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  1. Even if I agreed with this, it's not always about fielding the best team. Cubs would be smart to get more control out of him. They really don't need him right now.
  2. Kind of sounds like Heyward (injury, poor performance)....nobody has the depth the Cubs have in terms of bats. But, Dodgers were pretty deep in their own right, and have a nice farm system with lots of talent at the AAA level. FWIW, I don't think he'll stay up either when Heyward returns...could be sent down sooner and have Zobrist play OF regularly with Baez playing 2nd.
  3. Glad he's on track.....crazy to think with this kind of day this early in the season, his slugging is only .411 as of now. Goes to show how much of a slump he had been in.
  4. Cabrera's history does not support him achieving those stats. It could happen. It's happened twice in his career. I think it would be short sighted to think that Healy couldn't achieve and exceed those kind of stats over a full season.
  5. So....the knock on Healy is that he won't get RBI's and Runs due to the lineup?...Cabrera had the second best year of his career last season in a much better lineup, and had 62 RBIs and 65 Runs. I don't see the upside in that kid of production. He's a career .268 hitter, .329 obp, and .419 slg%. Short stop is no longer a shallow position for a 10 team league, so the position argument goes out the window in my book. I go Healy no question.
  6. Jumbo Diaz pitched the 8th today for Tampa...could be the setup man, now that Ramirez is joining the rotation.
  7. Jacob Barnes just mowed down the Cubs, 3 up, 3 down. K'd the side (Almora, Schwarber, Bryant).
  8. Pop the proverbial champagne on the closer change!!!
  9. I'm watching the game on ESPN fantasy cast....watching Dyson blow this lead is like watching the winning lottery numbers (pick 3) come up in slow motion...I own Bush
  10. isn't De Leon on the DL?
  11. Nice start tonight. Line was 7 innings, 1 ER, 1 hit, 3 walks, and 8 k's. I don't think he should be in AA ball much longer. Dominated the league last year through 10 starts, and he's picking up where he left off.
  12. I know there was debate a few days back regarding drafting closers. I just want to plug this thread as the reason why that's not necessary. If you follow the monthly closer thread, you're going to find 4-5 closers during the season (that might be an underestimate). And, they are touted in here prior to getting the call. Every one of my relievers (we count holds as well, and the "middle reliever thread" is solid as well), I have obtained through the waiver wire in a competitive 20 team deep league. In my opinion, concentrate draft resources elsewhere and utilize this thread to fill out your pen as the season goes along.
  13. From what I've read, not everyone is sold on his hit tool or defense. The power is there, but will it come with a .240 average is the question. I'm kind of surprised at the concerns about defense, given he's a converted catcher. Would have thought that would benefit him moving to first.
  14. Was just going to mention this. He played 41 games as an outfielder in 2016 in the minors and arizona fall league. He played 95 games at first.
  15. Buxton no question. I own both. Buxton could be a star, with Haniger, I'm hoping he's a solid regular.