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  1. Yup 100% Edmonds if DJ is out. No worries with him producing. Thanks for mine.
  2. That is a super tough matchup for Scary but he is no doubt going to get the ball thrown his way when Washington is fighting to catch up. I wouldnt hesitate to play Dorsett either. Good matchup and the volume should be there with Gordon sitting out. Tough between the two but I'd say it's a pretty equal call. Help here?
  3. No doubt IMO. You have to make the move and put him on the trading block. Too much value to let him slip to someone else. I feel like you could package him with someone like Hollywood or Sanders for an upgrade or something. How is it playing with guys from this board? I kind of want in one.
  4. Yea, you kind of have to use it. Is the league active? If so then do it and trade him. If not, tough call. Thabks for mine.
  5. Gordon has 20 carries this season. 2 carries his last game... Ekeler shares those carries with him which muddies it even more.
  6. Murray for sure since Kamara is out and watch John Brown. Start him if he is playing and Fuller if not. I wouldnt mess with Lazzard or any other GB receiver until one proves themselves to get consistent targets. That's just me tho. Help here?
  7. Just pick up Matt Moore and ride it out. Andy Reid and KC offense will carry him enough. If you're not convinced I'm sure someone serviceable is on the wire. Help here?
  8. Melvin Gordon or Hunter Henry? It seems ridiculous that this question even needs to be asked but with the way LAC has been playing and Gordon's lack of volume is Hunter the better play? Rivers seemed to like him as a target and he had a big game last Sunday.
  9. True, but that's also the reason I hesitate lol.
  10. Kamara, Michel and Cooks for a top RB and whatever decent WR they have. Deal is sure to go through.
  11. Title says it. Which kicker to start? I know it's always next to impossible to predict. I'd probably start Crosby first but I remember a year or two ago when Crosby lost the game for GB cause he missed like 4 fieldgoals. Anyway who should I go with?
  12. I think Peterson for volume. Good bet for s short TD run as well. Play Cooks at your own risk but he isnt getting my vote. He could just as easily provide you with no points. Thanks for mine.
  13. Man that's a rough batch lol. I think I'd pick Parker out of this lot tho. Obviously Pringle being a lottery ticket with upside if you want to swing for the fences but Parker should get you s TD. Thanks for mine.
  14. Yup Moore's game started already but I would pick Fitz anyway. Thanks for mine. Sorry for the late reply.
  15. Thanks guys! Still available to WHIR.