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  1. Add Jordan Clarkson to the list. Not sure when/if yahoo will give him the eligibility. His coach has stated he will be playing SF.
  2. Can sweet Lou keep it rolling for another year? How much will PG & Kawhi effect him?
  3. I grabbed him in the 5th & chose him over a couple of other higher ranked players. My fingers are crossed he can repeat last seasons. #'s.
  4. Can he repeat his numbers from last year? What round do you take him in ? Pairings?
  5. Fox & him should be a great pairing this year.
  6. Ended up getting Jrue Holiday at 23 to pair with (2 overall) James Harden. Still drafting the rest of the team.
  7. Julius Randle & Taj Gibson have to have a negative effect on him. Hard to block shots from the bench.
  8. I'm thinking him & Kemba are close. And I'd be happy with either one.