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  1. Just a heads up, if anyone may be in the same boat I am and in the playoffs. Tomorrow’s Cardinals Cubs game may be tough to play w the weather forecast. May influence how moves you make today. Plan accordingly.
  2. Good point on the no-hitter. In a situation where the stats are quite close, I think that a single great performance within a season could be a tie breaker. If I had a vote, I'd lean Verlander, but it is quite close. Personally, I wouldn't put much substance on wins. As has been mentioned, Cole has the K's, but Verlander squeaks out the other common metrics of ERA and WHIP...and Verlander's no slouch in K's either. If he makes two more starts, which he should, he'll also hit that magical 300K mark. So does the fact that Cole has 20 additional Ks than Verlander make up for Verlander's better numbers in ERA (extremely minimal difference which could change after 1 start for each) and WHIP (0.12 difference when they are both less than 1.00 does separate them a bit on this stat in my opinion)? Verdict: I don't think so...Verlander for CY.
  3. Sounds about right, ESPN lagging on all other platforms
  4. Kenley pitching bottom 8th, down a run???
  5. The box score card can be misleading from time to time.
  6. I’d never play him anywhere but Catcher in fantasy unless it’s a fairly deep league. The eligibility only helps in him playing more games in real life, that I can then plug into my C spot for fantasy. He’s below average at other positions (CI and Util).
  7. Biagini has no holds in the last 30 days. Shaffer has 3 (pitched in the 8th) and Mayza has 2. I was surprised at this as I thought Biagini would be the logical choice.
  8. I couldn’t disagree with this more. Hader is the player you want here
  9. I’d take Gallen. I am a Plesac owner but wish I had shares of Gallen. I’d definitely rank both far ahead of Agrazal.
  10. If the Jays move both Giles and Hudson, I’d think Phelps might be a nice pickup for possible saves.
  11. Morton would probably be your best target in a keeper league in terms of cost acquisition. Bieber would be the top target for me, but I'd think he'd be most costly.
  12. Liberatore. Give me the lefty with better strikeout potential all day.
  13. With the recent Kelley news, I'd go with Leclerc
  14. Laureano is the only one I'd rank ahead of Meadows