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  1. He's been primarily batting 6/7 in the lineup, and Lamb (hitting in front of Haniger) has been pretty pathetic for awhile now (probably an understatement)...those factors don't help. I'd be complaining more about counting stats if he was hitting in a more favorable position with some consistency. He's had a monster year and was crushing AAA. Why send him down given his age when he's got nothing to prove there. They might as well see what he can do. Bourn and Weeks don't really need at bats at this point. They are not in any way part of the future. He's getting on base during his first taste of MLB pitching, which is no small feat....give him some time.
  2. BA wrote an article on Devers a few days ago....I'm paraphrasing, but it basically says that Devers is the shizzle for rizzle. Unfortunately, I think it was paid content, so you'll just have to trust me on that one
  3. I'm aware...Albies played the majority of his career at SS, and a couple weeks at 2nd
  4. Albies should have been the call. He's had the better year, and already played AAA.
  5. Ben Badler is a fan: What are some sleepers in low a ball that nobody Is talking About ?Ben Badler: He’s in High-A now, but I’m a fan of Nationals 2B Max Schrock. Smaller build second baseman with quick bat speed, a knack for making contact and a good hitting approach, even if the tools don’t jump out at you. Fits the mold of a typically under-appreciated player. Read more at http://www.baseballamerica.com/minors/baseball-america-prospects-chat-12/#8ezgsbzkoRb9HMLL.99
  6. It's really the only category he does anything in. I think it would depend on type of league and depth. He's really a 1 cat show, not sure I'd be keeping him unless it was a deep league. On base percentage is terrible too.
  7. was just going to post something along theses lines...Dull would be the guy to own
  8. Are they sending him to AA or AAA? They demoted Gleyber to low A after he was playing high A in the cubs organization.
  9. Shouldn't this be in the minor league thread
  10. Anybody see his injury running the bases? On the plus side, he was on base...
  11. What on earth is wrong with this guy this season? If anyone accurately predicted this disaster of a season, please contact me with the winning lotto numbers next drawing.
  12. I get what you're saying....I just don't agree with the speculation of teams identifying him as a DH/1B hybrid versus a catcher. Are we assuming that teams are going to neglect the fact that he played strictly at catcher for the last 7 years, and then given the team makeup (if he were to play on the Indians), did not play regularly for a year or so? He'll still be a catcher, and if a team is looking to sign him as one, then he'd get paid as such. I'm not sure playing a hybrid position matter for 1 year would matter. I'd guess some team would pay him to primarily catch during the next contract, and pay him appropriately as a top catcher.
  13. Nothing has changed. Still no path to playing time with Freese and Jaso still on the roster and their OF is set. They just brought up a bench bat. Makes sense to keep Bell at AAA to get regular at bats imo.
  14. Yeah, but lots of mileage on those knees for 32 years old. It's another 3.5 year commitment, so you'd have to bank on the durability continuing. I think he'd be better off in the AL. Surprised the Yanks haven't DH'd him more.
  15. McCann's got 3 more years on his contract. The return probably depends if the Yanks will eat any of it. Lucroy is the cream of the catching crop that's available for sure.