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  1. burkhead. davis has looked good. burkhead has looked better
  2. Rivers. they are humming right now any help is better than no help
  3. Cousins for me. Goff still has to deal with playing in seattle. its going to mess with him. he doesnt want to get in a shootout with Russ Cousins higher ceiling, Keenum higher floor http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  4. Nelson and Jeffery for WR. Foles isnt a complete slouch. he will still put it up for Alshon Lewis for RB, pitts got abolished by 2 rbs last week. losing shazier is gonna be a problem. Drake for flex. he led the team in rushing and receiving last week, most upside. Collins probably has the highest floor tho http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  5. Williams drake Hunt http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  6. Goodwin, clear #1/only receiver worth anything on that team http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  7. Carr Mariotas numbers are pretty similar to trevor siemians. i wouldnt start siemian on my team.... i honestly dont think this is even all that close, Carr is throwing more passes, more tds and less interceptions right now that mariota http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/688817-2rb-3wr-1flex-need-input-whir/
  8. logic says hopkins but i understand your issues here. the fact jalen ramsay will be on him and the only WR to go over 100 yards on the jags all year is AB is concerning. 3 WRs put up numbers last week but that more russell wilson then the receivers. all that said id still start hopkins. let your stars be stars and id rather lose and start hopkins and have westbrook go off then lose and start westbrook with hopkins going off
  9. Brady, no haden or shazier make for easy passes to burkhead, lewis and gronk.
  10. AJ might end up somewhere better than cincy since they have the #1 pick and should take a qb....i wouldnt drop any of those receivers for enunwa, maybe crowder for meredith
  11. Rbs to choose from: Howard Demarco Murray Alfred Morris Dion Lewis Wrs to choose from: Dez Bryant Davante Adams Alshon Jeffrey Jarvis Landry Right now im thinking RB Howard RB Morris WR Bryant WR Adams WR Jeffery Flex Landry but after what collins and Buck Allen did last week to the steelers im waffling
  12. I would sit Hunt, that offense can go without him. if howard doesnt go then the bears dont go and detroit is awful vs the run
  13. I would take lewis. regardless of game flow he is in the game. Lynch needs touchdowns and a lead right now
  14. Ben based on shootout possibility compared to a possible defensive stand by carolina
  15. Rodgers. even Rodgers playing at 75-80% has more upside than Dak.
  16. i doubt williams poaches alot of touches regardless if he returns. drake led the team in rushing and receiving last game
  17. Morris over Demarco. Demarcos floor at this point is lower than Morris Id start Olsen mainly off the potential shootout. he is due for a big game I would get Gould. since Garoppolo has been playing theyve moved into the redzone easier
  18. Doyle. broncos cant guard the TE worth a damn,. probably good for minimum 7pts like every other TE they play Id go Kupp. he still got 5-7 targets a week with woods out there. if anything itll take attention away from him Collins Stick with Detroit
  19. Id go Carr VD. Carr has more weapons and probably an easier matchup. that and if dallas puts up points then they would play catchup. Garoppolo probably ends with like 250 and a 1td