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  1. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    Depends how desperate the Angels get.
  2. Victor Robles - OF WAS

    Where does he play though? I guess Nats would have to move Harper to 1B for real.
  3. Jason Heyward 2018 Outlook

    He's standing further from the plate.
  4. Randal Grichuk 2018 Outlook

    Never had a month of discipline like this month. 18% k rate and he's a big time player.
  5. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    K rate matters more than walk rate. Pitcher throws ball, Adell hits ball out of park. I don't want him to work counts for no reason. But the K rate needs to come down.
  6. Garrett Hampson COL - SS/IF

    5/5 and 2 sbs today. Up to .308 in AAA and a .843 OPS with a suspended game still to add in which he homered.
  7. Victor Robles - OF WAS

    From a couple days ago: Rizzo provided an update on injured outfield prospect Victor Robles, who's been out of commission since April 9 with a hyper-extended left elbow, which got rolled up under his bodyin an attempted diving catch. "He's coming along good," said Rizzo. "He's gonna start baseball activities in the near future. We'll test out that elbow in stress situations, like when he's playing games, and we'll see how it fares." "If it fares well," he said, "it'll be great for us because then no surgery is needed and we'll get this guy back sometime this year."
  8. Royce Lewis-SS/OF-MIN

    OPS climbing month by month. Looks like he's ready for A+ pretty soon.
  9. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Consensus seems to be that he's a big leaguer. Most reports say his defense has taken a big step forward and he now projects to play 3B easily. He's a natural hitter with bat speed and pitch recognition but his swing plane could be tweaked to give him better game power. Apparently has good raw power.
  10. Randal Grichuk 2018 Outlook

    K% is dropping like a rock. Not hard to see the big potential here if he keeps his K% under 20 like he has for this month.
  11. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    Crazy to think his teammate Marsh is a really good prospect and also 14 months older and is struggling big time in A+ while Adell lays waste to it.
  12. Colorado Rockies 2018 Outlook

    Rockies GM is from Harvard and has like 70M committed in FA to Davis, Shaw, McGee, Cargo, Parra, Desmond, Iannetta and they're like 1 WAR combined lmao.
  13. Ian Desmond 2018 Outlook

    He has 6 flyballs in June and 5 homers.
  14. Lewis Brinson 2018 Outlook

    In June it's .280 avg, almost .900 OPS. K% down to 23%. OPS buoyed by that bomb he hit off a position player. I think his speed and hit tool were overrated but he has sick power. Hit 3 to the warning track yesterday alone. Starting to tap it a bit with a FB% over 50 and hard hit over 60% in June. Don't see how he ever hits over .260 but could hit 30 and steal 10.
  15. Jordon "Jo" Adell - OF LAA

    I figured out the comp. It's George Springer.
  16. Garrett Hampson COL - SS/IF

    If you guys want to see something crazy just head to Fangraphs and look at the ROS projections for batting average from Steamer. Trout .305 Altuve .305 LeMahieu .303 Hampson .302 Murphy .301 Betts .301 Vlad Jr. .297 Brantley .294 Soto .294 Freeman .294 Steamer has Hampson at .302/.360/.429 at the MLB level. I keep trying to understand how this guy is not a monster fantasy prospect but I just can't.
  17. Garrett Hampson COL - SS/IF

    Also has another homer pending from a suspended game. Slash line went up in AAA. Fangraphs is not aggressive in changing their initial rankings.
  18. Jason Heyward 2018 Outlook

    He's alive
  19. Ryan McMahon 2018 Outlook

    The Rockies are really going to bench him vs. a RHP and wheel out Ian Desmond's .546 OPS? Why is he with the big club if you are not even going to use him to try and win ball games. I can kind of understand pulling him from AAA to use him as a platoon guy in the show because you're competing but you're not even doing that!
  20. Michael Brantley 2018 Outlook

    .330 and 30 homers still in play.
  21. Jesus Sanchez - OF TB

    This guy is a monster prospect. I won't believe otherwise until he stops hitting. This dude is like 6'3 with a sweet left hand swing. Good speed. Great contact. He could have like a 70 hit tool and 60 power in a year or two. He's laying waste to High A. Hitting .358 and it's a loud .358 because he can't be bothered to walk.
  22. Garrett Hampson COL - SS/IF

    Hampson can most likely play 2b/SS and any OF position pretty easily. It's up to the Rockies to decide if they want to use him as a super utility guy and help replace dead weights like Parra, Desmond and Cargo. They don't seem to want to do that, so he probably only comes up if Story or LeMahieu suffer another injury down the line.
  23. Christian Villanueva 2018 Outlook

    Looks like he took that regression to the face and it's clear sailing from here. He has a shot at .260 and 30 HRs.
  24. Travis Jankowski 2018 Outlook

    It was 13% two days ago when I made that post and has since gone up.
  25. Garrett Hampson COL - SS/IF

    I think he's in Colorado before the year is up. He's already 23 and sound defensively, so there's really no risk in those two areas. They gave him 500+ ABs in A+ last year and only 150 in AA this year? Looks like they just said F IT, let's get him on the fast track.