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  1. Why are you getting so butt hurt? Go ahead and start him, but it's not like he's been scoring with his high volume of shots. He scored just as much as guys like smart and sato in the last week.
  2. Damn westbrook screwed me over twofold. Welps enjoy this line folks bc grant's usage rate will drop down to planet earth
  3. Might be a blessing in disguise for my team or ill be heading to patty's pub this weekend.
  4. Im looking to win ft% assists stls though. Im going with white, smart, fox, brunson, sato lineup. Was going to bench sato but there was an injury to oubre. With westbook it almost guarantees that i lose ft%. There's no way im winning points without oubre.
  5. Anyone else benching WB 2 games this week? I got smart for stls. But huge hit in points. Hmm...
  6. Toss up between him and sato. Only reason im leaning white is bc of his fg% and stl/blk potential.
  7. Ive owned him too. Trust me you wont win with this guy unless you're in a deep deep league.
  8. Still managed to win fg%. Wow this wouldve be a shyt way to lose. You sir can ride my bench or waivers next week.
  9. Spoken as if there's still 2 months of the fantasy season left. There are undervalued players on the waiver that can put up more useful numbers without hurting a team. Shocked he's still owned in over 80% of leagues.