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  1. It is, half the lakers squad is out. KCP should have good games this week
  2. Sign of things to come hopefully. Need this guy in the starting lineup.
  3. 10 team h2h points league. Barton has a good schedule and has been streaky whereas lamb has 3 game weeks in the next few weeks and been more stable. Whis is the guy to own?
  4. Thinking of dropping dragic and getting Isaac in 10 team league
  5. 10 team h2h points league I have next week secured as my bye week, so im looking ahead the week after and dragic has 3 games and Isaac has 4 games. Is it worth dropping dragic for Isaac using my #1 waiver to secure the 4 game week?
  6. Must add in 10 team of doncic is out for the season ?
  7. Dragic is available on the wire in our 10 team league. Thinking about dropping Kanter for him...
  8. 10 team h2h points league Who's the guy to keep? Kanter has been stinking it up. Dragic is available on waivers right now..
  9. With the way it’s looking it the first qtr it’s looking like a keep.
  10. Worth adding in 10 team points leagues?
  11. 10 team h2h points league Who’s the guy to own here ?
  12. Can't believe this guy had the whole all star break AND some time after to heal from ankle soreness and he's still not ready to go. NBA is soft nowadays smh. Kobe played through dislocated finger being all banged up. Man up!