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  1. pick and roll game with harden is nasty. until other teams figure it out
  2. 3 mins in to the game, nene enters. dafuq? is capela injured or just dantoni?
  3. yuck waiters. why did the heat sign this fool?
  4. anybody ticked off he has no pf eligibilty on espn? obviously he plays both of that positions.
  5. johnson and hood is out to get theirs. this is without favors, hayward and burks. gobert is lucky to crack 6-8 shots a game. they had a chance to win but their guards are playing with blinders on.
  6. f--- espn for the eligibility bs
  7. so how can the 6ers trade you now? https://twitter.com/DerekBodnerNBA/status/789595919599734785
  8. underwhelming. anderson should play more than him
  9. homeless man's ariza. never been a scorer so low FG% is manageable. nice 3s and stocks. important thing is he has the minutes. not bad for a late round guy.
  10. ^^til he gets paid dude lol. he want that extension so bad
  11. lets see if he can get some minutes from dieng.
  12. 3rd pg on your roster. above stats comes in handy even he can just play 60-65 games this season.
  13. hmm he could but i like bjelica more. both dieng and towns can play C.