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  1. please no. i like me some dwill on my team
  2. how much time til the end of the deadline?
  3. nice situation. gonna watch him closely
  4. wow just daw the trade. cant wait to see the dynamics between davis and cousins. what a beastly frontcourt. nice job new orleans
  5. stark contrast of play when he played with the hawks to now. he is basically an sg now. DND for me next season
  6. f--- this dude. hope he picks up the second half.
  7. march 1 that's the 6th week? not to be greedy but wishing he can come earlier than that. just saying
  8. my team is on a 3-4 week slump since paul got injured. all my players cept for gobert and bledsoe are playing like trash. all star break cant help my team it seem.
  9. can't complain bout the stats even with low minutes
  10. ^^have the same sentiment. maybe inserting jerebko in the starting lineup will fix his penchant for taking too many 3s
  11. thanks for the ft boost