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  1. ^^thanks. that sucks.
  2. what happened to gobert?
  3. finally won my money league after 9 seasons lol. drafted paul on the later half of the 1st. got lucky and hit the jackpot in gobert in the 4th round. just happy that i won, finally. my team 16team hth paul (will draft again) horford (yuck, never again) gobert (definitely. late 1st, early 2nd maybe) ariza (yes, ultimate 3andD guy) noel (maybe, if the price is right) capela (yes, if the price is right) tyler johnson (hmmm maybe) devin booker (got him 7th round, will be drafted higher mosdef next season) joseph (FA add, nah) brogdon (FA add, maybe if the round is right) nance (FA add, yes will target him) temple (FA add, nah) alan williams FA add, nah) drafted bledsoe (dropped got rested) and jrich (dropped him in week 18 and blew up, big fu to me)
  4. TOs really hurt. f--- this ******** dude.
  5. will miss tonight's game as per blurb. he's been playing well lately sigh. get well soon
  6. yeah think he peaked already. thanks for the production
  7. thanks for the asts. needed it
  8. yo, big sauce stop fouling too much
  9. well, at least my fg and tos will not take a hit
  10. noel sits, okc with the comeback. just glad he did his damage already
  11. dude, not this week
  12. ive read it as ****ting lol
  13. it would take alot/higher pick to have him next season. this was the perfect storm. if he is available at the turn 2nd round, i would def take him. but as a first rounder, not so sure. his improving ft shooting would fit almost all builds if he can keep it up.
  14. wow too much hot sauce for big sauce