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  1. 7/17 - 2018 ALL-STAR GAME

    Good pitching beats good hitting and vice versa...
  2. Don't use the app... There are many issues that come up that is mainly because of the app usage... Try it out on the actual website and see if it happening there... If it isn't then you have a work-around...
  3. 6/20 - GAME DAY THREAD

    F.P. is an idiot. He thinks that Matt Adams should be an All-Star, of course this was before he went on the DL.
  4. June Closer Thread 2018

    I guess Strickland didn't listen to Crash Davis...
  5. Sorry I have never played CBS, so I do not have an answer... I can only answer what Yahoo is doing since I have played that in the past...
  6. As I mentioned in the Soto thread. Today's suspended game completion stats will ONLY count in YAHOO if you started the player that day AND you play in a points league or roto league. If you play in a H2H league, you will not get the stats from the suspended game. It has been like that for years. Also, because the suspended game was treated like the first game of a DH, the players are locked in Yahoo...
  7. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    They won't count for H2H. As I mentioned above, the stats will count for the suspended game ONLY if they were in your starting lineup that day AND you play in a point league or roto league. H2H will NOT count. This is in Yahoo. Not sure about the others.

    Yahoo counts the suspended game stats ONLY if you had them starting that day AND you play in a roto league or point league. The stats will be retroactively added via a Stat Correction that will take place next Monday. If you play in a H2H league, the stats will not count.
  9. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Suspended game stats in Yahoo only count if you had them in your lineup AND play in a roto league or points league only. Stats are not added on H2H matchups. It has always been that way. Plus as some said above, Soto's won't count anyway because he wasn't even in the pros at that time and in the game.
  10. Looks like removed Strickland's save from 6/17, as they should have...,lock_state=final,game_tab=box,game=530477
  11. So how did the other sites treat the Hunter Strickland situation on Sunday where gave him save (even though he shouldn't have) and Yahoo did not give it to him...
  12. 4-16 GAME DAY THREAD

    Most of the complaining have been coming from people in weekly leagues that slept on the 11am game schedule start and are just upset... Simple, don't play in weekly leagues...
  13. Yahoo has been like that for years locking early. They won't change it and they won't allow commissioners either to edit it.
  14. Starting Lineups - 3/29

    Baseball Press corrected it...
  15. Starting Lineups - 3/29

    RANGERS (vs. Justin Verlander - R) 1. Delino DeShields (R) CF 2. Joey Gallo (L) 1B 3. Elvis Andrus (R) SS 4. Adrian Beltre (R) 3B 5. Nomar Mazara (L) RF 6. Shin-Soo Choo (L) DH 7. Robinson Chirinos (R) C 8. Rougned Odor (L) 2B 9. Ryan Rua (R) LF (Cole Hamels - L)