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  1. 2 bombs today. One off lefty Brad Hand. I feel like he's similar to Yelich in that he could win MVP and you wouldn't be THAT surprised.
  2. All it takes is one injury to super injury prone players like Dahl or Murphy and Hampson/McMahon are both in the lineup.
  3. I think he'll start at 1B vs. RHP and Choi will DH. And then if/when Wendle or Meadows prove they can't hit (which is very possible), he could play 2B/OF vs. LHP.
  4. Another homer. Hitting .500. Getting reps vs. LHP too. Played LF, 2B and 1B. Outside shot at .280 and 30 HR.
  5. He got 58 PAs as a sub and 144 PAs as a starter. All you have to do is look at his game logs to see that Motorcat is correct when he says that McMahon would come off the bench 3 nights in a row sometimes. And he started only 7 games in April. He was a pinch hitter from the start of the season. That's really bad management of a prospect. What serious MLB team has started the year with a top prospect as a pinch hitter? He should have been in AAA.
  6. Him and Hampson have a ton of versatility. There's no excuse for either to be out of the lineup on a regular basis.
  7. Although he did get the start today in CF. And Tapia was in the same lineup but played LF. So they might be leaning Hampson as the CF option after Desmond. And it also means he could be in the OF vs. LHP if David Dahl scuffles against them (Desmond would play a corner).
  8. I feel like people talk about this guy like he hasn't already broken out. His K% and FIP are in the Clevinger, Berrios, Taillon, Archer tier and he's only 25 years old. He's actually younger than hype god Luis Castillo and has way better numbers. His new slider won't make him good, he's already good. It could make him an ace.
  9. I feel like this could have been worse.
  10. SS was too good to be true but I guess he's going to get some more 3B reps since Sano is out until May. Probably Marwin starts at 3B and Astudillo is the bench guy? The dream will never die.
  11. Starting at SS tomorrow, apparently. Looks like they are trying to get him on this roster.
  12. Well that's worse than all of their OFs so... I mean..
  13. The only FA that made a lot of sense was Machado. Harper is not better than Hicks as a CF. He's not better than Judge as a RF. You're not going to get a lot of marginal utility by signing him. You might even take a step back. Harper was a complete non-starter. Cashman could have signed Corbin but instead he got Paxton who only makes 8M. Perhaps it would have been better if Paxton made more money. I don't know. Ottavino and LeMahieu were both great deals. Again maybe it would be better if they made more money. There's only so many roster spots available to you. If they're filled with guys like Torres, Judge, Sanchez, Didi, Voit, Bird, Hicks, Andujar, on min contracts then what can you do? Petition to enlarge your roster to 30 so you can sign more guys?
  14. He's going to play at 1B, 2B and OF. Might get platooned a bit because the Rays are so deep but he's a big time impact bat in my opinion. The Rays are giving him tons of ABs so far in ST and he's played a ton already at 1B so they obviously like him. Going to try and get his bat in there at any position they can.
  15. I don't even think he needs to work harder. His only weakness seems like an anomaly and it was his performance vs. LHP. He has hit them before. It could be as simple as the Dodgers giving him inconsistent playing time.
  16. I don't have any shares of either guy but this situation reminds me of that Family Guy scene with the mystery box. Bird is the mystery box.
  17. He got a couple innings in CF yesterday. Any OF playing time is a plus though, I think.
  18. Hampson started today in LF and hitting leadoff. McMahon also started at 2B. Rockies are figuring it out.
  19. Ya I'm just commenting on how this doesn't change his outlook, whatever that outlook was. Astudillo still needs a catcher to go away.
  20. The last 2 years he's posted a .678 and .715 OPS against RHP. And his home park was Coors field. I'm not implying anything, I'm just posting the numbers.