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  1. This used to happen to me until I realized that it's better to not pick up the hidden gems until you're absolutely sure of their situation or until an article comes out and you're forced to pick them up. Once you pick someone up in your league, everyone looks into that player because they're so obscure and the cat is out of the bag.
  2. I've seen him hit 91 with his slider. He is throwing that thing so often too. His fastball is not as good as you'd think though. I've seen it get squared up despite the velocity and it runs like hell to his arm side so he loses command of it frequently. His curveball is actually a good pitch though. I've seen him use it as a get me over 1st strike to LHBs which is probably a big help for him. I wish he had more in his arsenal against LHB because the fastball runs into the barrel and the slider sometimes doesn't bite enough under the hands. Broadcast talked about how he had a split change but I haven't seen it. The park and defense helps him. He could be viable.
  3. I see 1% of the reasoning behind Kendrick and Saunders because you acquired them for something or for money and they have some respect on their name. But where the hell did Daniel Nava come from and why is this dude getting ABs?
  4. If Barnes isn't the closer then he's next in line right since he pitched the 9th and Knebel the 8th.
  5. I saw an 89 mph curve from him.
  6. He had a 3.50 FIP today. He gave up 3 runs. Am I missing something here?
  7. Well I have MLB.TV so I go back and look at guys pitch by pitch really quickly when I see their advanced stats are popping off the page. There's no question Peralta is dominant right now. He is throwing a high fastball that hitters can't catch up to and pairing it with a slider 10 mph slower coming in under their hands. And then he has a change for the outside corner at like 85 mph. It's pure filth. I usually try to go to message boards of these teams to see what fans are saying. Reds fans seem to be somewhat against this new fangled bullpen setup because you don't have a guy that you can go to in the 9th reliably. For example, Iglesias has not pitched on B2B days so far this season. And Lorenzen has done it once. They are in favor of Iglesias getting as many innings as possible though, because he's too good to limit to 60 IP. I think Reds starters are averaging like 4.7 IP a game right now so they are going to be using Lorenzen and Iglesias earlier and earlier. I just don't think it's possible for Iglesias and Lorenzen to effectively share the saves like this.
  8. I think Wandy will close soon. Lorenzen is solid but I don't think he's *really* in the saves picture. The obvious guy is Iglesias but when you use him for multiple innings then sometimes he's unavailable the following day when you might need him. Peralta is like found money. You can keep everyone the way you like but save him for the 9th. You could potentially have either Lorenzen or Iglesias available every day to bridge you from 7th to 9th or something like that. Peralta is absolutely filthy. He has 3 plus pitches. His change up is death to RHBs so he's not a LOOGY.
  9. Wandy Peralta is going to end up closing and the Reds will use Iglesias and Lorenzen as bridge guys. Just wait for it.
  10. Will probably get destroyed.
  11. 3rd dinger tonight. He's completely changed his batted ball profile. Only hitting 23% on the ground as opposed to 44% for his whole career. He's now hitting 50% flyballs and has maintained his excellent plate discipline. Could be a .850+ OPS bat now.
  12. It's kind of amazing that Neris had to get in line behind Jeanmar Gomez and Joaquin Benoit.
  13. He has a plus fastball, plus slider and showed a plus change today. To be honest, I turned the game off in the 5th inning before he walked 2 guys. It was too frustrating to watch him labor because the Tigers decided that they absolutely need to sacrifice defense in order to get Tyler Collins' horrible bat in the lineup. He is trying to hit the top of the zone with his fastball but he hasn't been able to show command up there in any of the 3 starts I've seen. It feels like he's trying to be a lefty Verlander, and he has good stuff, but his fastball command is not great.
  14. He hit 2 pop ups today and walked away with a double and a triple, so there's that.
  15. I don't know if Norris is rosterable with this defense behind him. Machado and Collins are horror shows today. Norris is showing a plus fastball, plus change and plus slider and can't get anyone out.