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  1. Yep, great for Guice's dynasty prospects. It murkies the water a bit in redraft, however. As an above poster mentioned, this seems similar to the Browns last year with Chubb/Hyde.
  2. Sure, but that risk is now baked into his ADP. At his current price, he is worth the risk of those headaches, with the obvious upside of him finally putting in a healthy season and posting good numbers.
  3. Sure, I don't think there is an objective winner/loser here. I respect him making, what he felt like, was a business decision. But I agree, I'm sure he thought he was going to get a lot more money.
  4. Agree here, especially if they draft Haskins or Kyler. I can see the rooks leaning on the TE big time next year.
  5. He could have continued to perform and sustained a serious injury in the process. Fluky injuries happen all the time, especially at the RB position and considering how much the Steelers used Lev. If that occurred, no way the Steelers would have kept him around on 'good faith'. They would have cut him loose with no penalty, as the rolling guarantee is essentially a year to year franchise tag without having to increase the yearly value. Leveon wanted the guaranteed money, and the Steelers didn't actually offer it. Good for him for doing what was best for him. Now he has $35 million fully guaranteed.
  6. Yep, I'm okay with it. I figure they still try to trade for Rosen and groom him, but Keenum is the perfect bridge, and Guice retains his value for now.
  7. I'm more concerned with who they bring in at QB, honestly. AB would be nice, but won't matter if their QB can't open up the offense for everyone.
  8. I think they draft a RB, personally. However, even with Gus in a likely RBBC, I think the Ravens will run enough for him to hold some value. I'll try buying low after the draft if they do indeed invest capital into a rookie RB.
  9. I subscribe to his snapchat channel. From there, it looks like he works out periodically... football drills, conditioning, etc. Obviously not a 100% indicator, but he is doing something lol.
  10. I think this helps Jaylen Samuels out a lot. His NC State coach is now on staff, looks like a unique weapon they can deploy in many areas. I am buying Jaylen and selling Conner where I can.
  11. Vikings have got to get that OLine upgraded. I can't imagine them using first round capital on a RB when they have Dalvin (health concerns obviously, but has looked elite when healthy).
  12. If AB does indeed go to SF, this guys price is going to sky rocket.
  13. Post hype sleeper candidate here. I think this guy is an absolute beast. Injury concerns are obvious here, but I'll take that gamble at a 3rd-4th round valuation. Just hope his ADP doesn't start creeping up come draft time.
  14. I don't think he has actually coached a game at USC yet.. However, I agree that he brings in an innovative offensive scheme and mindset.