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  1. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    I would like to thank the commish for allowing the two bottom teams in the league (not the one in my sig) to "tank for picks" while still having a shot at the playoffs (only 1 game & 2 games out). Gave away their top 3 players, each, to ONE team. The league has to go up against a stacked team of Embiid, Jokic, Harris, Blake, CP3 & Lillard along with his drafted Simmons when the rosters are only 10-man deep. All those times others in the league researched their drafts, waiver pickups and trades... wiped out. Thanks for ruining the season, and fantasy bball in general, a-holes. Take that as you will anyone reading this, whether it's right or wrong to trade for picks, just needed to finally vent that out of my system after my concerns to the commish himself was not acknowledged.
  2. Find the manager with Kris Dunn and see if you can get him for cheap before he comes back. Dunn has avg. 2.0 stls, 82 total, pre-concussion
  3. 8 shots last night, 7 shots tonight. I get Wiggins is playing in front of hometown Toronto but, triple the shots KAT got? FML.
  4. Stupid me had to google "DeMarcus Cousins stats" instead of going directly to Basketball-Reference. I wanted to see when he dropped the 40-20-10 game. Of course the Google News section returns the article below and I had to just had to click it cuz of the title about injuries and fatigue Whether you believe minutes played equate to higher injury risks or if this was just a freak accident is up to you. I'm only sharing this article to highlight the minutes he logged leading up to that game. That is insanity by today's NBA culture of resting players. As fantasy owners, we're ecstatic since he produced numbers for our team and carried us. Sometimes we forget these guys are also human. Now if you'll excuse me... I'll go back into the corner and cry in a fantasy season that could've been. Come back strong, Cuz!
  5. Nic Batum 2017-2018 outlook

    Batum en fuego!
  6. This is completely out of the blue. I would've thought the Clipps would go for the playoffs. I think points go up for Blake. Rebounds he'll lose to Drummond and assists down too, especially once RJax is back.
  7. Trevor Ariza 2017-2018 season outlook

    Hamstring injury
  8. 2017-2018 Brick Layers Guild

    And I thought I was going to win FG% this week. Russell Westbrook says hello with 4-16 shooting so far.
  9. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    Marquese Chriss picks up 3 fouls in 3 mins and one of them ends up injuring my Trevor Ariza.
  10. I just feel devastated, so hopefully typing out these words will help me move on from this. The league I have Boogie in, I paired him with my Westbrook keeper and this was going to be my last with them (due to league issues I'm not gonna get into). I really wanted to leave on a high note. Was dominating with a team built with those 2 with a 12-2 record now it's just downhill from here. Fantasy wise, losing Boogie's production hurts. Such a monster in every counting category. If my team needed a boost in one cat... he'll provide it that week. He's done it so many times this season. Truly hard to replace. Real NBA wise... I really wanted to see Boogie finally play in the playoffs. I wanted to see them possibly upset some top seed with their twin tower lineup. It sucks... it sucks for basketball in general. And lastly, makes me wonder if Gentry did overworked Boogie with the insane minutes he played this season (like the way D'Antoni did with Kobe that one year), especially that 50+ min double OT the other night. Anyway, good luck to the rest of you all. I think I may step out of fantasy bball for a season or 2. This one has been stressful for someone like me who's passionate about the NBA.
  11. That Shams tweet... Hello darkness my old friend...
  12. welp. it's been fun a season guys. i can't help but think all those heavy minutes finally caught on to him in some capacity. There's some irony that AD is the one left standing.... but man, this sucks. He's a HUGE part of my punt FG & TO core with those massive counting stats.
  13. Vent & Rant Thread 2017-2018

    I am 14-0 in stls this season. Somehow I'm losing it this week thanks to my opponent's Whiteside and Gibson picking up multi-steals in their games this week while my reliable steals guys like Ariza and Cov have been so-so.
  14. When's Jimmy coming back? I'm tired of the Andrew Wiggins show. This should've been KAT's time to dominate.