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  1. How will Larry Nance affect Zubac's minutes when he returns?
  2. Will T.J. take over as the starter and play the majority of PG minutes or will this become a timeshare between T.J. and Sergio?
  3. Let's see what the minute distribution will be.
  4. Atkinson on LeVert Hopefully, this means even more minutes for him in the near future.
  5. Assistant Coach Help Forum This forum is for all questions regarding your particular team and/or league settings. Such questions include but not limited to, "Do I make this trade?", "Who do I start?", "Who do I pickup?", "Who should I keep?" and "Rate my team".
  6. https://twitter.com/brianseltzer/status/817404410456317952
  7. Gentry on Motiejunas
  8. http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-0608346864160346924-4 http://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-0608350373786162031-4
  9. Realistically, which NBA team/s will want Rondo as their starting PG as of the moment?
  10. I am not too sure about this one but I believe it is due to a technicality with the Free Agency rule, because Houston matched the offer, Brooklyn cannot give another offer to Motiejunas now even if they want to. Somebody correct me if I'm mistaken. I agree with you that this is an odd situation. If there is a positive here, Donatas has something to prove, and he could get the playing time that he wants with the Pelicans to prove that he should get a rich contract for next year. Looks like he is taking this gamble for a bigger paycheck next season. It's either a hero or a zero for Donatas in this situation.
  11. Pelicans are on the verge of signing him to a contract... https://twitter.com/ShamsCharania/status/815616274214559744
  12. Jon Leuer will provide sprinkle of stats and will not hurt you in any category, but it also means that he will not dominate a certain category whereas for example, the likes of Drummond and Dwight can help a team to dominate rebounds and blocks, at the expense of FT% which hurts their rankings a lot that favors efficiency in a statistical formulated ranking like BBM. Jon Leuer is a great glue guy for a fantasy team, but he will not be the one that will anchor a fantasy team week in, week out, to dominate a category. It does not mean that Leuer's contributions should be set aside, and I'm sure he is helping owners out there who knows his value and what he brings to the table. However, formulated rankings are not the absolute be-all and end-all when assessing a players value to fantasy.