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  1. Drafted him at #30 in a Roto league with IR. what do you guys think?
  2. Well there is zero chance of that happening. Drummond will not be left after round 2. Of course if by some insanity he is there in the 30s, i would take him.
  3. go with the guys who you know will get significant playing time.
  4. Yeah, i wouldn't be so confident. I have drafted an unreal collection of talent before to later realize half my team was injured for a huge part of the season. I try to avoid injury prone players at all costs now, unless they slide like crazy, which they usually don't.
  5. Good Guards and Centers. Don't like your forwards. I am a Warriors fan and logically, Draymond should have a big year without KD and Klay, but he has not looked good in the pre-season. you'll have problems with FG/FT percentages with Westbrook, Jordan, Howard, Lowry, Draymond, Bagley
  6. Why are Big men like Collins, Turner, Robinson, Jackson, getting drafted higher than Aldridge? Aldridge's stats are better and he's been consistent. Is it just a boring pick and people think he will decline and the other will really play MUCH better than last year? If all these guys are available at #30, would you pick Aldridge in 8 Cat Roto?
  7. is this also an 8 team head to head? how many cats? Pretty well-balance team. You may have issues with FT and FG%s. Having LeBron and Capella and Doncic (unless he improves) will hurt you in FT% and Russell, Luka, Booker, can hurt you in FG%
  8. In an 8 cat ROTO league I have the 10th/11th picks. I don't punt categories because in Roto, that may be a recipe for disaster since you need to be near perfect in all other categories if you have a FT killer. I realize Drummond and Gobert may be the sexier picks and are getting drafted higher, but they would kill you in FTs and I don't draft again until 30/31. Still not sure who i will pick at #10, depending on who is left, but it may be Beal.
  9. In Roto, they say, you shouldn't punt categories like you could in H2H, because if you have a FT or FG Killer on your team and end up around last in that category because of that, it's almost impossible to win your league unless you are almost perfect in other cats. Would you agree with this? I play in a 10 Team, 8 Cat league, and I usually avoid all FT/FG killing players like Drummond, Gobert, Westbrook, Lebron, Simmons, etc. Do you think it's smarter to pick players that won't kill you in those categories, even though they may not be the "Sexier" pick? For Example, Would it be smarter to draft Vucevic over Drummond or Gobert if you are in Roto? I have the 10th/11th pick and I am considering drafting Vucevic at 11 even though i realize he is getting picked much later in drafts, but i don't pic again until #30/31 and all the other impactful players left after the first round seem to be either FT Killers or Injury prone players.