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  1. Adam Garland Pitcher's List- Top 150

    It's a good list based on the Hampson placement alone. Guy is Trea Turner lite in the minor leagues and his home club plays in Coors. Good enough defensively at multiple positions to secure playing time. And he's on no lists.
  2. Does the Draft really even matter anymore?

    The draft only matters if you screw it up. Just pick safe guys in the first 3 rounds and you got a shot to win the league. If you pick Baez 1st round, a pitcher 2nd round and Mondesi 3rd round, you will lose your league quickly.
  3. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Taking Baez in the 1st round is how people lose leagues.
  4. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    I'll be surprised if they don't try him as a starter next year. His numbers are a joke. He strikes out almost half the batters he faces in the pen. Half. You're telling me he can't air it out for even 5 innings every 5th day and give you 150 IP instead of 80?
  5. Patrick Corbin 2018 Outlook

    Didn't even realize this massive stud has a 1.28 FIP in the 2nd half.
  6. Matt Manning - SP DET

    Command is coming quicker than people think. Maybe it's because he started baseball late in his life and is at the low end of his learning curve. Possible he could be a rare pitcher that is tall and also coordinated. Gets the Glasnow comp because of the high fastball + spike curve. And height. But I think he has better extension and less velo.
  7. Tyler White 2018 Outlook

    wRC+ is up to 181 right now. That would be tied with JD Martinez for 2nd in baseball. Minimum 135 PAs which is what White has. It's a hot streak, but this is the degree of the hot streak.
  8. 8/29 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I feel like Bregman swung through strike 3 and they called it a check. But the ball was also on the black. ...
  9. Ramon Laureano 2018 Outlook

    Just ripped a ball off the wall.
  10. Ramon Laureano 2018 Outlook

    This guy has big league skills. Run, arm and exit velo are all big league caliber without a doubt. I think he's lucky that the A's are a top 5 offense because they will probably give him some leeway in order to get his glove in CF.
  11. Tyler White 2018 Outlook

    After tonight's big game: 1.020 OPS in MLB 1.013 OPS in AAA.
  12. Matt Holliday 2018 Outlook

    The only way Parra's vetrin presentz could be supplanted is with an even bigger vetrin presentz.
  13. Tyler White 2018 Outlook

    Gattis and Marwin are both UFAs. I know the Astros were moving White around the diamond in AAA. He even played SS down there. They might see him as a Marwin replacement. Or at the very least, he can replace Gattis. Probably Kemp replaces Marwin and White replaces Gattis. That would make sense.
  14. August Closer Thread 2018

    Had a -2.84 FIP and a 27.00 K/9 tonight.
  15. Ramon Laureano 2018 Outlook

    Well Fowler's about 6 months younger and had a 137 wRC+ in AAA. Laureano had a 135 wRC+ in AAA. Projection systems have Fowler's MLB wRC+ at like 90-93 and Laureano's at 86-89. You might suppose they could be equal offensively. If you want to give a slight edge to Fowler because of approach, that's fine. Will it be enough to make up the gap defensively? I would say no! Also Fowler was on pace for -1.5 WAR. xWOBA .310. Pretty bad. It's possible he sucks.