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  1. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Jason Martinez of MLBTR suggested this lineup, yesterday (Not sure I agree with it.): "1. Joc Pederson, LF 2. Justin Turner, 3B 3. Manny Machado, SS 4. Cody Bellinger, 1B 5. Matt Kemp, RF 6. Max Muncy, 2B 7. Yasmani Grandal, C 8. Chris Taylor, CF" Someone asked if this means Puig becomes a bench bat and he responded: "Looks that way. Joc Pederson and Chris Taylor have both been really good over the past 2 months. Not sure they would go away from Pederson-Taylor-Kemp." Not sure about the past 2 months thing, but over the past 3 weeks, Pederson and Taylor have slashed .174/.269/.370 and .242/.296/.424, respectively. So I'd say there's some wiggle to that proposed lineup. Especially since Joc has proven to be more of a platoon hitter. Edit: For perspective, Puig has slashed .310/.333/.621 over the same 3 week span. Of course, that includes last week which he missed entirely, but he seems to have had the hotter hand.
  2. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    My league only requires 10 appearances.
  3. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    That's the Dodger way! Everybody plays multiple positions on that team. Roberts must have rights to all Dodger players in his fantasy league.
  4. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    Not sure where they are getting the info, but onroto has Kershaw, Hill, Wood for the Dodgers. I thought I read somewhere that Buehler was supposed to pitch this weekend, though.
  5. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    I project Manny's gonna be Manny and haters gonna hate.
  6. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Congrats to the Dodgers, aka Handy Manny and the Tools!
  7. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    After Diaz, they got 2 RHP and 2 INF, and I've never heard of any of them. LOL
  8. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Could they just hurry up and announce the deal already?
  9. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    That does sound like a crazy offer.
  10. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Teams that trade for players with comp picks attached to them don't receive those comp picks...they go away. If/When Manny walks away from the Dodgers at the end of the season, the Dodgers will get nothing.
  11. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    According to MLBTR, Dustin May and Errol Robinson are possibly in included with Diaz in the Machado deal.
  12. Chris Taylor 2018 Outlook

    Per MLBTR, Dustin May and Errol Robinson are suspected to be part of the return package, as well. In regards to Taylor, he'll find playing time, but he'll be relegated to the bench on my team.
  13. 7/16 - 2018 HOME RUN DERBY

    What time/channel is the derby?
  14. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    Ahh..forgot about the humidor.
  15. Manny Machado 2018 Outlook

    I've always thought Arizona was a hitter's park.