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  1. Like the team but like the others worried about Cohen.. having the same battle keeping him or not because thats how bad the situation is.
  2. Standard scoring Aaron Jones Damien Williams David Montgomery
  3. 12 team standard league, 6 pt qb TDs Keeper options: Tyreek Hill (Locked in) Tyler Lockett Tarik Cohen Jordan Howard Baker Mayfield Andrew Luck I have the 3rd overall pick in the draft and I obviously need a running back. Mahomes will be there at 3 (full disclosure, im a chiefs fan), so thats tempting to have the mahomes/hill connection.. Could also keep Hill, Lockett, Cohen and grab Montgomery at 3 and wait on qb in the draft. RB's will be picked over by the time i get to my 2nd pick. Other RBs available at that spot will be Philip lindsay, damien williams
  4. Now that Keenan is playing .. need to determine my flex.. 0.5 pt PPR Pick 2 Keenan Allen Jamaal Williams Brandin Cooks Thanks & Post Link
  5. not sure what the point of this trade is other than maybe being a fan of one team over the other.. Hunt and Zeke pretty much a wash. My worry though would be teams not respecting Dak and stacking the box. The whole chiefs offense has to be respected leaving plenty of room for Hunt. Gordon as a throw in just seems unnecessary.
  6. couldn't click accept fast enough help here? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/727129-pick-my-starter-whir-100/
  7. I wouldn't do this.. Chubb could be breathing down Hyde's neck soon. I'd want to hold Hunt in that offense and keep watching the wire for a QB.. Carr had a bad start but could still be serviceable. I would stick with your guns on Freeman, thats a fair trade. Thanks for the help on mine
  8. 12 team 0.5 pt PPR Wendall Smallwood vs AP Thanks & post link
  9. Yes Julio would be good, i'm not panicked on him. He's going to get into the endzone. He's already had 2 weeks of 165+ Yards receiving so its just the touchdowns that are missing right now.. currently still top 20 WR.
  10. I have to say I'd go with Michel here. I agree with above, I think we've seen the best of Freeman. Thanks for the help on mine.