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  1. Either way, only one start this week.
  2. Maybe next week. He is pitching Wednesday this week.
  3. BP pissed away his shot at a W today.
  4. Anyone craving a burrito supreme?
  5. The Dodgers are just ridiculously deep in the rotation and the field. Not so much in the pen, but I imagine several of these juggled starters will be used as bullpen weapons in the playoffs.
  6. Dodgers haven't had much need for closers in their blowout wins, lately.
  7. Dallas Keuchel coming off 6 shutout innings with 7 Ks against the Mets, last night, has a pending 2-start week against the Marlins and Mets. If people have cut bait, he might be a solid grab if you are chasing Wins/QS.
  8. I believe he named him the "closer." 😉
  9. Anyone see him pitch last night? He shutout the Mets for 6 innings with 7 Ks. Is there some glimmer of hope with him. He was dropped in my dynasty league and I'm feeling it might be savvy to scoop him up. He has a two start week against the Marlins and Mets. Wouldn't hurt that I would have him as a free keeper, either. Sorry getting too "my team" focused. Thoughts on Keuchel's last start, his pending 2-start week, and his value ROS and beyond?
  10. I didn't play him this week because he wasn't scheduled for 2 starts...then this. Could have used the win.
  11. [...] Hopefully he can get in a few games and get something going.
  12. Not too shabby. 😉 73 AB 9 HR 26 RBI OPS well above 1.100
  13. 98-98 mph...glad to see he's varying speeds.
  14. I'm actually hoping he stays under the radar. I drafted him last year but dropped him to open up a draft slot this year. Now I'm concerned I may not get him back. Dude is a crushing again, which was why I drafted him the first time. If he stays off those lists, or at least near the back end, that's quite okay with me.