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  1. Taurean Prince 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Seems to be trending up a bit for deeper leagues/dynasties. Not the best shooting tonight but a nice line otherwise. 8/12/3/2/1
  2. Ivica Zubac 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Looking good tonight, and notably has gotten the most center minutes in a close game. 10/12/3 blocks and a steal with a few mins left.
  3. Reggie Jackson 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    Well, Granger had patellar tendinosis, which is significantly more serious. Reggie has chronic tendinitis. Tendinosis can take 3-6 months to heal. Tendinitis can be 4-6 weeks.
  4. Brett Anderson 2013 Outlook

    Looking good through 2.