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  1. This is just sad, but it might be good for both, because he made some very bad decisions, and most of the times a great player isn't a great GM.
  2. There's a big question about what kind of roster the Knicks will show next year, and it would be a shame if he doesn't get a chance to get meaningful minutes and develop, because he's a kid with alot of potencial.
  3. Oh my! What do we have here?! The Marcus Camby Comparison seems spot on. Wouldn't be surprised if this cat starts averaging 4.5 blks next season. Got him a while back in 2 of my teams, with absolutely low expectations, and now this, WOW!
  4. It's simply Shabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. This guy is the ultimate fantasy teaser. IF ONLY he could do this most nights, he could be a top 30 player.
  6. It's great having this guy on my team! That's why we play!
  7. D-Lo have done this before, he had streches of very good games that made me think that he could be a franchise cornerstone, but the fact is that he could never be consistent, and I don't see in him a will to become the best, because at the start of the season he was enjoying playing 2nd banana to Caris, and I have serious doubts about his motor and, most important, his basketball IQ. Caris made a leap this season, and if this injury doesn't cripple him, he will steal touches from D-Lo. I like D-Lo and hope the guy can put all together and become a true all-star, but I have seen alot of Nets games this past 2 seasons to believe that he's not going to keep this numbers throughout the rest of season. BTW when I traded him it was in package to get Luka when he was playing really well, almost 2 months ago.
  8. I've traded him weeks ago. And I'm fine with that. I've chose him as one of my 5 keeps for this season but I've abbandoned the idea of him becoming elite player, although he can be a good second option. I know that he is playing really well now, but make no mistake this is LeVert's team now, and his return will force D-Lo to share the ball more than he's used and even deflect resposabilities to Caris. So this could be this season's peak for him, his sell high moment. I like their young core with Jarret and D-Lo, plus Dinwindie, Harris, Jefferson, Kurucs they might have a bright future.
  9. I really like Wall as a fantasy player, but he doesn't fit with that core. And since he has such a fat contract with some booby traps only he's pratically untradable. Maybe Trump bites that.
  10. D-Rose is the biggest loser here bcause he lost the only person who believed in him and gave him confidence. Yes he's been doing a very good season but he will definately loose minutes and touches, because there probably 3 or 4 players better than him on that team that should take the last shot. Dario is having a sub-par season, even when he was with the Sixers, because he had a busy summer with his national team and stil has got his legs back, so I don't believe that he will automatically overcome a less talented but in better shape Taj. Kat will probably play less time, but will collect plenty of stats for us and plenty of Ls for the Wolves. Honestly when I look at him I don't see a winner. Wiggins should have a coach that could challenge him to be better, otherwise we'll have more of the same, and he will get traded soon. Jeff Teague may loose some playing time to Tyus Jones. Lord Covington won't see any change at all because any team of the league would love to have a player like him. Okogie may see more time, if they stop fighting for the 8th place. I'm not so sure if Dieng can get more playing time, he looks like he's in his mid thirties.