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  1. I'd stay put
  2. I'd stay put as I don't belive in MCW at all
  3. I wouldn't do that given Lin's upside
  4. I mean any deal you make is going to make your team worse for this year so it depends on how desperate you are for other keepers. If you prioritize keepers over this year, take the best you can get
  5. It's close but Noel isn't doing anything so I'd take the KD side
  6. Tyreke, Covington, Warren, Booker, Gary, Jrich
  7. Johnson, Chandler Warren for me as well
  8. I'd drop Rondo over Peyton due to his inconsistency
  9. 12 team league counting FG%, FT%, 3PM, REB, BLK, AST, STL, TO, PTS PG - Ricky Rubio SG - Gary Harris SF - Trevor Ariza PF - Anthony Davis C - Brook Lopez G - Jordan Clarkson F - Paul Milsap UTIL - Danilo Gallinari UTIL - Marvin Williams UTIL - TJ Warren Bench - Thabo Sefolosha, Robin Lopez, Jae Crowder, Patrick Beverley, Wesley Matthews IR - Ben Simmons
  10. I'd go with Harris - more consistent minutes and will definitely get burn when everyone is healthy
  11. I think it might get it done. I like sellling on Barea though as I don't think he'll keep this up
  12. I'd dump Harris since you're deeper at other positions and Green will get you a greater diversity of stats
  13. I think that's a fair trade. Would probably be solid for your team since you're deep at C
  14. I'd go with J Rich due to more consistent minutes
  15. Draymond and Rondo sounds like a good idea to me