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  1. Standard 9 cate roto 12 team snake draft $75 5th year of league. Many are regulars here in the forum. styler, super Jew, COH, me. Yahoo takes a 25% cut so for private $75 you get same value as Yahoo pro $100 1 manager is out so we need 1 active/competitive/experiences replacement. Drsft date looking to be sat 29th sep either midday or evening pacific time
  2. As much as I love his game and think he’ll have no probs getting his on the raptors, I’d still take oladipo over him as a result of the risk factor. There stats are very similar with dipo a lil extra assists and kahwi Gets him on points and ft%.However, Kahwi always manages to get some freak injury from that pink eye to this quad and some strange other strange ones in between. With how close they are in numbers and even though I like taking a few risks, I’d play or safe and take Dipo.
  3. I just drafted him a lil too early, even though it was the 10th but was kinda desperate. Cuffed with him the Vooch so... I don't follow college. What you fellas expect out of him?
  4. 8 spots filled 4 remaining. So far it’s styler, super Jew, krapucin, roffie, Traian, buddydubb, COH and me.
  5. Draft dats isn’t set yet until we got close to 12. I’ll pm you
  6. I thinks only mods can delete it. Go ahead mods.
  7. Oops. I didn’t realise I posted here instead of league finder. I’ll delete it. Soz
  8. 1hr to go. Still 2 teams needed. $20 yahoo pro roto today 5pm pacific
  9. C’mon just 2 more or it gets cancelled
  10. Yahoo. 12 . I can’t send invite but anyone can join their pro leagues.
  11. Joined a $20 pro league for a bit of fun. Draft is in a couple hours 5pm pacific. Just letting know there’s 2 spots available if anyone interested
  12. So we are up to 5. super jew young styler roffie COH myself almost half way there. $125 seems like the preference 1st 800 2nd 400 3rd 300 standard 12 team 9 cat with maybe n extra bench spot and 2 IL’s lets try n get if filled soon. Reply here or pm if interested. thanks.
  13. Nice. I’ll pm the link. Let’s feel it out and see what the majority say regarding $100 or $150. Maybe like a $125 compromise night a good idea. Good to have you on board.