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  1. Warriors Legacy?

    Curious what fans think regarding warriors legacy. Even if they win the chip this year, have these playoffs changed your opion on how you view them or do they just have to win the chip regardless of how they accomplish it?
  2. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Celts were taking Tatum with no.1 pick.
  3. Championship squads

    Nice. No need to post next season. We'll assume you won. You the man.
  4. Replace with "Davis"
  5. Yahoo Player Ratings

    I reckon delete this thread. #it'slame
  6. Yahoo Player Ratings

    Double Diamond here. 💎 💎 I'd be interested in a double diamond cash league. @Kaboom You in?
  7. Caron Butler Appreciation Thread

    Prolly in the discussion for top 10000 all time.
  8. Nice update Could be on the money
  9. 4 cat league or just lazy?
  10. Bro I'm in 50 team league. Haslems a walking double when he's walking.
  11. Now bloody what. Over this drama. Gets over his injury and now out for personal reasons. Guy can't catch a break. Can't hold no more.
  12. "In Greek mythology, Udonis was the god ofbeauty and desire. Originally, he was a godworshipped in the area of Phoenicia (modern – day Lebanon), but was later adopted by the Greeks. According to the most popular belief, he was the son of Theias, king of Syria, and Myrrha (also known as Smyrna), Theias' daughter."