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  1. Anyone know what happened in the final two games here?
  2. I'm not one to jump ship on a player after a few crappy games, but as much fun as Ghostface has been this year... I am cutting bait. It's Dario's turn. SUPER DARIO ERSAN ILYASO-OVA Those are minute trends since Ersan became a must start in December. The chances it somehow gets reversed in the final weeks have to be extremely slim seeing as Saric is much younger and seems to be a potential key in the youth movement. Good luck y'all.
  3. That's why his nickname is Gluey Harris. Solid consistent glue guy. Good playoff sked too.
  4. 24 hours later...
  5. From watching how they've handled his injury so far, they've, rightfully, been extremely cautious after seeing a lot of achilles blowouts. They'll very likely ease him in for the first week or so. And that all depends on how his achilles responds after some actual games under his belt... or in this case... under his leg. That being said, it just depends who's on the wire. He can give you great production on 20-25 min.
  6. he has barely rested this year... it terrifies me to no end as we approach the end of the season, but no way i'm trading this guy for anyone the way my league is. Very interested in seeing how your trade talks ago. Friends, just let it ride and hope Pop doesn't pull a Pop. #underrated #still
  7. Y'all arguing over nonsense. If he fits your scheme, add him and run. He fits mine so here i am... running. If he doesn't, then hopefully your playoff opponent doesn't add him and beat you because of it.
  8. he's as big of a shutdown candidate as anyone in the league.
  9. they have back to backs once a week during the playoffs... this could easily be a 3-3-3 sked
  10. It's a 4-4-4 schedule, but there's back to backs in all three of them so you gotta nearly bank he'll sit... making it a 3-3-3 week best case. Worst case he gets shut down. So yes, been trying to trade but he gets no respect. Or they fear what I fear.
  11. No one called him a "shooter"? I was just referring to his comment that he expects the same numbers as last year - and they are nearly identical so far.
  12. First post in this thread and you nailed it
  13. About the 4,4 playoff schedule? Well that's for the semis and finals, so this is a big deal because 4 LeVerts is much better than 3 Player X with similar or even slightly better numbers. This, of course, is just a theory because we haven't seen enough of the ole LeverTrain. But if your team is in the position to sit on a guy like this... which I'm sure yours is... then it makes sense to invest on a cat that could be a great bench guy come playoff time. That is assuming you are in 1st or 2nd place. Hope this helps, friend!
  14. I just jumped on board the LeverTrain. Stashing for a back-half boost in minutes and that sweet, sweet 4, 4 playoff schedule. Can't wait til the Nets inexplicably put him on a minutes restriction because they're the Nets.