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  1. Peraza or Harrison whir

    I'd go with Peraza just because I don't buy into Harrison's power upside. Obviously Peraza doesn't have any but I think that he should be able to get enough steals to justify it.
  2. Jon Gray for Jim Johnson?

    I don't mind it at all. id' go for it
  3. May 23rd SP? whir

    I'd give both a go since it's points
  4. Bumgarner for Thames or Springer? WHIR

    If it's a keeper I'd do that deal pretty easily. Im not sure Madbum will be back this year but for the long haul seems solid enough
  5. Adds/Drops. WHIR.

    I'd dump Zimmer and Pineda for Polanco and Tanaka. I'd also dump Pineda for Lackey or Manaea
  6. Who are my add/drops, if any? (WHIR)

    I could see Bour or Tomas over Altherr but I'd probalby just stay put
  7. Rank these SPs ROS...WHIR for sure

    Gray, Pomeranz, Kennedy, Walker, Tillman
  8. Drop one for Bedrosian? WHIR

    I would assume Devo gets claimed but if you insist on getting Bedrosian he's your drop. I probably wouldn't do that though
  9. Joey Bats for HanRam?

    I'd stick with Hanram personally
  10. Player Sets WHIR

    1) R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG. Pick your top 2 in order out of these 4. Jose Peraza, Ben Zobrist, Dansby Swanson, Zack Cozart 2) R, HR. RBI, AVG, OPS. Pick your top 2 in order out of these. Marwin Gonzalez, Dansby Swanson, Ian Happ, David Peralta 3) R, HR,RBI, AVG, OPS. Pick your top 2 in order from these. Marwin Gonzalez, Jason Bour, Tommy Joseph, Dansby Swanson, David Peralta
  11. Blockbuster trade reloaded (WHIR - I always HIR)

    It's close but I'd do it. Duvall to Carpenter and up to Porcello is a solid upgrade. The Braun Polanco swap would make it better if he'll do that
  12. Trading Duffy (WHIR 100% until closed)

    I think Archer would be most useful. Maybe you could get Yelich. I don't think the other two would happen but in theory I like all of those offers.
  13. I'd go with that since JBJ is younger and I dont' like Hellickson at all
  14. Drop Polanco for Altherr? 10 team redraft.

    I wouldlt give up on POolanco this early
  15. LeMahieu worth a claim?

    that is an easy yes