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  1. Anyone feeling 49ers next week against the Skins? planning on burning NE this week with all the Giants injuries.
  2. Team not really built for assists so I dont think it will hurt me too much. What say you guys??? Thansks
  3. Anything to see here?? Last few games have been nice!
  4. Bumping this up. Come on fellas....
  5. 2 QB League. So pick 2 fellas: Rodgers vs. Chi Trubisky vs. GB Carr vs. Cincy Baker vs. Den Not sure where to lean. That Chi D is scary. Cincy is garbage but so is Carr. Cant believe this is what its come down to. Thanks!! And good luck to those goin for the chip!
  6. Standard league thinking Morris and Gio which seems crazy to me. Help and thanks!!!