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  1. anyone see the texas post game report if anyone asked about bush. I know boone tweeted about it but like to hear from the managers mouth
  2. casilla is terrible. Can see madson taking the closer spot shortly
  3. two homers in extra innings wow. Think the slow start is way behind us
  4. maurer has a long leash lets be serious. capps is a mess anyway
  5. He actually pitched pretty well and was in the mid 90's all night. He should of got out of that first inning but nunez could be the worst left fielder in the NL and messed up big time. That mess up by nunez cost him those first innings runs and still managed to pitch deep in the game.
  6. maurer power looking good
  7. Just didn't have his fastball tonight and when bannister came out to get him he looked shocked. Can't believe he didn't get a quality start from this game with the way he was pitching. Hopefully gets on track sooner than later.
  8. Dyson is done
  9. Another 3 run cargo bomb. This guy is very cool
  10. No ottavino love??? Have him and Lorenzen just waiting in the wings. I know lorenzen gave up runs tonight but he was throwing gas and clearly has the best stuff in the pen. Only a matter of time.....
  11. Why is rotoworld so down on lorenzon. The guy was throwing lights out in the minors, is a righty, and stated numerous times he wants the closer spot. No one else in that pen has his type of stuff or can string together solid innings. Seems weird to write that no matter what his role he won't be relevant for fantasy.
  12. I would say the time is now for mike lorenzen, if its not already too late. The reports are his stuff was nasty and pitched in back to back games I believe.
  13. another cruz bomb
  14. Dyson with the W - Team Dyson
  15. least until he goes to Petco this weekend, haha. ummm.... yea