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  1. hoping for a top pick with one my leagues to get KAT again. such a beast. for the lolz (got it from reddit). https://cdn-b-east.streamable.com/video/mp4/hsemi.mp4?token=qrdxpKSSVeUyMmkyNXJyug&expires=1568489460
  2. harden 1st pick trae young 2nd pick mitch rob 3rd pick on a 18 teamer hth. one can only dream...
  3. lost all my playoff matchups uggghh. this will be on my mind for months.
  4. this will cost alot of people championships.
  5. whew https://mobile.twitter.com/jovanbuha/status/1110741431117930496
  6. and he's doing this in our fantasy playoffs. two thumbs up for you dude
  7. what happened to him? damn. he's playing well for change