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  1. As a Jays fan, I have no idea who is next in line. Good luck everyone.
  2. They've done it before with him. They ease off him here and there without any good explanations. He had TJS already as an 18 year old. WAS would have to blow their brains out in a trade for Osuna. Talking about a top 10 closer, 22 years old, playoff experience. Plus, plus make up.
  3. Bump. Team is Texas Rangers. Join chat link in first post please!
  4. Bunt, walk, pop up dropped killed him. And McCann has no idea what he wants to throw.
  5. Out of Nowhere Ace 2017.
  6. He hit 98 last night pretty easily. But for some reason he was pumping sliders and curves against the Jays.
  7. Hung two cement mixer sliders against Lobaton and Murphy last start vs. WAS. And then the rest of the game he put that pitch away and was using way more curveballs. His curveball right now has a 75 mph exit velocity against which is near the top of the league, in a small sample size. I really do think he has sneaky stuff but his pitch selection is pretty baffling so far this year besides the last couple innings against WAS.
  8. Kela sucks too though. Leclerc has way better peripherals.
  9. Through 157 career games he has 21 homers and 61 steals.
  10. Matheny is just an inept manager. He starts the game hitting Pham 7th vs. a LHP while Pham is the best on the team vs. LHP. They load the bases in the 6th and he has no one in the 5 and 6 hole that can hit. And Pham is stranded on deck. And this is because of club house politics.
  11. Nice to see him making an effort to hit more line drive homers instead of lazy fly homers.
  12. If Lugo could do me a favour and not throw that cement mixer slider to LHBs, that would be great. I haven't seen any good contact on his curve all year but I guess he should just save that for the Arizona Fall League or something.
  13. His stuff is still great. His slider is up to 89 mph now. From a lefty? That is sick stuff. I hate his catchers though. I wish they were a bit better, he seems like a guy who would really benefit from some framing here and there.
  14. Homer yesterday. Hitting 7th today vs. a LHP. He is the best hitter on the team vs. LHP. Matheny is just inept.
  15. Well his release point is trending upwards, which in his case might be a bad thing, since the biggest reason he improved was the lowering of his release point. Maybe it is mechanical. Edit: Well, it's trending up but his last start was still at the highest he had it last year, and he did fine with it like that last year. If it goes any higher then it will be higher than last year.