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  1. Draft the joker. This mofo always played 4 or 5 games a week whenever i faced him. What a sick joke. And don't trust a celtics player. Marcus smart you had just one job.
  2. If only curry hit both fts. If only dam hit the game winner. Sick.
  3. I had seven players on saturday combine for a grand total of 3 stls and 1 blk. This included guys like fox, smart, white, and sato. Proceed to the next day when fox gets 6 stls but i tie in steals and lose 4-4 because of higher seed wins rule. Fml. Marcus smart was supposed to be a shoe in for at least a steal a game in a 4 game week and the scrub gets me just 3. Jalen brunson was a terrible fit for my team, too. He didn't hurt any where in particular, but c'mon, you could at least get a few stls every now and then. My final week lineup had 36 games awaiting the next opponent too.
  4. A rational coach, franchise, and team would rest irving. They all came out and talked about resting, so there's no better time than on the heel of playing the previous night. Plus, they're traveling back from charlotte. Rational thinking would tell you that irving will sit, especially considering his history of knee problems. But then again, rational thinking doesn't apply to boston.
  5. More than a handful of better players on waivers.
  6. I couldve gotten dmitch at the beginning of the season for this bum. The majority of ppl on the general forum are great, but the assistant forum has been pure trash this year. I realized a lot of owners are stuck in the present moment and don't really look further down the line. Note to self follow your guts.
  7. Thanks. You too. Augustin is the right choice for streaming for sure. I got him and bryant.
  8. Guys like jrich dont fit my team for next week's target categories in h2h finals. If i start him along with westbrook like i did in the final week of my regular season, i won't have a chance at fg%. And jrich doesnt help a whole lot in the points department. In a 10 team league, there are plenty of players to fit a team's needs. T. Bryant, Mcgee, Augustin, Lance, Wright, are a few in my league.
  9. Steph gets an off day. Do we expect a dnp for thompson in one of the b2b?
  10. Source? The game is in charlotte and then they head back to boston. They've already come out and said they'll rest horford. Also, theyve conceded to the fact that they wont be gunning for playoff positioning. They're pretty much 4 or 5 seed, and when irving was asked if not having home court later against the bucks was worrisome, he responded by saying "no, because i'm here." If we put all of those points together, it leads me to believe that he'll rest one of the two games this weekend.
  11. It is definitely a once in a season or career type game for him. But i still scooped him up. Time to play some defense and block my opponent from picking him up. I believe the lakers go 4 times next week.
  12. Got one add left for the finals 🤞jrich looks to be my drop if there's a hot hand on waivers.
  13. In 10 team leagues i think he's a hold if you dont have better options. 12 team and higher you should have better options for next week. But I'm holding in tens. I dont want my opponent picking him up in case doncic doesnt play.
  14. Yeup! That 4 game week puts him over the top compared to most other weeks.