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  1. Made a swing change right around the end of July. Basically going for broke on power. Stopped choking up completely, not even with 2 strikes. Since then he increased his exit velocity to 91 mph which would be a career high and his xWOBA was .380. Keep that in mind before you draft next year!
  2. He has power and he can run. Plays at Coors. Good enough for me.
  3. If he's still hot on September 1st, I bet they call him up. They're in a playoff race and don't have much in CF. It's dumb to turn down a chance for lightning in a bottle when the margin to make the playoffs is so thin.
  4. Predictably on fire after being traded from Detroit.
  5. I think the chances are reasonable. The Angels FO must know that he's going to put up numbers in the PCL which will increase the pressure to call him up. They could have let him finish the season in AA but chose not to. Maybe they are actually ok with the pressure to call him up because they're trying to expedite his timeline to get up and help Trout/Ohtani ASAP.
  6. Sounds like a phantom injury. The best kind of injury.
  7. Look, when you have great veteran ball players like Peraza and Aquino, you have to get them in there whenever possible. It doesn't matter that VanMeter can hit, hit for power, play defense and steal bases. He hits left handed and there's a lefty on the mound.
  8. 3rd straight game. Hader wasn't going 2 innings. He was just being used for Chapman/Olson and he got rocked.
  9. David Bell would put literally any right handed human being in the lineup against a LHP. Peraza .727 OPS vs. LHP? Get him in there!
  10. If this guy is not a hitter then nothing is real. Looks locked in every PA.
  11. Got some disgusting swings out of the Mariners. Has 5 pitches, all with movement. This guy was throwing like 88 with gas can stuff a year ago apparently. No one seems to know who or what he is.
  12. Ya of course he's being whiny. No argument there. Doesn't change the fact that it's 420 across the whole CF wall. And he wasn't exaggerating when he said he hit one 436 off Sanchez and it was in the first row. If you don't think that's gross then I don't know what to say. He can be whiny and also right. I hope they trade him to Philly so we can see if he's legit or not.
  13. Most players hit better at home due to familiarity. His numbers at home would be even better if the fences were in. Castellanos has a 13% HR/FB career on the road and only 9% at home. He hits a lot of balls to center which is a ridiculous 420 feet. I mean, when he says it's too far he's actually correct.
  14. Has 2 games at first base now at AAA.
  15. Whoever trades for this guy will get a .900 OPS. Last 30 days: 11% BB and 15% K.. .401 wOBA.
  16. Just cut Pujols and move Upton to 1st. Put the best players you can around Trout. Or nah.
  17. Wow he is nuking AA.
  18. Last 650 PA: 42 HR 24 SB 85 R 103 RBI .267/.325/.528
  19. Just got promoted to A+ lol.
  20. Still 19 years old. Currently 4th in the Midwest League with a 149 wRC+. Super prodigy Wander Franco had a 154 wRC+ before getting promoted. Nolan Gorman currently with a 127 wRC+. Out-performing other 19/20 year old top prospects like Alek Thomas, Turang, Edwards, Freeman, Amaya in the same league. Last 2 games he has 4 bombs. Dodgers might have tapped his power so look out because Vargas has a 0.81 BB/K as well.
  21. Well this manager benched both Winker/Dietrich for Ervin so it looks even worse than what you're saying.
  22. 2/3 with a homer last night. And today he's out of the lineup against a RHP. I'm not sure what the Reds are doing but maybe just trade him.
  23. I've owned him from the beginning of the year just because of the pedigree and the Dodgers organization. And I thought his past 2 games were a typo. Looks like they tapped his power.
  24. It was back up last game. 95 on the four seam. He's actually 31st in xWOBA at .293, right behind Boyd. Top 5% in the league in exit velo and hard hit. He just doesn't have a great breaking ball to limit contact. I actually like him a bit for dynasty. He's only 28 years old and MIN's pitching coach is a stud. Perez could pick up a breaking ball sometime soon and become more intriguing. For this year it's basically cutter and change-up. Not a ton of Ks with that.