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  1. The guy who had Jokic just got eliminated from the playoffs. I was toying around with drafting Jokic, Embiid or Drummond on a points league. I have to say - Dre was the best choice out of the bunch. Running through the latter part of the season and giving me backbone for first two rounds of poffs with 4 games per week. Jokic was very underwhelming this week and I knew that it could easily happen. He tuned out and couldn't deliver when it mattered.
  2. I'm streaming him for this week. Definitely watching some Lakers games! Hoping for 26-29 minutes with +10 points, some rebs and asts sprinkled in and obviously steady stocks.
  3. Huge night ahead. Is there any indication how Poeltl will do against Golden State? He has one massive game last year with Toronto against Warriors. He had 11 off. rebs. there. Other games last and this season are nothing to talk about. You would think it would be very hard against Cousins and without Cousins even harder as Warriors would spread the floor more?
  4. Semifinals next... Lets get em Lou! Had two mediocre games this week, but ended strong. Keep it going!
  5. He is winning me the league right now... So special... One of a kind!!! I love you Lou!
  6. I think I'll make the drop. I can't have him destroy my week with his regular duds.
  7. Yeah, that is it for me. He was decent when healthy, but has not been healthy at all this season. Just can't go to stretch run carrying Cousins, LeVert and Warren. And Mirotic too. Need some healthy bodies and Warren looks like the worst pick of the pack. No incentive to play him and they have enough young guys to look at. Not seeing him being anything useful ROS.
  8. Not good first game after the break. I did trade him in as I had only Rozier and Sato as PG's. And it cost only TJ Warrens bum ankles... So lets if he can at least keep his spot and minutes.
  9. I was sure he would get 23-25 minutes at least. Even up to 30 minutes when in full swing. Obviously it is a Budenholzer offense, so nothing is guaranteed unless your name is Giannis.
  10. The Beat Writer for Bucks said Mirotic might play 18-22 minutes off the bench when fully integrated. Are you guys worried? Seems awfully low...
  11. Having hard time motivating myself to open rotoworld, especially the forum section.