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  1. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    So you are in favor of trying Mark Reynolds at 2B?
  2. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    Oh ya and Bud Black said this today: Yet manager Bud Black, a consistent defender of Desmond’s, says that other, more “old-school” numbers provide a more positive view. Specifically, Black points to Desmond’s 22 home runs and 88 RBIs last season. “It depends on how you look at it; what statistical markers you look at,” Black said. “You can spin anything you want. You can look at the modern-day analytics and look at it that way, or you can go old school and look at 22 homers and 88 ribbies. “There might be some people who look at that year and say, ‘Wow, what a year!’ You can probably identify 10 to 15 players in the league who are around what Ian did, and you would probably say that guy is a pretty good player.” But like I said, this probably helps Hampson if he can get a nice bunt down in spring training.
  3. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    He's a high OBP guy and he can bunt. That's why I said he could move up quicker than people think. He could be Bud Black's favorite player lol. I'm the train conductor for the Hampson train.
  4. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    dingers or gtfo, especially in Coors. No but seriously.. they're not undesirable traits but sometimes their importance is overstated. Just put the guy with the highest OBP at the top.
  5. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    On the other hand, Hampson does all that small ball s--- that a dinosaur like Bud Black loves. Bunts, 1st to 3rd, slides and gets dirt on his jersey, hits ground balls up the middle, etc. I could see him moving up quicker than we think.
  6. Elvis Andrus 2019 Outlook

    Was hitting the ball well in that small sample before his elbow exploded. Had a couple bombs and his xWOBA was over .400. It looked like he was on his way to a 3rd straight productive season. He said he came back to early from the injury so I don't really know what to think. Probably 15/15 and .280 is a reasonable projection.
  7. Jesse Winker 2019 Outlook

    Remains to be seen whether Senzel can play CF. Scooter is a FA next year so they might scrap CF and start working him in at 2B a bit as well. Kemp is an annoying problem but if Senzel doesn't play CF, the solution is clear (hopefully the Reds would agree): vs. RHP - Winker LF, Schebler CF, Puig RF vs. LHP - Kemp LF, Puig CF, Winker RF
  8. Jesse Winker 2019 Outlook

    He's had a bum shoulder since 2014! Adjusted his swing to make it work so that he could get to the show. Prospect guys always wondered why his power suddenly disappeared in the minors and that is the answer. Guy could be a hitting savant for all we know. He was 6th in OBP last year. His xWOBA was 36th last year. Career OBP is .397 without being a "power threat". That tells you how good his eye is. Because pitchers were not nibbling on him. His June/July last year were outrageous before he decided to get the surgery. Who the hell goes on a 1.000 OPS tear with a bum shoulder? This guy is a wide awake sleeper. He could be the 70 hit tool, 60 game power type hitter he was always pegged to be.
  9. Jeimer Candelario 2019 Outlook

    He has a serious wrist injury that has flared up every year for the past few years. It's called Triangle Fibrocartilage Complex. I would not draft.
  10. Austin Meadows 2019 Outlook

    General manager Erik Neander said Lowe is in the mix of outfielders competing for a spot on the Rays' Opening Day roster, Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times reports.
  11. Austin Meadows 2019 Outlook

    Brandon Lowe
  12. Willians Astudillo 2019 Outlook

    You sure Tortuga couldn't sneak in there over Austin or Torreyes if they go with 4 bench? I don't really see how Austin gets on the roster considering Cron is a R/R 1B and Cruz is a R/R DH. Even Garver got 5 games at 1B last year too. Astudillo can at least play the infield so I think he's ahead of Austin. And Torreyes has been passed around a couple times this off-season right? He's an easy cut. The bench could be Cave, Garver, Adrianza, Astudillo.
  13. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    I still don't see a Coors field CF on that roster. It's not Blackmon anymore that's for sure.
  14. 2019 Sleepers

    Winker had the 6th best OBP in baseball, min. 300 PA. Are the Reds capable of benching a .405 OBP? I suppose it's possible but Votto would strangle the manager.
  15. 2019 Sleepers

    Jesse Winker. Played the last 3 or 4 years with a busted shoulder. He even said he adjusted his swing to deal with it and he still raked. Guy could be a hitting savant.