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  1. I’d cut Otto. Shoulder injury to dominant hand. Playing for a team w nothing to play for. Recipe for a drop. I’d consider dropping Dinwiddie as well in a close matchup given he only has 1 game left this week.
  2. Diallo or Okafor? Diallo has been better lately but Jah put up some nice games back when AD was out for awhile. Who would you recommend. I mostly need points and boards in the matchup. Appreciate any feedback
  3. Do people think he rebounds and has nice value next year or would it be wise to cut bait.
  4. If the Sox believe in him, why platoon him? He’s not going to get better against lefties on the bench. He’s still so young. I don’t think you can go that route yet.
  5. I would keep Flaherty and Tatis. You won the league last year, so your roster must be highly competitive as is. I don't think trades like this are necessary in the preseason, when you're thinking about dealing a top 5 batting prospect. I'd be patient and see how the season unfolds and see what holes you may have to fill on your roster due to subpar seasons or injury.
  6. Maybe I'm wrong, but this smells more like load management.
  7. I’d drop Benintendi. For pitchers, keep Thor, Degrom, Carrasco, Corbin, and Iglesias
  8. Thanks. I think it’s fair as well, and my pitching is weak right now.
  9. Trade is Ramón Laureano (OF) for Tyler Glasnow (SP). It’s a 20 team dynasty league. Who would you want and why? Appreciate any feedback.
  10. They JUST signed Machado. My initial point was couldn’t the signing change some things with Tatis? If nothing else signing Machado energizes a fan base that’s been the red headed step child of the division pretty much since they’ve been in existence. Five playoff appearances in 50 years. That might motivate management to be a little more aggressive. I’m not saying Tatis is going to break with the squad out of spring training, but it’s reasonable to think he could be promoted early in the season. They signed Kinsler at a point that they didn’t know they’d get Machado. At that point I would think the signing of Kinsler had more to do with bringing on a veteran to provide some leadership to the youth movement that was coming in the middle infield. I’d love for Tatis and Urias to learn some from a gold Glover...Eight mil for 2 years is not a hefty investment, and well worth it to bring the young guys along. And if Kinslers primary calling card to trade to a contender is his glove, he doesn’t need to play much to retain that imo...essentially he’s be a utility guy on a contending team. Why not give him some experience in that role 😉 just my two cents.
  11. Kinsler is going into his age 37 season. He’s clearly in decline the last two years. Is he really going to block a top 5 prospect? If they hold him back, I don’t think it will have anything to do with Kinsler. It will have everything to do with how the team is performing, and if he’s holding his own in AAA.
  12. They have a gaping hole at 3B at the moment...I would think Manny will take on that role. I have to think Tatis is the overall winner here actually. Could this signing also move up the timeline for Tatis to have the Padres compete this year?
  13. I definitely use a compilation of sites, but I tend to give lean in the direction of the fangraph rankings and projections. Helped me thru two full rebuilds.
  14. Luzardo, Gore....then Honeywell. TJ has to knock Honeywell back some. Luzardo was phenominal outside of his brief cup of coffee in the PCL, he's also already knocking on the door to the Show. I'd give Luzardo the edge due to proximity, as I think the talents are similar.
  15. Agreed...I tend to devalue the position in general. They get more off days, and tend to break down sooner due to wear and tear (obviously there are the rare exceptions like Molina). Overall, there window of productivity tends to be smaller due to the longer development, so it's always tough for me to justify a higher pick on a catcher in terms of fantasy. I'd also put more value on a bat, so I'd be looking at drafting Gorman (probably would be my top choice), Larnach, India or Bohm (I think he'll bounce back with a full season and a fresh bill of health).