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  1. I thought his change up was coming along but in his last 2 starts he's actually scrapped it almost completely. vs CHC and @ HOU he's thrown over 50% sliders in both starts. 15 Ks 2BBs 0 ER.
  2. Has had 1 bad start in like the last 2 months. Quietly pitching like an ace.
  3. Rosenthal has commonly varied his velocity between like 94 and 100 in the last month or so. But 91 is way down.
  4. The trainer came out in the 6th.
  5. So he's added a sinker to his arsenal.
  6. Doolittle firmly entrenched.
  7. He brought Hand in when the count was 2-2 to Votto and Yates was on the mound. Mid at-bat.
  8. Barnhart is so frustrating. He sets his glove up outside the zone. Castillo hits the glove and it's a ball. When it's 0-0 just put your glove at the top of the zone and let the kid fire it. Castillo doesn't have great control but I swear there are times he hits the glove and it's a ball. Like man, the only guy I've seen square up a high fastball was Braun. Just put your glove in the zone.
  9. I just went back and checked because I was curious myself and Parker was up right at the beginning of BOT 8, so he was definitely coming in for the save.
  10. Stanton is ridiculous.
  11. He took BP today and was participating in infield drills. Supposedly pain free. I think he's back before September.
  12. Hildinberger got a shot protecting a 1 run lead finally. Think that was the first time but could be wrong. K'd 2 guys and gave up a hit.
  13. It's not a muscle injury. If the bone is healed, it's healed. What do they gain from holding him out if the bone is healed? I'm sure they will want to get him going before the playoffs.
  14. LeClerc was warming as well. They were side by side.
  15. Rogers gives up a run every time he takes the ball.