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  1. I think he is a great play if you go with the 2QB strategy and play the match ups. Play him at home in favorable matchups, bench on the road. I have paired him with Phillip Rivers this year and I'm pretty confident in the strategy.
  2. Burning #2 waiver on him tonight, RoJo please be my savior.
  3. The Arians value alone is worth a waiver burn here imo.
  4. Shady’s back field, good night sweet prince Damien.
  5. Not good for Jarvis if OBJ misses time. Need OBJ to man the outside.
  6. That is an awfully bold statement (assuming Ingram stays healthy).
  7. Agree here, get the Sabometrics mind set out of this football analysis.
  8. This guy is going to be a ppr monster this year. I think he's a WR2 with low end WR1 upside in full ppr.
  9. Tonight is his coming out party, enjoy it folks.
  10. I have no idea how this is going to shake, but I will be watching the Chiefs very close this weekend. I didn't panic initially when Shady was signed, very well may panic after this week depending on usage.
  11. He's already showed out for his next team, he has nothing left to prove imo... this scenario has nothing but upside for the Chargers and nothing but downside for Melvin.
  12. I think Gruden has some lee way, considering this season seems to be geared toward developing Haskins and the young guys around him. I don't think anyone is going to panic if Keenum doesn't get them off to a hot start.
  13. The best thing NE does is game plan and adapt to their opponent.. That means running the ball heavy one week if they decide the run D can be exploited, and going pass heavy the next if they think the secondary can be exploited. We can do our best to guess which we think will occur based on our own evaluations of opponent, but ultimately that is what is maddening about owning Pats players; they are game plan dependent, and said game planners in the best in the business.
  14. Shanny loves Tevin. He will have a similar role to what he did in ATL with Shanahan. In ppr, he's a solid FLEX play.