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  1. The point was the opportunity was there. The person I was responding to was worried about Williams and usage. You must have missed that like AJones. Through the hands.
  2. If Jones didn't fumble and drop a wide open TD pass, that's 8 points. Why do you keep saying Williams? It's all on Jones. If he plays well he'll have plenty of touches.
  3. Well people in this thread are literally comparing him to Kittle and Kelce as an equal. That is a weird take. This guy just came off a 4 week absence and that was the weirdest Charger game I've ever seen. None of the typical flow to the offense. All I'm saying is I would not draw conclusions from that game. People comparing him to the best TE's in the game after that game are jumping to conclusions.
  4. Enjoy your fluke. No offense. But this was a fluke. He'll average 8 fantasy pts from here on out at best. And I'm speaking as a Chargers fan.
  5. Yeah it was the play he got stripped. He stands on the 24 yard line, when there's clearly room for him to take a couple steps forward. Unless I'm crazy.
  6. I was referring to the play right before that. If you rewind it you will see. He could have stepped into a huge pocket but instead he stood still and got hit from behind. It's happened several times today. Of course I wasn't talking about the play you're referring to.
  7. Don't even Pop Warner QBs know to step up in the pocket? Goff does not.
  8. Why are they using Kupp as an offensive lineman?
  9. Matt Ryan has such a punchable face. Especially when he avoids throwing to Julio Jones.
  10. He's only been below 20 fantasy points once in 6 weeks. And his team is about to 4-2. But okay.
  11. Lol. He's #1 QB in total points through 5 weeks. Why should I believe he isn't at least a top 3-5 guy? Because you say he'll regress? Unless you can show me your crystal ball I'm going to go with what I see on the field. Which is a guy who runs the ball better than any QB in the league by far. He's been doing that since last season. He averages 72 yards rushing and 200 yards passing in his 12 starts. Were all 12 of those easy defenses? He isn't going to "regress". If anything he will continue to improve as a passer. I'm not saying he'll put up 30+ every week. But he will finish top 3 QB because of his rushing prowess.
  12. 11.86 fantasy points on the first drive...the only QB that can do that. 2 rush attempts for 57 yards and a TD.