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  1. no go against the warriors. reason to be worried?
  2. is it time to move on?
  3. im a member of the chris paul support group. can i get a hug? also have horford (concussion earlier in the season), capela (just got back), jrich (who is always injured) and meeks (same injury as paul).
  4. i dont think aldridge had surgery for that injury. nick young recovery from the same injury years back i think took him 6 weeks. hope paul will beat that time.
  5. just curious, how many weeks was isiah thomas sidelined with that injury? the clippers is a hot mess without paul
  6. hope he recovers soon. this ******** sucks for us owners
  7. ^^as per dan woike. took xrays, negative for nay breaks.
  8. edit looks like the hand. oh please god no
  9. is this real life? hamilton with the 3 blocks in the 1st q?! dafuq.
  10. ^^hope so. i stashed him from the very start, reward us owners
  11. why is that bum waiters plays more minutes and has more usage than johnson?
  12. harden and hayward
  13. felicio. should have picked him up knowing bulls have a 5 game week