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  1. I think you can try Suarez or Diaz but I think his true value is somewhere around Brantley or Duvall. Whether or not you want to pay that is up to you but if I had him that's what it would take to convince me to sell low
  2. You aren't missing anything. Typical RW overreactions. I mean lets be real, we're hoping for a 3.5-3.6 ERA at best to begin with for the season. These starts will happen. Nothing to see right now. The point now is to see if he's a 3.5 ERA guy or a 4 ERA guy which would make him less rosterable.
  3. I'd roll with Schoop. I think he's a pretty easy to count on 25 HR with a .250-260 avg. I'll dm mine
  4. I think that's decent. Cobb to Harvey is quite a substantial jump especially since it seems like Harvey might be well on his way back. I do think Villar to Benintendi is more of a drop than you think so personally I wouldn't do it. But it is fair enough that I could see it. I'll dm mine
  5. Yeah I think it's too early to bail on Vargas considering 1) this start was not that bad at all and 2) it does seem like he has made some improvements. How much who knows but if he's a 3.5-3.6 ERA guy with most of the Ks you're going to want to roster him.
  6. I would stay put. I like those guys but Piscotty and Trumbo are not droppable
  7. I'd drop Owings since he offers significantly less upside. I know Bautista has been awful but I think he's earned a shot at being held with what he's done in his career. I'll dm mine
  8. I'd drop Owings since I don't think he offers much more than speed and avg. Pineda is also an option since I just don't think he's good. He'd actually be my first choice but I'm not sure if you want to drop a starter or not. i'll dm mine
  9. I don't think you have room. If you're going to drop someone it's Puig. I'll dm mine
  10. I'd go for it. I don't love Moore but he has pitched well at home last year. I don't think Anderson is good. I'd unload Chacin since Miller at least seems to have some upside. I'll dm mine
  11. I'd try your Keuchel offer but I'd avoid Pineda entirely. I'll dm mine
  12. Not feeling the trade. You can get better for Yu. In terms of your pickups, hold Hill since his ratios are ridiculous when healthy. That said, I'd drop Velasquez and Renfroe for Zimmerman and Devenski. Devenski for ratios and I don't believe in Velasquez at all. I'll dm mine
  13. I'd stay put. I'll dm mine
  14. Look at his splits for the past 3 years. He has a 4 ERA in April. He'll be fine.
  15. I'd ride Headley for now. He seems to have changed his approach a bit. Altherr and Mancini have PT issues. Could be good but I don't think they're worth having now. I'll dm mine