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  1. Foul trouble sucked last night. They were touch fouls too. He wasn't allowed to get physical against Adams or Kanter.
  2. Vucevic has been killing my team in the 2 games the Magic has played this week. Has more Assists and Steals than my Elfrid today? SMH
  3. Need some stocks, Freak. Stocks!
  4. First round starts this week for our league. I hope IT plays tonight. Completely missed his 3's and scoring last week. Plus, I'm going against a Steph team... and the C's are playing the Wizards tonight.
  5. Uhhh... did he just injure his ankle with Kidd putting him back in the 4th down 30? Can't find any details other than one twitter reaction. Great... just when playoffs start next week... edit:
  6. I'm fortunate it's not playoffs yet for our league (starts next week, goes thru the very end of regular season). Cross fingers he'll be ready to go by Monday next week.
  7. Thank you Eric Gordon for tanking our FG%
  8. Sweet stocks... Sweet... sweet... stocks...
  9. Welcome back, Dion!
  10. Have to drop. Like facial above said... can't afford dead weight like this in the playoffs. I don't see it improving either. Kanter returning further killed his value along with the Taj and McDermott trade. Also... his next 2 opponents: San Antonio and Utah... Good luck to everyone else stuck with him.
  11. 3 fouls in the first half... but really? 2 points, 1 rebound and can't hit FT's??? He had a very slow start last game too so this would make it what? 5 duds in a row now. C'mon man! Playoffs are right around the corner!
  12. Noooooo! He was doing so well last week for my team
  13. I no longer have him but I still can feel everyone's pain here. I drafted him in the 2nd round thinking Boston was the perfect fit for him. And for the first few games of the season, he was... and then that concussion happened... and then IT4 turning into the King of the Fourth happened. I will echo nearly everyone's sentiments here: never again.
  14. Couldn't quite recover from the very poor shooting start my team had. Was hoping for a tie. Almost pulled it off. Lost assists and steals by slight margins despite opponent having James Harden