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  1. Had a pretty good game 6 targets 3 catches 50+yards a td and a carry.
  2. There are tons of boom bust receivers out there. Would rather the RB with upside. Let them percolate on my bench. Dorsett will always be the 4th receiving option on a team that goes run heavy when temps get cold.
  3. remember Theo Riddick is gone and this guy is fast and is able to catch passes. If he could take over the Theo Riddick roll and spell kerryon Johnson for a few carries a game he could be a running back to or at least a flex in PPR leagues.
  4. When we think we forget to be mentioning is him in PPR. since their PPR stud who often was an RV to is no longer on the team, but has moved on to play with the Broncos, there may be an option for Ty Johnson to have a big role in the passing game. So if he gets five carries and another five targets for four receptions, that might give him a total of 50 yards and another four points for his receptions so a floor of 9 which certainly makes him Flex worthy and a very good handcuff as well.
  5. Well hoping his outlook is something like 7 catches 120 total yards and a td
  6. Was originally going to flex Hollywood that would have had me down only 9 with Bell to go.
  7. When Bell news broke knowing he plays Monday night I panicked that I would have no RB if he sat. I mounted him in my flex and made mistake of starting Ronald Jones after some hype. So now am down 24.5 in PPR with Lev Bell to go.
  8. I am a huge Bucs fan and have Jameis Winston Jersey as well. That said after watching that entire game and seeing how bad he looked I dropped him from my starting roster given I also had picked up Lamar Jackson in the draft. I'd figured one of the two would hit this year. I'll let somebody else take the risk on Jameis. Reality is he is going to have some great games this year. but I can't trust him in my lineup because he is going to put up some stinkers to and he is the number one reason I lost my match last week. on the waiver wire on any given week or at least five guys with similar projected points to what he has been projected the first two weeks of the season. If I ever feel the need I will just pick one up and play the matchups. Quarterback has gotten so deep it's not worth taking the risk on him anymore.
  9. Definitely worth a stash. Ran for over 5ypc last year. Worked in his receiver skills. Can be had as a free lottery ticket on an offense that will run it 35 or more times a game.
  10. Well what we know for sure is he is the preferred 3rd down back meaning Montgomery doesn't pass protect will yet. He also is used as a receiver too. Not a bad late round flyer
  11. I drafted him but am a bit worried as this offense with him and Gase is still an unknown. He is healthy but we don't know if he will be used as same kind of bellow as in Pittsburgh. Truthfully had Connor or Chubb not gone right before him he wouldn't have been my pick. That said he has upside of top 5 RB and conceivably higher if the Jets offense takes a step forward under d'Arnold and he gets usage as he did in Pittsburgh. Outside of Zeke I think the tip 3 RB all have regression coming this year. last year Barclays saw stacked boxes approximately 23% of the time which was League average. Is here with no Odell Beckham present I suspect that that number will go up significantly and he's numbers will regress a little bit. Kamara has been hyper efficient over his career thus far. But I think this is the year that he takes a small step back. the defenses in Atlanta and the Buccaneers have improved significantly over what they were the last couple of years, Either due to health or change in the scheme. And I also think that Christian McCaffrey will not see the same snap share and usage as he did last year. He is not a big enough back to maintain that workload without breaking down and being injured and the coaching staff even mentioned that they wanted to reduce his snaps a bit this year. At the end of the day I can only think of for running backs I would rather have drafted ahead of levy on Bell. I think Chubb has questions in the passing game and a big unknown now that I think of it with Kareem hunt later in the season when you might want him towards fantasy playoffs. and Connor I really like but he did have a few injuries in his rookie year, and additionally you have Jaylen Samuels there who might steal some work from him in the passing game this year.
  12. Dixon. Foster or Murphy. Who has biggest ceiling and floor in ppr?
  13. Debating him Murphy or Dixon in my flex in ppr. Need upside as projected down by 20!
  14. Trying to decide between him and Russell Wilson. After mediocre games by Kelce and Chubb I am protected to lose by over 20. Who is more likely to get me the most points? Thinking Foster Allen stack well either explode or blow up in my face... But need upside..... Worried Wilson will throw 20 passes again but only 2td 200 yards and 20 rushing yards for 18 points.....
  15. Edmonds is intriguing if Johnson sits due to injury. Same skill set. Atlanta gives up tons of fantasy points to RB. Will be playing from behind and Edmonds can catch.