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  1. Dump Gordon for ????? WHIR

    Thanks for the reply. I didn't like #2 either, but thought I'd ask anyway.
  2. BIG TRADE...Help asap...WHIR

    In other years I'd be happy getting Kershaw. I'd stay put because you're giving away 2 pitchers on arguably the best team in baseball.
  3. FA Pickup Help - Who to Drop?

    And the answer is....B also.
  4. Rondon or B Parker

    Angels pen is a mess, but Rondon might be the flavor of the month. Nonetheless, I would take Rondon.
  5. Drop moncada or Roark?

    Roark can help you more than Fulmer, so I would drop Fulmer. Nimmo is the best 'hitter', but your add will depend on your needs. Good luck.
  6. You've got 3 nice choices. I made the mistake of dropping Soroka while he was on the DL when my team had 8 guys on the DL at once and I needed roster space (with only 5 DL spots). I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.
  7. Elvis Andrus for SP WHIR

    If the other owner offered, take it. That being said, if it's something you're offering, don't be surprised if he turns it down.
  8. 14 team mixed keeper 5x5. My team has gone powerless and is lagging far behind. My 3 best trading chips are Gordon ($67), Votto ($38), and Beltre ($16). I consider Beltre a trade candidate only because of his age. I've already acquired Moncada, Zimmer, and Mondesi. I've been going back and forth with a few owners and these are the 2 best offers I've received. #1 M Andujar, W Adames, and Mallex Smith (all $1 next year, $6 2020, $11 2021) for Gordon and Duvall ($13). I know Smith could be an afterthought with Kiermeier coming back. #2 G Bird, M Olson, and P Corbin (all $6 2019, $11 2020) for Gordon and Votto. Opinions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys!! WHIR
  9. Trading Dee? WHIR

    So after much text discussion and having a trade agreed on in principle, I made the official trade proposal on yahoo which was promptly countered with his Adames and Nimmo for my Gordon.
  10. Use WW claim on Ohtani?

    Considering he probably won't be back as a pitcher this year, that's why he was dropped. If your league isn't a keeper, he's not worth a roster spot right now (unless you have heard something about him that I haven't).
  11. Remember when Goldy was the one getting traded for 2 players? Goldy is starting to heat up after a brutal start. I think you do better yourself with the trade.
  12. With only 4 keepers, I would prefer to make sure my keepers are solid and reliable. I like Soto, but he hasn't done enough over an extended period for my personal taste. If Blackmon is a true possibility, I would make him a target. Good luck.
  13. Trading Dee? WHIR

    Another owner offered Pederson, Dahl (DL) and Manaea for Dee and Cespedes ($28 and DL). I still like the second deal from my original post.
  14. Do I trade Harper WHIr

    I would definitely do the deal. Bryant will heat up and Cutch usually does too in the summer.
  15. Trading Dee? WHIR

    40 views and no opinions?