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  1. I'm watching him closely!
  2. Injuries Support Group 2016-17

    I've got George Hill, Kenyon Martin, sorry I mean Kevin Love, Ryan Anderson, Pau Gasol and... Anthony Davis. Oh and Brandon Knight is MISSING. The guy simply disapeared, I've pluged him on my lineups every night, he's name usually is in the box score, I see there's some minutes, but there's no stats, and no one even heard anything or saw him. I'm starting to get worried.
  3. Kelly Olynyk 2016-17 Season Outlook

    Right now we have to look at Olly like a 6th man, a guy who will play 20-26 mins if he's shots are falling. And if he's rollin he will give you plenty of 3s/asts/pts/stocks, on any given night. So he's more like a luxury comodity, that you can only afford if you're almost locked to make the playoffs, and have the silly faith that he gets traded to the Mavericks, where he will have a fat buffet of minutes. So the silver linning here is that you should leave the guy in your lineup without even thinking of him, then check he's avgs at the end of the week.
  4. Chandler Parsons 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I don't like Parsons outlook this year. More, forget this year. He won't play much, because the Grizzlies are winning without him, and he's nowhere near in game shape. Let's face it, the guy is an injury risk, and unless you have an IR spot, or burned a somewhat high pick in a keeper league, you don't want to mess with him.
  5. Ricky Rubio 2016 - 2017 Season Outlook

    I wonder why the hell they want to trade such a good player, who is one of the few veterans on that team, still reasonably young (26 yr), just to try to develop another point guard, who may not pan out. Do those guys even want to make the playoffs in this decade? I really like LaVine, but they should give him the 6th man role, a la James Harden Thunder'12, go to the finals, lose, and then play cheap with him letting him go to a team and become a nightly triple double threat.
  6. Ricky Rubio 2016 - 2017 Season Outlook

    From: Rubio, Ricky To : Minesota Front Office KISS MY A**!!!
  7. Ivica Zubac 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    This could be the beginning of something special... FREE ZU!
  8. Jahlil Okafor 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I've added him today for nothing, and I know perfectly well that his days in the Liberty Bell city are counted, because Embiid is the future of that franchise and everybody should bow down to the cameroonian king, and since they simply don't mesh together he is the odd man out. Joel and Noel rings a bell, sort of speak, way louder than Joel and Jahlil. You can't push Joel to the perimeter, limiting his game, so you have to play him center no matter how much mobile he is, or having such a pure shooters stroke like he has. Noel, Simmons and Saric should play the outside/inside game much better and being complementary to Embiid's game. Jahlil is extremely young and inexperienced, but very talented nevertheless, playing in a position that has virtually disapeared from the NBA landscape nealy 10 years ago (center) because a mix of rule changing, trying to play faster, choosing to shoot the more valuable 3pt shot, or simply lacking the talent/size teams had to adapt, so going smaller was a better option than going with low quality bigs. From 1997 to 2007, the first pick was spent on a center, from 2008 to 2016 that happened just twice, showing a change of paradigm. Because of so many flops like Oden, Olowakandi, Kwame Brown, Bargnani, teams shifted their attention to perimeter oriented do-it-all players. I do believe that Jahlil Okafor represents that big from the past who can play with his back to the basket, if the jumpshots aren't falling you just give him the ball and he will score inside all day. Most of you agree with me on this, but to be like those guys from the past, like Derrick Coleman, Karl Malone or Charles Barkley, he has to be a bruiser, he has to fight for each rebound like its he's last ticket to a meal, because contrary to many here, I think that he's actually a better rebounder and shot blocker than what he's shown thus far. Maybe this new situation of having 2 or 3 players better than, him,multiple DNP coach decisions, not being wanted, will spark something in him and make him play harder. A guy like him has place in this league (as a starter seeing 30 plus minutes) because there's alot of defensive minded centers (guys who can't make a basket even if their very own life depends on it) in this league and not many guys like him (dying breed) who can score in the paint. This guy cleary need to hustle his way out of there, because that's his only chance of rebound his career. As a side note, when I play 2k basketball, the most satisfying thing for me is to learn how to perform those ellaborate post moves, because anyone can jumpshoot in those games...
  9. Ty Lawson 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    I certainly hope so. I've dropped Darren Collison for him. One thing that baffles me is that guys like him and Josh Smith who are 29/30 year old, were solid top 40 players just 2 or 3 seasons ago, and then this sudden drop. I know they are different players because Josh relied too much on his athletic gifts, but Ty was always more of a finesse player. I guess that what happened off court really hurt him mentally. He was almost an all-star not long ago, maybe he can become a very useful role player now.
  10. Just about when I was preppin to mail his a$$ to another area code, he fills (kind of) the box score...
  11. Hands down, my fav fantasy player.
  12. Anthony Davis 2016-17 Season Outlook

    Just looking. Terrence Jones owner here...