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  1. 6 TO's buzzkill. Was trying to catch up on TO's today... it wasn't meant to be.
  2. Also here to sulk by lack of Dray stocks this week. I had him paired with Giannis. Dominated stocks all season long... succumbed to Steph and his 6 steals on Friday...
  3. You guys count minutes played? And I thought I had it bad with fouls.
  4. I had Dray and Giannis. Carried me thru reg. season dominating stocks with those 2. Did not come thru this week And yeah I may go guard heavy next season. In our league, the top 4 seeds stunk. First seed barely won on a 5-5 tiebreaker. 5th seed, who was very guard heavy (CP3, Wall, Schoeder, Rose), relied on Gobert all season as his only big man after Embiid went down just beat a James Harden/Whiteside team. I just lost to a Steph Curry team. Guards dominated our league this season.
  5. Welp... I'm pretty much done. In a 5-5 tie with 6th seed but he won our only matchup this season on a buzzer beater from KCP in overtime during week 11 so he holds the tiebreaker. I doubt I can catch up on 4 3's with his Curry and Jrue still playing tonight. Stupid 10th cat as fouls screwed me over again for the 2nd year in a row. Would have won both 1st rounds for 2 years straight 5-4 if it weren't for that. Been begging commish to drop it and just go regular 9-cat. Wouldn't budge. What sucks too is this has been the most active I've been in our league. Made so many trades, made the most waiver wire pickups and one cat screwed me over twice now, so I think this will be my last time in this league. Good luck to the rest of you still in the playoff hunt. See y'all next season (hopefully) with a new league.
  6. He gets my pass though I benched Brogdon over him so this one stings a little. But... he still has a game on Sunday. Looking forward to a bounce back.
  7. 70 points on 40 FGA, 26 FTA... f'n insane!
  8. The only one that showed up tonight for the Suns.
  9. Benched Brogdon while Chriss puts up a dud...
  10. Triple-double in 3 quarters tonight! 14 pts, 11 rebs, 10 asts. so far. That's 4 triple doubles in the last 10 games!
  11. Foul trouble sucked last night. They were touch fouls too. He wasn't allowed to get physical against Adams or Kanter.
  12. Vucevic has been killing my team in the 2 games the Magic has played this week. Has more Assists and Steals than my Elfrid today? SMH
  13. Need some stocks, Freak. Stocks!
  14. First round starts this week for our league. I hope IT plays tonight. Completely missed his 3's and scoring last week. Plus, I'm going against a Steph team... and the C's are playing the Wizards tonight.