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  1. All of the changes are stupid... Leave the game alone...
  2. But what if that one utility player ends up not playing? Then that slot is still available... Plus this "trick" has been Yahoo roto leagues for at least 15 years...
  3. They don't count in Yahoo's game.
  4. When the starting pitcher doesn't go five innings, the official scorekeeper decides who gets credit for the win, usually choosing who was the most effective.
  5. Yeah, no... You talk complete games and such... Didn't have a CG in 1987, three of the ones ahead of him had more innings pitched... Bedrosian probably shouldn't have won, but neither should have Ryan...
  6. I would have given it to Jim Palmer in 1977... Having over 200+ walks is a big minus IMO, along with his 1.344 WHIP... That is why he didn't win... The 300+ strikeouts doesn't help it in this case...
  7. Curious... What seasons do you think Ryan should have won a Cy Young?
  8. You are acting like he finished second in that vote.
  9. @Scaramanga Does this have what you need?
  10. I am probably in the minority, but I really hate this weekend and the jerseys... Turn on a game and there is a team you don't see that often... "That was a nasty pitch. Who is that on the hill?" "THE PLUMBER"' "Who the hell is that?" "No clue, but he made EL DE PIÑONAL look terrible." Guess I will turn the games back on Monday...
  11. How are they going to decide on what person gets Ohtani in dynasty leagues where two different people have him rostered?
  12. Big series for the Braves... Hopefully they can sweep the DH today...