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  1. Trade ohtani for bogaerts?

    keep Ohtani
  2. Olson, Drury for Schwarber, Calhoun

    Schwarber/Calhoun....I'd take that immediately in dynasty
  3. Deep Dynasty League Trade Question

    If you're 10/15 in the AL and 19/30 overall, that tells me that you're not that close to contending. Dealing Moncada for two veterans, one of which is in significant decline in Cargo would be catastrophic to your long term outlook. Especially given that Moncada is so cheap. If I were you, I'd be committing towards rebuilding to the future and move your older veterans like Braun and Cano (sucks he's injured/suspended now). The team in my sig is a 20 team league...I completely blew up my squad maybe 5 years ago, and acquired tons of minor league talent and draft picks. The biggest mistake I see owners make is not fully committing to either winning now or rebuilding. Guys who try to toe that line tend to stay middle of the road, and never really ever improve. You should also make a point to scope out the MILB forum on rotoworld....lots of sleeper prospects discussed in some of the deep sleeper threads. It's helped me nab guys way before they end up being highly ranked on the big publication sites.
  4. Nate Pearson - SP TOR

    Nice....I hear he's Jonesing for sun flower seeds and the opportunity to adjust his jock strap...only 4 more weeks Nate....hang in there.
  5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Today yes....but overall, he is still getting out more than half the time
  6. Who won the deal? Tanaka & Godley for Arrieta

    As a Tanaka owner, I'd say whoever got Arrieta is the winner. Somehow I have not rage dropped Tanaka or sold him for scraps. He is so frustrating to own.
  7. I'd keep Teo at the moment. I'd also be hesitant to draw any conclusions from a rookie's one and only start.
  8. Josh Hader 2018 Outlook

    Yeah, he was technically a starter in the minors. But, he was pitching for the Astros. They have a weird tendency of limiting innings of their pitching prospects and would have him pitch 4 innings or so, before turning it over to another potential "starter". I remember watching the box scores and thinking how would his stats translate to going thru the order a 3rd time, where there's often some regression. For this reason, I don't think he was ever fully developed as a starter in terms of stamina. If you look at his innings pitched in the minors, most years hovered around 100, and when you look at the number of starts, he should have gone more innings.
  9. Bell for Paxton dynasty league trade

    I own both Bell and Paxton in one of my dynasty leagues. I'd move Bell for Paxton, but understand that you're not getting a full workload in Paxton (he's bound to get shut down for like a month at some point)...but, what you do get will be nice. in a 10 team league, I have to imagine you'd struggle against some other squads and their pitching with your current staff.
  10. how good/bad is this team?

    How many teams are in the league? Is it points or categories...if categories, what are they (standard 5x5)? Hard to assess the team without more info.
  11. Dynasty Rookie Draft.

    I'd go Ohtani, Bichette, Soto, Florial, Kingery
  12. Drew Waters - OF ATL

    He struck out in 40% of his at bats in the Appy
  13. ESPN player acquisitions during a BYE

    I am in ESPN leagues. You are able to pick up players during your bye week. The week acts just like any other week of the season. Then acquisition limits are reset for your next matchup.
  14. Modern day basketball player

    I mean, guys still attacked the rim back then. I'd say that players back then knew how to absorb contact a bit better. More than anything, I think it's the culture of today's sports. Guys who are sitting or resting today would be gutting it out back then, but that was expected by teammates, coaches, and management. Expectations have changed with the $$$
  15. AD + LeVert for Embiid + Beal

    I'm an owner of both AD and Embiid, albeit in different leagues. I've always been a gambler, and it tends to work out. I'd actually do the deal for Embiid and Beal. I wouldn't classify Embiid as a bigger injury risk than AD. Beal is significantly better than Levert.