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  1. Having Lamar and Andrews on both of my teams
  2. Received a fumble on the lateral at the end.
  3. Yikes. Looks like I will bench him.
  4. So Darnold out this week means we keep him on the bench. Does anyone know anything about this guy Luke Falk?
  5. I just wanted to write how cheap these guys went in a 16 team league but you have short benches there.
  6. You would have to spend 80%+x for this kind of player I would guess.
  7. FAAB results from my 12 team 17 man roster without DST/K (Team 1 in sig) - 1000$ FAAB: McLaurin: 318$ (that was me because there were basically only a few good ww options available) Minshew: 150$ Mostert: 252$ all other players were already taken before the weekend
  8. Coming back to the game for a second: The second fumble on the snap, why does he get the fumble. From my point of view he didn't even touched the ball in this scenario.
  9. Also an Adrews owner here and I totally agree. Hockenson was out there for 70% of snaps and he looked great.
  10. I'm not sure if this was a fantastic throw or a very stupid idea which turned into a TD because of Miami being trash.
  11. Watched the game and he was on the field alot imo. Just couldn't get anything done. Singletary on the other hand was inspiring to watch.
  12. I need Duke Johnson jr. to stay under 21 points in full PPR today. If nothing crazy happens I dodged a bullet with John Allen as my second QB this MU.