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  1. I just came in here to say Reggie who?!
  2. I bought in and traded away Waller and Alshon. My strategy was to fill in my TE void with Hunter Henry, but I just lost my bid by $1!! Now I'm stuck with Jared Cook and Vance McDonald. Hopefully I survive 😭
  3. I like it since Bell is getting heavy usage. Gordon may also contend with Ekler for touches, so there’s that risk as well.
  4. Yeah, I’d definitely make that move. It’s also a good incentive to give him his Gurley cuff. Try Carson straight up first, though.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! I’ll update it rn. 12 Team, PPR Superflex QB1: Patrick Mahomes WR1: Stephon Diggs WR2: Tyler Lockett RB1: Le’veon Bell RB2: Ezekiel Elliot TE: Darren Waller FLEX: Alshon Jeffrey (WR) SUPER FLEX: Lamar Jackson (QB) B: AJ Green (WR) B: Desean Jackson (WR) B: Marvin Jones (WR) B: Miles Sanders (RB) B: Chris Thompson (RB) B: Chris Herndon (TE) DEF: Green Bay
  6. No brainer on the first trade. Take it now and flip another trade for another back if you want. You really need WR 1/2, so buying low on Juju would be great for your squad. Thanks for mine!
  7. Yes, I’d do it. Burkhead and White mixing in with touches and negative gamescripts are going to be too much of a headache on a weekly basis.
  8. I’m taking a risk because of Davante’s turf toe injury and Ekler’s dominance while Gordon was out. What do you guys think?
  9. Unfortunately the wire is really thin. There’s Witten, Davis, Eifert, and Akins.
  10. Do not offer John Brown. Start with Darwin and Walker first.
  11. Allen will get things done at least on the ground, so his floor is much better. I’d go with him over Baker. Thanks for mines!
  12. I’d take Brown and Miles and run with the trade. Sony can’t be trusted with Burkhead and White healthy. Thanks for mines!
  13. This trade has been sent to me. Looking for input before I pull the trigger. I know I have plenty of WRs, but I feel like getting the best player available is important in this situation. I can always try packaging for a serviceable TE if Herndon doesn’t work out.