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  1. Another 3 run cargo bomb. This guy is very cool
  2. No ottavino love??? Have him and Lorenzen just waiting in the wings. I know lorenzen gave up runs tonight but he was throwing gas and clearly has the best stuff in the pen. Only a matter of time.....
  3. Why is rotoworld so down on lorenzon. The guy was throwing lights out in the minors, is a righty, and stated numerous times he wants the closer spot. No one else in that pen has his type of stuff or can string together solid innings. Seems weird to write that no matter what his role he won't be relevant for fantasy.
  4. I would say the time is now for mike lorenzen, if its not already too late. The reports are his stuff was nasty and pitched in back to back games I believe.
  5. another cruz bomb
  6. Dyson with the W - Team Dyson
  7. least until he goes to Petco this weekend, haha. ummm.... yea
  10. TOO EASY - Team Dyson
  11. All kidding aside, that was very cool to watch - Team Dyson
  12. hahahahahahah - team dyson
  13. and it begins - Team Dyson
  14. Now rotoworld is saying Bailey over Neris possibly, who knows.
  15. I don't know really, considering neris has a k rate of about 13-14 per 9 and has pitched the 8th for the past month. I don't think they'll leak him. Neris has pitched the 8th maybe for 2 weeks and hernandez has looked a lot better lately. Just get this feeling like they might not want Neris to be the closer yet. I could be wrong well see if gomez falters again.