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  1. Welcome back, General Soreness! *salute*
  2. Wow! Welcome back, GARY!!!!
  3. Out at least 2 weeks. Still doesn't get an INJ tag in Yahoo. They did the same thing to Gary Harris IIRC. And that's a damn shame. Baze was killin' it.
  4. DeAndre Ayton 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Another multi-block game. Thanks man!
  5. Ok, did anyone see what happened on the play where Ariza forced the jump ball? He was supposed to take the jump ball but took himself out of the game. He wasn't limping or anything. Was walking fine but he was pointing to his stomach. Did he have the to go to the toilet??? edit: nvm. He's on the bench. Probably just got the wind knocked out of him.
  6. I can just imagine what his lines would be consistently if he was on a contending team. An absolute beast of a wing! I really hope he gets traded by the time Prince comes back.
  7. Pascal Siakam 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Welcome back historic beast! What a line tonight!
  8. Now it's an illness? WTF is going on??? edit: oh...
  9. AD and my anxiety... bad combo... edit: back on the bench
  10. Yup 3's and points. Even though I'm against Steph Curry x4 this week, I still have to try hoping Delly bumps my 3's and points a bit. I also looked into the other Cleveland guys for 3's and points (Hood, Burks, Osman). Allen Crabbe maybe if he ever gets over his sore knee? Nets also have 4 games and starts Tuesday. I'd also throw in Monte Morris' name but Denver, unfortunately, only has 2 games this week (and I have him and Juancho).
  11. I went with Delly this week with the Cavs' 4 games starting tomorrow.
  12. Vent & Rant Thread 2018-2019

    More of a rant towards one player. Almost pulled a 5-4 comeback after being down 6-3 most of the week. Needed ONE more three...and Juancho misses all of his attempts. But eh... I'll take it. Finished 4-4 tie after missing Oladipo and Jimmy for most of the week.