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  1. I wouldn't expect Corbin to be a good start today... He is 4-4 with a 4.61 ERA on the road this year in 14 games...
  2. Correct... Nothing will be done in H2H matchups...
  3. Yahoo does this: "When a game is suspended, the stats for the affected players are retroactively applied once play resumes by using stat corrections. Since stat corrections are only processed on Mondays there may be a posting delay. Exception - In Head-to-head leagues corrections will only be processed if they apply to the most recently completed matchup."
  4. A lot of thunder and pouring rain in Northern Virginia... Rockies/Nationals game could be in jeopardy...
  5. Nasty storms are coming through the DC/Baltimore area... Don't know how long they are supposed to last, but pretty sure that the Nats/O's game will have a delayed start for sure...
  6. MLB did this last year as well with the Cardinals and Cubs... I think this is what they do since there is no Sunday night game before the ASG, so they do this to get things rolling again...
  7. Everyone get their free small Slurpee today?
  8. Totally forgot about Hanson...
  9. Not as many as you are thinking... Adenhart tragically died in 2009...
  10. Holy hell... RIP Tyler... Holy hell...
  11. EDWIN DIAZRP, NEW YORK METS Mets manager Mickey Callaway told reporters on Wednesday that Edwin Diaz could be called on to get more than three outs now. The Mets had been adamant that Diaz would only pitch an inning in each appearance. The Mets have said a lot of things. The bridget to get to the star closer has been an issue, so New York could call on the 25-year-old if/when the setup men struggle in the eighth inning. There's a long-term worry about overuse with Diaz, but the right-hander should get a fair share of four-plus out saves now. May 22, 2019, 4:22 PM ET ---- What exactly is a "bridget to the closer?
  12. I think you need to update your Corbin picture...
  13. Edwin Jackson going today to set a record for most teams to play for?