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  1. Damn that is actually really tough I am a Duke fan but I think he should be the drop based on his usage
  2. McLaurin might be the best player in deal, he seems like he could be good for a long long time but I don't think the first one is a bad deal.
  3. Id drop jones and herndon for any of those, I would prioritize Robinson and Chark
  4. Jones or Coleman are your most droppable. Definitely go for Mclaurin, Robinson and Mostert
  5. 10 team standard and I have hockenson as a backup right now. Idk if I trust Arians/Jameis to make him consistently productive
  6. I kinda do like Hardman too although its risky. Hyde and Murray probably have better floors though
  7. I like Ross and Fuller, I would probably go Fuller
  8. Its probably between Lockett or Breida. I think I would pick Breida
  9. If its ppr of any kind I would probably go beasley
  10. standard scoring, both have pretty good matchups but not sure how much work mccoy will get
  11. I think thats good value but woof does it leave you pretty thin at RB. I guess I'd still do it and trade for a RB if you get desperate later on
  12. Ehh it might get it done in ppr. In standard I think you will need more to get mack
  13. I am in the same spot and not sure what to do. Not sure if Hock's stats were a little inflated because they played so many snaps against the cardinals plus the matchup this week should be tougher. Howard has a nicer matchup so I am leaning him but I don't feel good after how bad Jameis looked last week