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  1. This guy is such a primadonna. His comments just exemplify the difference between Lebron and someone like Jordan. Jordan was a straight killer that willed his team to win. Lebron wants to stack the deck and complain if things don't go his way....maybe it's a generational thing. He should never be mentioned in the same breath as Jordan.
  2. he's starting the 2nd half
  3. Real solid game tonight. 28 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, 4 treys. Plus he shot 10/19 from the field. I've been pleasantly surprised by his assist production this season.
  4. http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=18117429
  5. I guarantee that I can count on one hand the number of players with 4 position eligibility...I'd actually put my money on 2 or less. I'm fairly certain Giannis is the only player with 4, and I'd be surprised if another player gets it. For what it's worth, I hate ESPN and their determination of player eligibility.
  6. You'll only notice it against the good veteran teams. I think the weakness will be irrelevant against most teams, as they'll just run them out of the gym. Don't get me wrong, they're going to be ridiculous most nights.
  7. Their centers are far worse, including the starter. From Bogut, Ezeli, Speights, Varejao to Zaza, West, Mcgee, Varejao....big drop off in defensive presence, especially at the top of that depth chart. That's their weakness.
  8. I didn't watch the whole game, but tried to time it so I could see Embiid. From my perspective, even if the FG% was off, he seemed to be able to get to his spaces on the floor, both in the post and off the dribble. That was what was most impressive to me, the ease in which he got to his spots,, especially in his first NBA regular season game. Sometimes the shots just don't fall, but it didn't seem to be influenced much by the defense.
  9. Is ESPN ever going to update player eligibility? Last season there was a lot more flexibility. Not many guys with more than 1 position listed at the moment. Anyone have any insight on this?
  10. There's definitely a worse case than that....like duplicating last year's stats.
  11. I can agree with that. So, if we went by decades: Jordan from the 80's...I don't think there needs to be any defense to this selection. Shaq in the 90's...most physically imposing player I can ever recall. Lebron in the 00's...was deemed a franchise "savior" when he was in high school. No problem skipping college and making a name for himself in the pros from day 1. That just doesn't happen. Unique skillset not seen since Magic (less ballhandling skills), with added athleticism. As of now, I'd go Curry in the 10's (technically it seems like he would miss out since rookie year was 09)...what he's doing now is definitely revolutionizing the 3ball and reinventing showmanship from the PG position. Pulling up for a 3 on a 3-on-1 fast break used to be deemed a poor basketball decision... Interestingly, I've heard some comps to Olajuwon for Embiid. Obviously everything and then some would have to break right for that comp to come to fruition, but I think it was mainly made due to the fluidity of his game and soft touch, to go along with his size. Centers seem to be devalued in today's game, but perhaps Embiid can revolutionize the game by bringing the value back to the "true" center position.
  12. I think the term "once in a generation" term is thrown around a bit too much....technically, it should be used once about every 25 years. Making that type of claim is always highly debatable, and most often proven wrong.
  13. League rules where you play the championship round at the end of the season are brutal. I've had a great season, in part due to the likes of Bryant and Rizzo, and now I'm getting half the at bats that I'd get from them any other week. Saving grace has been Segura, but now he looks like he could get shut down. At least Buxton turned the corner....oh wait.
  14. Definitely age should be considered. My main point is that I don't think you can read too much into the stats, and Cozens numbers away from home in particular are pretty pedestrian, as has his stats at other levels. I think the away stats are a better representation of both he and Hoskins. Nothing has jumped off the stat sheets during his career thus far, except for this season, which is heavily inflated by his production at home. If you eliminate the numbers playing at the Reading ballpark, his away stats this year are on par for what he did at Short season ball in 2013, which was his best statistical season. Maybe he's turned the corner, but I have some reservations about that at this point. Time will tell.