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  1. please nothing serious and it happened at the end of the game
  2. he will play today against the Pelicans right?
  3. ^^that's good to hear. he's on a contract year if im not mistaken?
  4. ^^yeah but ainge would like a better return for his assets. saving it for a superstar or whatever.
  5. 5 shots? even amir freaking johnson shot more. no wonder they lost
  6. so much for the future of the heat
  7. so if noel for crabbe pushed through, what will be the rotation of the frontline? noel gonna be the starting pf? starting c? first big man of the bench?
  8. hope he doesn't get rested by the end of the week.
  9. mcgruder plays more mins though. come on coach...
  10. tj johnson surgery came out of nowhere. didn't have a chance to change my weekly lineup
  11. double double please
  12. super happy with this dude. sing all you want acapella