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  1. I got him at the tail end of the 4th round (pick 47). The bigs that were still available were KLove, Adebayo, Valanciunas, Bryant. Im a bit apprehensive about the load management and maybe I should have just let the other owners deal with him. I was thinking there was already value at that point of the draft.
  2. I waited for the confirmation before dropping with the fear that my opponent will just pick him up just in case I prematurely dropped... just caught a break here i guess.
  3. Lavine coming back is a bummer for Dunn, was hoping I might be able to use his assists and steals given the additional minutes/usage.
  4. I think he really avoided a major injury...
  5. #Sixers center Joel Embiid will miss tomorrow’s game vs. #GoldenState with tendinitis in his left knee, according to the #NBA⁠ ⁠official injury report. It will mark the fifth consecutive game he’s missed https://twitter.com/pompeyonsixers/status/1101597397518614530?s=21
  6. Deym, i needed him to play today with points and rebounds almost tied (going against the Nurkic owner). Is the knee injury something to be worried about in the long term?
  7. I know hes for a punt fg% build, but that 1/10 shooting today really hurt my team.
  8. Hopefully, hell be back by the end of next week.
  9. Patience i guess...after some more games, well see if this fg% is the norm.
  10. I was able to watch the 2nd half of the game vs the Magic. He was really very active in defense, was surprised that he got credited with 1 steal only. He doesnt look for his shot though, Lavine takes all of those lol.