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  1. Dude couldn't put his phone down for a second. All he had to do was stfu and he'd be walking right to the SB with that patriots cupcake schedule.
  2. We should trade Adams to the Jags for Ramsey
  3. https://twitter.com/TheDanRoweShow/status/1173973294430769152?s=20https://twitter.com/TheDanRoweShow/status/1173973294430769152?s=20
  4. He's 1 beer away from becoming Manziel 2.0
  5. And if he had something like this stat line and only mustered 35 yards on 14 attempts, then yeah...that's on DJ and is a cause for concern. But he was barely used in the game and that falls on the coaches and game plan.
  6. How does a player's USAGE (the action of using something or the fact of being used) have nothing to do with the coach? It's not like the players are writing the game scripts and plays themselves. It's 100% on the coaches in determining how a player is used on the field. And I brought up Kamara to show that his usage was being limited by Payton for some odd reason. You would expect to have a back up QB throw some dump offs to one of the best pass catching backs in the game to get him into a rhythm but he didn't. That shouldn't reflect on Kamara as a player and the same can be said for DJ. Kingsbury's usage is a head scratcher but he was out an entire qtr, came back with like 3 mins left before half and maybe they didn't want to push him too hard as it was the same wrist from the previous injury that kept him out an entire year. Week 3 will definitely be telling but again, it seems like it's coming down to how he's being utilized in the game. Not the player himself.
  7. New coach, rookie qb, and it's week 2. If you drafted him, you knew what you were getting into initially in the beginning of the season as everyone is getting adjusted and settled. There's no need to panic just yet. DJ got more points than Kamara this week (look at his usage). And yeah, Brees left the game but it's not like Teddy is incapable of dump offs. Payton will make the adjustments he needs and so will Kingsbury as the season goes on.
  8. He's 7th among RBs in 1pt PPR and he got injured 🤡
  9. I'm looking like a genius starting Amendola 🙄
  10. Yup it was his left that he injured before SOB!!!
  11. Lol he's quarantined and gonna be out like 7 weeks they're saying.