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  1. I don't play keepers so I'm not really sure If I have a lot of insight on this. So maybe take my advice with a grain of salt haha? But I kind of get the gist of it so I'll give it a shot.... I think Urias and Giolito are going to be great pitchers for a long time. To me they are the perfect pitchers to have in a keeper league. If I were to do these kind of leagues I think I would be more conservative with prospects like Urias and I don't think I'd trade either of those two in a Brantley deal. Thanks for the responding in mine.
  2. Thanks for the opinions so far guys...really think I'm about to pull the trigger and add Glasnow for Snell. I'm a little surprised no one's made a case for Snell so far haha. It's hard bc I'm so impressed with Snell and think he can also have a real good year. If I hear he's getting the call I'll probably wind up dumping Anibal or Nola for him or something lol.
  3. If you need help in the pitching I would probably take the deal. You're no doubt (as of now anyway) losing a ton of offensive production when you swamp out Braun and Walker for Upton. But the pitching upgrade you get with Mad Max makes this trade worth pulling the trigger for in my opinion. However, once you get back Carrasco and Darvish I think you'll have plenty of'll really have to put a lot of faith that Justin Upton can put it together when you lose Braun and Walker.
  4. I would do it if you're looking to improve steals. Plus out of the two best players from both sides (Altuve/Machado) I think you would be getting the better player out of the two in Altuve. Also I think Franco has more value than're giving away saves with Robertson but I think attaining Altuve and Franco is worth you giving up the Matz does have some upside. When I make a trade I always want to be one getting the best player in the deal and in this deal I think you're getting the best player. So I'd make the trade.
  5. I think you can do better than Puig for Maeda, so I wouldn't do it. Also if you can I'd try to get Dickerson. I think I'd rather play him than someone like Chris Owings.
  6. I too like the Altuve side on both deals....he is the best player in both deals without a shadow of a doubt. If you're trading Altuve I would not make any of these deals....but if you're the one who is getting Altuve I think I'd try to do the Freeman deal...Andrew Miller won't be getting saves soon and I think Puig might have a better year than Freeman.
  7. I know you have a ton of OF's but I think I'd take Heyward. To me I think you're getting the way better end of this deal. I'd probably make the trade and trade one of my OF's for a different position of need, maybe before you make this deal talk to some other teams and see if they have any interest in any of your other OF's.
  8. Right now I'm holding Snell but I just have a feeling that Glasnow is going to get the call soon....maybe in a few weeks? Idk I just feel like Glasnow is going to be up faster than Snell. I was just wondering other opinions on this mater. Team is on sig and I will WHIR if you leave a link, thanks.
  9. LMAO! You were wrong dude. You said BETTER LUCK NEXT YEAR, meaning you thought I was done and would lose. There's no other reason why you'd say that. You also said a 16 point lead with the two best players (which didn't look like the case last night) in a ppr league wasn't enough, which was also wrong! Just because you didn't mention anything about Reed doesn't mean you were "right". And to be frank you kinda acted like a you do on most of the posts you put here. So you can say whatever you want to say "Axe Elf" but you're full of can put the rest together. I agree, right after I posted it I regretted posting it....I was bored and was trying to have time go by on my break....shoot me for seeing what other people thought of the situation. And it was pretty pointless of you to come here and post that....hours after the fact. So next time try and troll someone else pal . Btw you're hoops lineup could use some serious help.
  10. Actually I won by 5 and I got in the playoffs. Very stressful to say the least....especially at the end. ^ Yeah you were wrong, better luck next time!
  11. Personally I'd drop him. Parker has showed signs of life over the last few weeks and Moncreif really hasn't done all that much. I'd dump him for Parker or even Jordan Matthews.
  12. Both are interesting options....I feel Stafford is the safer start bc I feel he'll give you good production against a defense that shouldn't be too good due to their secondary. But I'm really intrigued by Tyrod Taylor at PHI, especially after what he did last week. It really is a toss up and could depend on how your matchup is looking....but I think I'd go Taylor by an inch.
  13. So normally I don't post these type of questions but with my season on the line I just want to see what other people think... This is for team 2. First of all I needed someone to lose...and he did lose by 1, which is crazy to think about. (Thank you Maclin). So If I win I'm in the playoffs. My opponent and I are in a real tight one. He's out of it (3-10) but his guys just went off. His top 3 were Russ, B Marsh and Richard Rodgers (that damn fluke hail mary). The only reason I'm still in it is pretty much because of Allen Robinson. I'm winning 136 to 120 in a ppr and he has Dez and McFadden still left to go...but I still have Jordan Reed. Do you think I'll win and be in or will the cold reality of Dez Bryant finally going off happen? I will whir to anyone who leaves a link. And good look in advance to anyone else in a similar spot with their playoffs on the line!
  14. He's a stud...he may have saved my season and got me in the playoffs. Fingers crossed but regardless it's fun to own him.
  15. I'm up 136-120...I have Jordan Reed he has Dez and McFadden. What are my chances?