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  1. I mean, if you just want a bench PG, I'd rather add someone with higher upside like Monte Morris...He's been on a tear lately, and may start to heat up...
  2. So, do I have space to add D. White or stay put? 9-cat-12 team-h2h short bench Hassan Whiteside (C) Montrezl Harrell (PF/C) Jaren Jackson Jr. (PF) Nemanja Bjelica (PF) Justise Winslow (SF/PF) Rudy Gay (SF/PF) Paul George (SG/SF) Caris Levert (SG/SF) Zach Lavine (PG/SG) Eric Bledsoe (PG/SG) Drop someone or stay put? WHIR. Thanks a lot
  3. I hear ya, that's a valid argument dude. Thing is, I think Fiz really wants to develop this kid. He even said he would start Mudiay at some point because he's their best passer. I honestly think he has this guy in mind when he said that (of course, the others benefit as well). Kanter is such a defensive slouch that it makes sense to just develop this kid now. Also, if you watched the last game, he had so many good opportunities for an easy bucket, but his teammates never found him, or just aren't very good. So I think Fiz is doing the right thing in trying to help the kid.
  4. Lol y'all don't know what you're talking about. Have you seen this kid play? In today's NBA, and with the tanking Knicks, he can easily post Capela-lite numbers. He's very athletic and all he needs to do is keep running and he can get easy dunks and/or putbacks. Super awesome on D. Sure, he may need polish, but I'm expecting a full breakout after all-star break. Foul trouble is what I'm fearing, not skill or talent. The dude can flat out play. Kid is must-own after ASB so better to be early for the train, or miss it altogether... Especially because he's already starting over Kanter this early...
  5. Watched the game. Pretty sure they unleash this guy sooner rather than later. Kid looked good out there in switching and on defense. Pretty sure the coach loves what he does defensively. Looks better out there imo compared to Kanter. Only reason Kanter plays is coz Knicks are so devoid of scoring. This kid is the future next to Kristaps.
  6. I think If Burke is unowned in your league, go scoop him up. Dude was a monster on the tail end of last season putting up stats left and right as a starter...
  7. This guy's gonna ball out, and be a must-own hot pick tomorrow, mark my words.
  8. I hope this guy gets the minutes he's due this year. I mean, they're rebuilding. This guy is going to be a star in this league if taught well and given proper playing time. He has a high BBIQ, and is extremely polished for his age and size.