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  1. Just about when I was preppin to mail his a$$ to another area code, he fills (kind of) the box score...
  2. Hands down, my fav fantasy player.
  3. Wez ma blocks mon?!
  4. Just looking. Terrence Jones owner here...
  5. Humm... Lemme think just a little... I could be wrong but ... BUST?
  6. I Luv my brand new shooting guard!
  7. It's always the same thing, you dropp'em, then they start ballin! You can take that to to the bank.
  8. Best waiver pick of the year for my team.
  9. What the Hell! https://youtu.be/l0CayGlWuzk
  10. At this rate it won't take much more time for ESPN give him CENTER eligibility!
  11. THX!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UeJzUzmFnQ