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  1. This guy has been really weak the past month or so. Isn't he supossed to be elevating into a star at this point?? Hopefully he steps it up.
  2. I'm in a REALLY close semi-finals matchup and I had Nance on my IL. . . I thought I could move him into my active roster on the day of his Friday game. I would have done it the night before but I didn't think it mattered. Bottom line is I wasn't able to put him in my roster and I could lose without his contributions from that night.
  3. Wtf happened to Rondo?? Crying in the locker room? Haven't seen him all quarter and doesn't appear to be on the bench.
  4. Out for at least this week. Will be reexamined in a week. Will Yahoo give him IR designation today?
  5. Well it's been a good run...great all season overall. Looks like he'll be done for the season I'm guessing with this injury. At least he only had 3 games next week...bummer though...
  6. Close FG% battle and Rondo/McCollum/Barton/Dinwiddie give me a combined 8/46 or 17% this weekend. Thanks guys!
  7. Kelly Olynyk . . playing well and good rest of season schedule
  8. I'm the top team and I'm so stupid I benched Vucevic thinking I could win turnovers and his Bagley went off. He went ahead in Points by 1 point with Bagley so I played Boogie Cousins who lost me FT% with his 3/4 and FG% with his 2/6. If I had just played Vucevic I would have won 6-3.
  9. Grab Rozier if available. Kyrie out, could be extended absence.
  10. Why would AD lie about not wanting to play in Boston? And his dad is on record saying it. Seems more like a fact than a smoke screen.
  11. Isn't it confirmed though that AD definitely wouldn't sign long term with Boston? So he'd be a 1 year rental. Boston is not going to trade Tatum for a rental.
  12. Dropped in 12 team. If he's not even going to play, he's obviously worthless. And even when he does play, it doesn't appear he has much left in the tank. Especially in a 10 team league, there should be better options on the free agent/waiver list.