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  1. @froglegs_jacksonx - Saw that you joined through the link above. Welcome aboard!
  2. Draft date adjusted. We'll be drafting either next weekend or the weekend after depending on when everyone pays into LeagueSafe.
  3. Starting up a new keeper league. Ottoneu points scoring in an effort to put emphasize on individual player performance over team performance. We have 8 / 12 teams taken at the moment. You can check out the league settings and join here: A couple of additional notes: Number of teams: Set at 12 but will be flexible based on interest. Goal is to have the top 300 or so players rostered. Draft day/time: Set for Sunday 3/24 right now but will probably roll back to Saturday 3/23 depending on when the majority of the league can make it. Draft order: Is customized but I wrote a league message explaining. Essentially, this year, it's random, and following years it will be random with some scaling based on prior year position giving advantage to the consolation bracket winner. Keeper Cost: Drafted round - 3^n where n = number of years kept previously Dues: $50 this year, will be going up to at least $100 next year once we have a committed core Prizes: Managed through LeagueSafe. Will scale based on final league size. Assuming we get 12: 1st - $250 (remainder of pot), 2nd - $100 (doubles money), 3rd - $50 (money back), Most Points - $200 (quadruples money). I listed out all of the settings in my original post if you'd like to take a look: although some things have changed (like moving from Yahoo to LeagueSafe for money management). Let me know if you have any questions. Hope to hear from ya.