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  1. If you need someone, I can play
  2. I'd play if you can figure out a way to allow me to play without using yahoo
  3. I would join but since I'm from Louisiana I can't do cash leagues on yahoo
  4. I accidentally joined the second league and didn't see the draft was this Friday. Can't do this weekend.. Can you please remove me
  5. Still available? If so, shoot me an invite through email
  6. I've never played dynasty before and was asked to take over this team. $150 buyin but I'd get in for $75 as a new owner. Full point PPR, 1 point for QB completions and 1 point for QB incompletions. I'd be drafting 8th. Have to drop 6 players and draft 6 players. I have no experience whatsoever in dynasty so I am unsure if this would be a losing deal for me. Thoughts? Team is below..