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  1. I would definitely drop Tate for him. He has a much higher upside and its too crowded in NY with Sheppard, Engram & Barkley due back next week.
  2. Its not like Shady was pulled last week in the red zone, those just happened to be Williams' drives.
  3. Ravens aren't all that against the run so far.
  4. Sorry but if you can't see him as a top 5-6 finish by now then shame on you. If you have Waller along with Kelce, Engram, Ertz, Kittle ect...then at least try to trade away who ever will net you the biggest haul to better your team. I know I am.
  5. If he exceeds 15 points in a full ppr in America this week then Cam is stripped and Scarry Terry is officially the new Superman going forward.
  6. Yes, his monster games are definitely still to be seen, and what we have seen thus far has been fine, but I can't shake this feeling that TE ended up being much deeper than expected this year. I have never drafted Kelce before but with the 12th pick, full ppr, I was all in this year. We draft him to have a distinct advantage, but with Waller, Hooper,Andrews,Dissly in addition to Engram, Ertz & Kittle, just seems like this wan't the year to take him.
  7. lol, exactly, with how crappy Sony has been especially, he's the GOATS favorite.
  8. Im up by 2, 1 ppr, My Juju vs. his Connor......
  9. You have nice depth at RB, so I would keep Pollard and keep the piece of mind having the handcuff.
  10. I'm trusting the reliable beat writer who says the team held him out to be extra cautious.
  11. As an owner there is no way I'm dropping, even if its another couple of weeks.He looked great and Copper's itchy foot could still be an issue