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  1. I havn''t had the chance to really see him play. How is his talent level? Future starter in the league or role player?
  2. The new interface is more than useless... wtf did they even do? Theres nothing new thats good just makes everything more difficult to use
  3. Chandlers stats kinda sucked (in my points league) last year with good minutes. Do you think he can do better than last seasons stats?
  4. Yea I follow him too and that other guy he touted from his site. Are there any other good ones?
  5. Does anyone else think the new ESPN interface BLOWS? Just from 5 minutes of trying to browse it so far today, I can't click on the players names to bring up stats and stuff in the recent activity feed. When I go to the scoreboard of last week I cant see the total matchup for the week stats, it only goes day by day (cant see total games played etc) and thats just from today, Im sure theres much more annoying things I havent even noticed yet Is there any way I can switch back
  6. How many minutes do you boys think he will average with lonzo back?
  7. You can actually see hornysek get visibly upset every time Mudiay makes a dumb play
  8. I'm unsure but maybe it team practices, so you have to include games and travel days and rest days etc. So its team practices during that time?
  9. Hopefully it really is just a contusion and they're just being cautious
  10. He had a pretty good game last game, anything to see here?
  11. How many mins do you think hed play for the celtics?