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  1. I'm buying just because I'm convinced he's been juicing over there for a while.
  2. There's a lot more variance in baseball compared to hockey or basketball. So the USA struggling in a one game elimination tourney is not surprising. It could happen even with a better lineup. Is it inconceivable that in the next WBC they load up and perhaps they run into Darvish or something and get carved to pieces? That's just the game of baseball.
  3. Groundball guy who plays on a bad team with an even worse defence. Hard to get excited.
  4. Watson is definitely going to implode. 4.37 FIP last year and he's a LHP to boot. You don't see too many long leashes given to LHP closers. K rate in the 7's the past couple of years. I'd like to see the history of LHP closers with a 7 K/9. Plus he just got rocked a few days ago.
  5. If he can get a change up to work then he's a stud.
  6. We've been together a while and we're really competitive and active. People make over 50 trades a year and we're on chat daily. League: Team is Expos Chatango: Please drop by chat if interested.
  7. Well it's kind of surprising how little hype he has. He's 23 years old and had good numbers last year. Over 9 K/9. And he has the pedigree so there should be a hype train somewhere, but there isn't. He added 4 mph on his slider and really increased the whiffs on it. Like you said, he has 3 pitches. He throws hard and he's a lefty. Man, there's so much to like.
  8. He'll probably be what everyone thinks Rodon should be.
  9. 4IP 0ER 7K today. Struck out 5 in a row at one point including Bryce Harper while hitting 97 MPH in that at-bat. These are the best ST results of his career. He's had mid 3's FIP seasons in the past but with this huge velocity spike and *guaranteed* K rate spike, he could be a really usable SP this year.
  10. League Link: Available team is Expos Chatango Link: Please only reply if you are mental about fantasy baseball. Players in this league make over 50 trades a year. Thanks!
  11. He had a big increase in fly ball % last year half way through the season and sustained it until the end. I think you can expect 20+ homers.
  12. Do people see this guy's career numbers? At 26 years old, he could be one of the best SPs in the NL this year if they give him a shot. He had a rough year 2 years ago but it looked like his mechanics straightened out last year in the limited time he was starting. He's already had great seasons at a very young age. He had a 2.78 ERA, almost 9 K/9 and a 3.25 FIP at like 24 years old with the Braves. He could win 20 games this year with those numbers on the Dodgers. So underrated.
  13. Here's our chatango link: