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  1. I'd go Kieff as I think he can keep this going
  2. Dwight if you're punting FT. Nice FG% impact and loads of boards. I do like Bazemore over TT though
  3. I'd hold Gortat since you need the big man stats
  4. I'd drop Warren for PJ since Warren hasn't been great and PJ is getting minutes
  5. I don't think you have a drop now
  6. I'd go for Aminu as well since you don't need the boards
  7. I'd drop Bazemore for Bebe
  8. I'd go with Tyler since he's been pretty consistent this year
  9. Tjones, TT, Booker, Hernangomez, Rolo Pau
  10. So 9 Cat H2H. FG% is a major weak spot of my team at only 44.7%. FT% is second in the league at 80, 3s I'm first by 30 or so. Boards I'm 4th (3891, 3677, 3525. 3460, 3403 are top 5), third in assists (the McConnell/Rubio duo is working wonders), first in steals by 20, first in blocks by 30, 7th in TOs with 941, and second in points (9178, 9024, 9018 are the top 3). I think if I could improve FT% without sacrificing elsewhere it would work out well and I think I have the FAs to be able to do it. FA's I'm looking at are: Ivaca Zubac (high FG%, decent scoring output, good boards, some blocks, might get more minutes) David Lee (Better offensive stats than Zubac but less defense) Lucas Nogeira (3 stocks a game could help make those impossible to lose + good fg%) PJ Tucker (High fg%, good all arounder) My roster is PG - TJ McConnel, Ricky Rubio, Pat Beverly SG - Jordan Clarkson, Gary Harris, Wes Matthews, Seth Curry SF - Trevor Ariza, Danilo Gallinari, Jae Crowder, Marvin Wliliams PF - Terrence Jones, Paul Milsap, Anthony Davis C - Brook Lopez So if I were to point out sources for my problem, obviously Rubio comes up but his assists are way too valuable. Beverly is not doing so hot in FG% lately but is obviously too good of an all arounder. I see drop candidates as 1) Jordan Clarkson - Inconsistent, and I have lots of scoring guards who get steals 2) Gary Harris - pretty similar logic except with better fg% + misses time often instead of just being inconsistent 3) Terrence Jones - Valuable in that he can go off if Anthony Davis is out for me but minutes are way inconsistent otherwise. Solid for what I need but how reliable is he? 4) Marvin Williams - Good all arounder but I don't hugely need his 3s, all of the bigs on FA get more boards and have higher FG% with similar point output 5) Seth Curry - Big question here is does he keep this up? If he does he's probably more valuable than Harris or Clarkson So basically 3 guards in similar molds + two swingmen who do similar things vs stacking more bigs or a higher fg% swingman. Thoughts on potential moves?
  11. Did the ROLO for Lucas swap. Would y'all do anything to get Seth?
  12. I'd go for Lucas due to the D stats that he offers.
  13. I'd say Aminu for now due to PT