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  1. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  2. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com if there's still room
  3. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  4. I didn't get the invite, can you try resending it to unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  5. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  6. I'm interested, but I can only do L/S, my state doesn't allow Yahoo money leagues. unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  7. Only need 2 more! Please join just to fill us up.
  8. Need 6 more please join even if you just autodraft. I'd really like to fill this league up so I can play with my 2 friends.
  9. https://yho.com/nfl?l=649248&k=f653551a0a2f782a&soc_trk=lnk&ikey=b19cc9a5bc4b6081 The league is just for fun, no buy in. Two of my good friends wanted to play fantasy with me this year and they don't really play for money. Please help me fill the league just so I can have a league with them to talk about.
  10. Just to be clear this OP slot basically makes it a 2QB league right?
  11. me too unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  12. TECMO BOWL and Battle of the Punk Bands unluckyshot1@yahoo.com
  13. He's definitely underrated and will probably be a steal in most drafts as I don't see him often getting picked over Curry, Durant, Westbrook, Harden, Towns, Leonard, and probably Davis. Fantasy this year is really going to be interesting, I don't remember the first round ever being such a toss up.
  14. I would take Towns as early as 6 after Curry, KD, Kawhi, Westbrook, and Harden are off the board. There's just too much potential there and he's almost sure to see a bump in minutes from 32 last year to 34-36. I doubt he regresses, so his absolute floor would be top 12 with his ceiling being Anthony Davis-like.
  15. I need about 30 from James Jones.