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  1. Just to be clear this OP slot basically makes it a 2QB league right?
  2. me too unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  3. TECMO BOWL and Battle of the Punk Bands unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  4. He's definitely underrated and will probably be a steal in most drafts as I don't see him often getting picked over Curry, Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Towns, Leonard, and probably Davis. Fantasy this year is really going to be interesting, I don't remember the first round ever being such a toss up.
  5. I would take Towns as early as 6 after Curry, KD, Kawhi, Westbrook, and Harden are off the board. There's just too much potential there and he's almost sure to see a bump in minutes from 32 last year to 34-36. I doubt he regresses, so his absolute floor would be top 12 with his ceiling being Anthony Davis-like.
  6. Pretty upset that I missed out on this. Participating with this group is always fun.
  7. I need about 30 from James Jones.
  8. Unless he takes a monstrous leap forward, Wiggins will most likely be overdrafted and a better real life player than fantasy this season. Just looking at his numbers last year, he wasn't really that great in fantasy. Even in the last month when he started playing a lot better with averages of 21-5.5-3 on 44% and 80% (on 9 attempts, quite good) his value was really brought down by his subpar threes (0.2) steals (0.9) and turnovers (3). This had him at rank 107 for the final month. Even in the last two weeks with averages of 23-6-4-1-0.7 on 45% and 79% with 3 turnovers he was only rank 76. Another thing to note is that he was playing 40 minutes per game during this stretch. Sure, he could greatly improve on his threes and defensive stats which would make him shoot up the ranks, but the other counting stats don't seem sustainable. His ADP on Yahoo his currently 61, which doesn't give him much room for upside, unless you think he's suddenly going to become a monster. I'd rather grab guys like Korver, Danny Green, Kemba, Middleton, and Parsons, all of which are around his current ADP.
  9. Thomas will get his whether he starts or not (although I don't really see a scenario where he starts on this team barring injury). He's already proven that he can be a good fantasy player, and with his ADP on Yahoo at 77, he could end up being a value pick. I'd expect his floor to be something around rank 80-90, with top 50 upside. 18 and 5 with a steal and 2 threes on 43% and 86% with less than 3 turnovers seems highly possible.
  10. Like others have said, he's primed for a nice year with a larger offensive role. This Charlotte team is definitely less talented than the Portland team Batum has played for the past few seasons and they also play at a slightly slower pace. However, lets compare the amount of possessions both teams averaged per game in the past few years. 12-13 POR: 95.3 CHA: 95.5 13-14 POR: 99.4 CHA: 96.4 14-15 POR: 97.9 CHA: 97.2 The only significant difference was the 13-14 season. While I know that possessions per game doesn't mean everything, this goes to show that the pace that these two teams play at aren't all that different. I also looked up the amount of field goal attempts both teams took over the course of those seasons and they were comparable to the amount of possessions. Another thing to note is that I don't know how different the two systems are of each team, they may be worlds apart, but I haven't watched enough Charlotte games to know. One last thing I wanted to mention was that Batum has NEVER finished outside the top 70 in his career(ranks 64, 37, 21, 36, 69). Although he's in a completely different situation this year, I feel that his floor is pretty safe. His ADP on Yahoo at the moment is 56 which I think is pretty good value. I would take him 5th-6th round and feel good about it.
  11. I'm optimistic about him because he could have monster potential on the defensive stats, but at the same time I'm a bit skeptical. He should have a fairly large role on this decimated Portland team, but he's never played more than 27 mpg in a season. He's pretty much been a journeyman so far in his career and fantasy wise has never finished in the top 100. His situation could be great, but he has very little offense and he would really need "Draymond" like defensive numbers to be worth owning. His playoff numbers last year were great, but very unlikely that he comes close to those numbers over the course of the season. I would say 9-7-1.5-1.4-1 42% 71% with 0.8 threes and 1ish turnovers is possible for him. If he can come closer to his playoff numbers, then he'll have great value for a pick in the last 2 rounds.
  12. He's certainly had a lot of injury problems the past couple years, but he's also an intriguing player. He's had some pretty great numbers from the 11-13 seasons, but I don't really like his fit in New Orleans. Maybe what he's saying is true and he really was just out of shape last year and he turns it on this year. I would certainly draft him if the price was right, but I probably wouldn't look at him until around picks 80-90, and I'm not sure if he would still be around.
  13. I probably won't be owning Wall in any leagues this year. While it's true that he has improved every year, he has never finished higher than rank 27 (9 cat). His ADP is usually around the late 1st early 2nd and his value is inflated because assists tend to be hard to get. Sure, he's quite valuable in 8 cat or punt teams, but for those that like to play 9 cat roto or make balanced teams, Wall simply isn't worth the price. When it comes to the debate between Wall, Kyrie and Lillard, I also believe that Wall should be drafted after the both of them (when they're all healthy). And of course I'm still talking about 9 cat. Kyrie has 2 seasons where he finished in the top 15 (13 in the 12-13 season and 11 last year). His main issue is health and with him coming into the season already injured, he probably shouldn't even be taken in the 2nd round. Lillard has also improved every year and finished at rank 16 last year. He should see a lot more usage this year, and while that may hurt him (FG% & TOs), it could also help his counting stats immensely.
  14. Ugh, I don't even want to think about how bad Kobe has burned me the past 2 years. 6 games played in 13-14 and 35 games last year. On top of that they didn't land any big name free agents and won't even sniff the playoffs in the West. I won't be touching Kobe even if he falls to the late rounds. I'd rather just take fliers on young talent than face the stress of owning someone like him.
  15. I loved him last year, but I'd have a hard time grabbing him in the 2nd. I'd rather have Butler, Millsap, Horford, Ibaka, and Marc. I'll take him all day if he's still around in the 3rd though.