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  1. http://www.todaysknuckleball.com/knuckleball-news/pirates-josh-bell-first-mlb-homer-grand-slam/
  2. I wouldn't mind them sitting him tonight and let him soak up the atmosphere...tough to break into the bigs against Arrieta
  3. http://www.todaysknuckleball.com/knuckleball-news/pittsburgh-pirates-call-up-prospect-josh-bell/
  4. http://www.todaysknuckleball.com/knuckleball-news/pittsburgh-pirates-call-up-prospect-josh-bell/
  5. I took a flier on Estevez, and still have him...I don't think he's all that secure at this point. His splits are pretty consistently mediocre when you look at 7 game, 15 game, and 30 game splits. 7 game: 3.86 ERA, 1.29 WHIP 15 game: 4.85 ERA, 1.38 WHIP 30 game (actually 29): 4.28 ERA, 1.24 WHIP I'd be picking up Ottavino if he was available in my league, but he's not.
  6. Playing 3rd base, hit his first homer of 2016 tonight.
  7. I wonder how much of his success at the major level is related to his retro delivery. I've read it causes some timing issues for batters, which makes sense cause it's pretty funky and old school. If they adjust to it, I wonder how much success he will have based on his pure "stuff".
  8. Not only would nearly every major league team take it....but every fantasy team would I'm just hoping this Kool-Aid stays sweet all summer long, and doesn't get watered down in a month. Long term, I do think he's the real deal.
  9. Sounds to me like "he's got something to prove"
  10. I seriously doubt Danny Worth is holding up Reed's promotion. He's 30 years old and has always been terrible.
  11. Teams already know what Miguel Montero and David Ross can do
  12. Big props to these forums. He wasn't even on my radar until people started to discuss him. Sure hope he sticks at 2nd, cause that's some tantalizing upside for a MI position.
  13. How is "ages" defined here? He's the best catcher in the minors at the moment...I'll give him that. I own him my dynasty, so I hope he's solid.
  14. Looks like he's starting and leading off today.
  15. Cingrani pitches the 8th