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  1. Same, if draft gets pushed back to 8 PM est I'll be able to make it.
  2. Hey, I just joined but realized I was an hour off on timezones. I wont be able to make 7 PM est. Could you remove me? I cant figure out how to leave on mobile
  3. I've been trying to watch Bulls games since he came back and I really don't think we should be expecting many 3s this season. He 's been looking to get to his spots and shoot from mid-range, which has been surprisingly much more respectable than I thought. He isn't looking to shoot from long range at all, in fact the only 3 I've seen him take (and make) was at the end of the shot clock. Overall I've been extremely impressed by his mid-range game, and although the lack of 3s may be disappointing, he has been a much more efficient player than I would have expected. If he can continue to shoot 45%+ with above average assists and stocks, then I would be quite pleased with the results, regardless of the 3 point shooting.
  4. Just rolled his ankle going for a block....did not look great. Limped to the bench. Edit: looks like he's staying in the game though
  5. Normally I would never post in this thread, but WTF is my FT% today?! I had four guards playing, Trae Young, Wes Matthews, Dinwiddie, and Rose. Naturally, I would expect about 80% FT from the 4 of them combined. Instead they combine for 12/24.....
  6. Lost his cool on an offensive foul call and picked up 2 technicals...
  7. Almost word for word what I was just about to say. The FG% is devastating, but the dude has 6 stocks 0 turnovers. This line could leave a bad taste in the mouth, but it could have been much, much worse.
  8. To make matters worse, looked like he slightly rolled his ankle on his 11th miss. Hopefully he's fine...seemed to go to the bench instead of the locker room.
  9. Well I meant SG tag in addition to his already PG tag. Would be convenient if he was PG, SG.
  10. I'm surprised this hasn't really been brought up, any chance he eventually gets the SG tag? Since Teague came back, he's almost exclusively played the 2 guard. He's almost always on the floor with either Tyus or Teague, besides the last game where he closed the game out as the PG. I may be a biased owner, but surely others have noticed this as well?