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  1. no player option though? but nice contract nonetheless.
  2. over kawhi, no over davis, maybe
  3. gonna miss 6-8 weeks. sucks, no training camp for him
  4. so no training camp? more waiters? yikes
  5. if oladipo is available he would be my pick
  6. i've read somewhere that he is practicing FT. he should make 500 or something per day. if whiteside/chandler be better at it, why not capela? he is also a gym rat based from the article.
  7. what will be joerger's offensive scheme for the kings? slow down like in memphis?
  8. i like him too. unfortunately, got sniped in our draft (i know csb). if thibs like him, he'll get to play alot of minutes--gold in fantasy.
  9. this guy with dantoni, sign me up. what is your projected stats this season?
  10. cmon 6ers, trade him already
  11. yeah, thinking of ariza as well. thanks for the input fellas
  12. started strong but ended on a whimper last year. what's your opinion in him? kemba walker like stats.
  13. ^^but he's fg and to killer. negates having paul. also his injury concern and a trade candidate with the emergence of booker and return of bledsoe
  14. need opinion again. picking in the 5th round and im up. cant decide who to pick. already have paul, horford, bledsoe and gobert. notable players left: knight, howard, ariza, kanter, dieng, noel. choosing between those. can go to boost my points (knight), 3s and stls (ariza), big man stats (kanter, howard, dieng, noel). thanks for the help
  15. but first he needs to be healthy and cut down on the goddamn turnovers