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  1. Is anyone else having an issue with him on ESPN? I was able to put him on IR yesterday, but now I'm unable to, even though he has the "O" tag. Really strange and frustrating.
  2. What time is the draft? I have one tonight at 9:30 PM EST, but I'd join if the times don't conflict.
  3. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  4. Can be roto or h2h. Any buy-in under $100 is fine. Non-keeper please. Looking for any time from 10/21 to 10/23. Please message me or post here.
  5. How many teams and how many cats? H2H or roto? I may be interested and can join and pay fast just need more details
  6. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com if there's still room
  7. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  8. I didn't get the invite, can you try resending it to unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  9. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  10. I'm interested, but I can only do L/S, my state doesn't allow Yahoo money leagues. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  11. Only need 2 more! Please join just to fill us up.
  12. Need 6 more please join even if you just autodraft. I'd really like to fill this league up so I can play with my 2 friends.
  13. https://yho.com/nfl?l=649248&k=f653551a0a2f782a&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=b19cc9a5bc4b6081 The league is just for fun, no buy in. Two of my good friends wanted to play fantasy with me this year and they don't really play for money. Please help me fill the league just so I can have a league with them to talk about.