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  1. Just won the championship....not sure if youre looking for team that was drafted or team that was active for championship week? which obviously is different with drops/adds etc.... ill list both ; ) 10 man league - H2H - 9 Cat Drafted: Championship Week: #9 - KD KD #11 - Lillard Lillard #29 - Butler Butler #32 - McCollum McCollum (IL) #49 - Horford Horford #52 - Rubio Rubio #69 - Adams Adams #72 - Mirotic Plumlee #89 - Trae Young T. Young #92 - Barnes Barnes #109 - Dedmon Dedmon #112- Gortat Powell #129 - KCP R. Lopez #132 - Hezonja Caruso #149 - VanVleet Smart KCP G. Harris C. Wood Seth Curry
  2. yea this makes no sense really but ok... he didnt play the entire week, even if they think KD is leaving next year, they still want to win THIS year...players are rested for the playoffs, not for the following season so i have no idea how youre coming about your logic
  3. lol really? youve never heard someone tell another straight man to suck their D as an insult? he could have meant it as a slave reference but i really dont buy that angle.
  4. i own both.....and Tyrus is sure whichever i pick to drop will be the wrong decision lol
  5. greater likelihood of shutdown? Teague or Rose? very frustrating time of year
  6. youre are all ignoring the fact that WB didnt know about him being a known racist. thats the point. get on your knees like your used to - i say that to anyone and they know it means, get on your knees because you suck a lot of in your always on your knees sucking D....this whole debate has gotten ridiculous. between fake twitter accounts, was it racist, was it not....the point is, neither side can definitively say they are correct and know 100%. it can mean either, in my opinion, its a stretch, but at least i can understand the racist argument...the fact you cant also see that it may NOT have been racist is the problem.
  7. and WB's report of events was not racists lol just because the guy is racist, doesnt automatically mean the statement he said was racist. those are the facts. WB said it was racial without knowing the fans background, that is a fact. so to infer the comment was racist becomes a stretch to i would say 9/10 people. no one is arguing that the fan isnt a piece of garbage. the argument is WB making a race issue where there possibly was none. thats the point. he takes it as racist, fine, but that doesnt necessarily make him right. thats the point that you and others dont seem to understand. the fact that you and others cant at least see the other side of the argument is funny since you say others cant see it was racist. NO ONE knows the intent. and those are the facts. anyone i know, when they hear the phrase get on your knees like your used is interpreted as suck a D and im sure 99% of people would agree
  8. oooh right, how i could forget the convincing argument of magic powers and looking into their soul. right, got it. let me know when we're discussing reality and maybe youll have a valid point to make
  9. and let me guess, youre not very intelligent? BINGO because for the millionth time i have never defended the racist fan..... im explaining how WB could know this guy was racist. WHY DID HE PLAY THE RACE CARD? not one person here has been able to answer that question other than saying they have magical powers and can feel racism in their presence. let me add on to this.... IS IT NOT POSSIBLE the racist fan was simply telling WB to suck D and WB misinterpreted the situation? is that really not possible? Why are YOU right about it being racist but another interpretation of it simply being a distasteful comment of sucking D is wrong? again, the background of the man on twitter is irrelevant since WB NEVER MENTIONED THAT.
  10. im sorry, but this is just plain wrong on every account. no point discussing this with you as you are clearly having tunnel vision. this will be my last comment on the topic. just becuase someone is racist, does not make EVERYTHING they say racist. if this guy wanted to make a racist comment, he could have without leaving it up for interpretation. thats the loosest interpretation of racism from a racist ive ever seen... the guy is just a scumbag in general and made a comment to a man about sucking D. end of story. he thought he was being funny. WB had no way of knowing this mans background. he just happened to be correct. that doesnt make WB's original claim of the situation being racist, correct.
  11. you have a hard time comprehending what people are saying, clearly... i NEVER ONCE defended the fan. NOT saying, WB made a racist claim without anything to back it up with. and now people are mind readers and feel their energy to claim they are racist. ok Miss Cleo...youve reached the land of make believe. thats the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard hahaha
  12. dude, just answer the did WB know this guy was racist? and your Klay "example", if you want to call it that, is obviously racism since he was called the N lord, you really this dumb? again, as above, please explain to me how WESTBROOK knew the guy was racist. WB NEVER mentinoed this guy from twitter.... thats actually the first time ive seen the video and now its hysterical....not that WB got upset, he has every right to there but the fact the whole ordeal was labeled as the kid pushed him lol ITS A KID! he did a dumb thing by touching a player. a player he loves for all we know. dude, i have heard that phrase said a million times, to all colors, religions, sex, whatever. not ONCE have i ever thought of racist undertones or anyone i know has ever thought that lol... its simply a derogatory, homophobic phrase made to belittle someone....if you think otherwise, you are crazy, im sorry. youre reaching
  13. again, you are also missing the point lol.... WB never mentioned the twitter stuff....this guy may be a racist, sure, but from the simple exchange WB provided, HOW did WB think he was racist? if he said he remembered the guy from harassing him on twitter, TOTALLY different story and i would agree with WB....but thats not the case. WB simply cried racism for no reason....get it?