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  1. Game 163 Lineups

    I am going to win! None of the 3 pitchers he traded for were able to sniff a QS or a W! Buehler has already nailed down a QS for me and is well on his way to the W as well.
  2. Fair trade?

    Thanks guys! I want to provide an update: none of those pitchers even reached a QS, let alone a W, and Buehler has already locked me up a QS, so justice has been served! Victory is mine, and If the Dodgers hold on and win, I will take the league by 2 1/2 roto points! <<Doing the happy dance!>>
  3. 2018 Celebration Thread- Victory is Mine!

    Tied for first after today's games! Have to get some great pitching from Buehler and tons of offense against all the other SP, tomorrow to get over the hump.
  4. Oct 1st Thread: Both NL Divisional Championship Games

    Right? I believe the Brewers haven't even announced their SP, tomorrow. It seems like Chacin might be the one based on rotation turn, but maybe they surprise everybody with someone else.
  5. Game 163 Lineups

    Thanks, I hope so, too.
  6. Game 163 Lineups

    Actually, my league is counting them because our platform counts them. We use OnRoto. I agree, it doesn't seem totally fair. My team was going in with a big advantage, because my team is based on the Dodgers and the other guy's team is based on the D'Backs. However, the other owner is more trade savvy, and the league is made up almost entirely of his family members, so he was able to trade for all three of the non-Dodger starters within the last couple of hours. A shrewd, albeit slightly douchy, move on his part. So here's hoping Buehler goes for the QS, the Dodgers hit 10+ HRs to blow out the Rockies, and the 2 SP in the other game both get rocked.
  7. Fair trade?

    NL Dynasty league with tomorrow's games impacting first place. Teams A and B (my team) are tied for first and have equal number of Wins and QS, so making a last minute deal for these two pitchers is a shrewd move on Team A's part, but I can't help but feel the deal was lopsided to favor Team A, despite the impact on tomorrow's games. Am I wrong to think Team A should have had to pay a higher price to get this haul? Team A received Jhoulys Chacin (probable starter for tomorrow) and Quintana (confirmed starter for tomorrow). Team C received Musgrove (PIT, P) and Carson Kelly (STL, C). BTW, just gonna throw this little factoid out there, Team A and Team C owners are brothers and Team A is co-commish with their dad.
  8. Game 163 Lineups

    There is currently a tie in my league for 1st, and it appears that our league is going to count tomorrow's game stats. Trying to gauge who will be most likely to see game action, as I assume others with similar league rules are. Walker Buehler is pitching for the Dodgers. German Marquez is going for the Rockies. Jose Quintana is up for the Cubs. The Brewers don't seem to have named their starter. Thoughts on what these teams lineups will look like tomorrow? How about their bullpens? Who has been overused and won't see action tomorrow, if anyone? Who do you expect teams to bring in from the pen?
  9. Franmil Reyes 2018 Outlook

    I've always liked the Lake Elsinore Storm hat.
  10. Julio Urias 2018 Outlook

    Just saw something on MLBTR about him reaching his pitch count limit facing only 3 batters...?
  11. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    DeGrom goes 9 and makes it 3 in a row!
  12. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    2 Wins in a row...deGrom is making his CY push!
  13. Austin Hedges 2018 Outlook

    Not so "in depth," but I remember way back when reading about his power displays in BP, so it's not surprising to see him put up some in-game power. I just want him to get the rest of the bat to be at least league average on a consistent basis.
  14. Hyun-Jin Ryu 2018 Outlook

    Stripling also to the pen.
  15. Shane Baz SP TB

    Just curious as to how you guys would rank and rate the three players the Rays got in this deal. What percentage of the value of this haul would you assign to each of Meadows, Glasnow, and Baz? Assuming a 100% scale.