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  1. I think the term "once in a generation" term is thrown around a bit too much....technically, it should be used once about every 25 years. Making that type of claim is always highly debatable, and most often proven wrong.
  2. League rules where you play the championship round at the end of the season are brutal. I've had a great season, in part due to the likes of Bryant and Rizzo, and now I'm getting half the at bats that I'd get from them any other week. Saving grace has been Segura, but now he looks like he could get shut down. At least Buxton turned the corner....oh wait.
  3. Definitely age should be considered. My main point is that I don't think you can read too much into the stats, and Cozens numbers away from home in particular are pretty pedestrian, as has his stats at other levels. I think the away stats are a better representation of both he and Hoskins. Nothing has jumped off the stat sheets during his career thus far, except for this season, which is heavily inflated by his production at home. If you eliminate the numbers playing at the Reading ballpark, his away stats this year are on par for what he did at Short season ball in 2013, which was his best statistical season. Maybe he's turned the corner, but I have some reservations about that at this point. Time will tell.
  4. Both players have had great seasons. Home away splits suggest that there was pretty significant impact of their home park. Hoskins: Home: .292 avg, .636 slug, 25 home runs in 70 games. Away: .270 avg, .496 slug, 13 home runs in 65 games. Cozens is even more dramatic: Home: .295 avg, .744 slug, 29 home runs in 68 games Away: .259 avg, .441 slug, 11 home runs in 66 games Back in 2012, Darin Ruf had a really good season, on par with Hoskins and Cozens. He had very similar splits as well: Home: .349 avg, .718 slug, 24 home runs in 69 games Away: .286 avg, .544 slug, 14 home runs in 70 games Ruf never tapped into that level of power after he left Reading. If I had to put my money on the guy who may be the legit power hitter of the two, I'd go with Hoskins. He has a track record of good average and power at pretty much each level, although not to this extreme as we have seen at AA Reading this season. But, I'd guess Tommy has proven worthy of given a full time shot at the gig given what he's done this year.
  5. Isan Diaz won the Pioneer league MVP (same league as Vlad is in now) last season with a crazy slash line of .360/.423/.640. He's going to be scooting up the prospect lists. He seems to be hitting the rookie wall at the moment, but still a great season. But, even when you look at the gaudy numbers Diaz put up, he was still 19 years old...I don't think we can undersell what Vladdy Jr is doing as a 17 year old, who doesn't even turn 18 until March of next year. Basically, he should be going into his senior year of high school....just nuts. Maitan just became eligible for his driver's license in the US a few months ago, and needs to start raking in pro ball in less than a year to keep pace. Isan's a SS at the moment by the way. Although, due to Arcia being on the squad may have to shift to 2B.
  6. He needs to stay up when Kang comes back. There's no way his defense is THAT bad to offset the benefit of having his bat in the lineup...is it???
  7. Some of those guys have arguments. I'd take out Benintendi, as I think he's done playing in the minors. Brinson's been kind of disappointing this year, although he's turned it on during the brief stint at AAA so far, but his K/BB ratio is not that great. I wouldn't put Gallo in the conversation, as his ceiling seems limited due to massive K issues. I think Gleyber benefits from being a SS, and if you disregard position, power is marginal. Happ's 5 years older, and AA seems to be giving him all he can handle at the moment. In my opinion, the strongest arguments come from: Yoan (been there done that), Eloy (doing it), and Devers (half season of raking, but solid discipline numbers all year)....then Rodgers. I'd also throw in the legend of Kevin Maitan, but he's just reputation at this point, and needs to produce on a pro level before he'll be truly considered. But, his comps are crazy. I could see Robles getting love too. By the way, Blake Rutherford is the Yanks top pick, and was viewed viewed by many as the top High School bat to come out in the draft. He plays on a super talented Pulaski Yankees Appy league team at the moment and is raking.
  8. He's been primarily batting 6/7 in the lineup, and Lamb (hitting in front of Haniger) has been pretty pathetic for awhile now (probably an understatement)...those factors don't help. I'd be complaining more about counting stats if he was hitting in a more favorable position with some consistency. He's had a monster year and was crushing AAA. Why send him down given his age when he's got nothing to prove there. They might as well see what he can do. Bourn and Weeks don't really need at bats at this point. They are not in any way part of the future. He's getting on base during his first taste of MLB pitching, which is no small feat....give him some time.
  9. BA wrote an article on Devers a few days ago....I'm paraphrasing, but it basically says that Devers is the shizzle for rizzle. Unfortunately, I think it was paid content, so you'll just have to trust me on that one
  10. I'm aware...Albies played the majority of his career at SS, and a couple weeks at 2nd
  11. Albies should have been the call. He's had the better year, and already played AAA.
  12. Ben Badler is a fan: What are some sleepers in low a ball that nobody Is talking About ?Ben Badler: He’s in High-A now, but I’m a fan of Nationals 2B Max Schrock. Smaller build second baseman with quick bat speed, a knack for making contact and a good hitting approach, even if the tools don’t jump out at you. Fits the mold of a typically under-appreciated player. Read more at http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/baseball-america-prospects-chat-12/#8ezgsbzkoRb9HMLL.99
  13. It's really the only category he does anything in. I think it would depend on type of league and depth. He's really a 1 cat show, not sure I'd be keeping him unless it was a deep league. On base percentage is terrible too.
  14. was just going to post something along theses lines...Dull would be the guy to own
  15. Are they sending him to AA or AAA? They demoted Gleyber to low A after he was playing high A in the cubs organization.