. As an NL only dynasty owner, I'm stoked about the Padres possibility. Much rather the Padres than him going back to the AL.
  7. Glasnow and Meadows are about equal value in your eyes? I agree. I was asking this because the Meadows owner in my NL league was convinced that he took the greatest value loss in this deal, by a long shot. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Been sitting on him for years in my NL dynasty. Definitely potential to do some good stuff.
  9. I like how they haven't even made him a formal offer, but because they were "remarkably impressed with him," all of a sudden they are the "clear- cut favorite."
  10. I am going to win! None of the 3 pitchers he traded for were able to sniff a QS or a W! Buehler has already nailed down a QS for me and is well on his way to the W as well.
  11. Thanks guys! I want to provide an update: none of those pitchers even reached a QS, let alone a W, and Buehler has already locked me up a QS, so justice has been served! Victory is mine, and If the Dodgers hold on and win, I will take the league by 2 1/2 roto points! <<Doing the happy dance!>>
  12. Tied for first after today's games! Have to get some great pitching from Buehler and tons of offense against all the other SP, tomorrow to get over the hump.
  13. Right? I believe the Brewers haven't even announced their SP, tomorrow. It seems like Chacin might be the one based on rotation turn, but maybe they surprise everybody with someone else.