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  1. a trade should be veto-able if you feel there is collusion involved or that it's laughably one-sided. Just cause it's not even, shouldn't mean its veto-able.
  2. it's not that its a horrible trade, cause if you match up their numbers, they are not far apart, it's that on name value alone, you could have gotten a lot more for Booker than just Hield. You should have asked for more or shopped around Booker, cause that guy was always gonna give you Hield. It should have been a last ditch effort if all else failed.
  3. Saric is not someone I would target if i need a boost in FG% and I don't trust him in Minny.
  4. Who would you rather have for the rest of the season? Roto 8 Cat league (no TO) Need help in all cats.
  5. From where? The hospital? Thats usually where he spends most of the NBA season...
  6. I guess missing 90% of last season was not enough, he still needs more rest
  7. How in the hell is Stotts playing him just 27 minutes a game? guy is playing like a superstar! He is the only player in the top 50 playing such a small amount of minutes.
  8. I think he is gonna miss a sh!tload of games the rest of the season, at least til the playoffs. It would be a good time to grab other raptors and i know you shouldn't sell low, so maybe see if he can play a few games in a row and then unload him, he's not worth the headaches for the rest of the season. Those idiot raptor reporters keep saying the back to back missing games will be a thing of the past soon, yet they are worse than ever, and i think that trend will continue. I doubt they will even let him play in the all-star game. I think the only time you can bet that he will play are the playoffs, and that is irrelevant to fantasy.
  9. i don't even know if he's a pu$$y, he just seems a bit mentally ill and just lets his "team" order him around cause he feels he doesn't have the brain power to make his own decisions.
  10. he's a good fit for EVERY squad, the problem is he doesn't play. so he's only a good fit in theory.
  11. I love how KD gets so much sh!t for going to golden state, but at least he comes to work every day! he is not a pu$$y a$$ B!tch like this turd who doesn't have a brain of his own and has to rely on his "team" to tell him what to do.
  12. Ph0k this guy. Permanently on my do not draft list. who cares how good he is on average if he misses so many games. I'd rather have an average player play daily than a superstar play once in a while.
  13. Great game today, but ZERO chance of him playing in both of the back-to-back games this week.
  14. I f'n knew it! I knew it! All that talk about him not missing back to backs anymore was 100% BS. What a joke. This will go on ALL SEASON LONG.