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  1. Hamstring injury on a speedster, midweek, DNP at practice. Had him slotted as my WR3, now he’ll be riding the bench unless he practices the rest of the week and has glowing reports. WAY too much risk currently.
  3. Reposted it due to all of the dumb questions people keep asking about the Bell situation. He's not coming back this season to save your fantasy teams.
  4. Le'Veon Bell rumors: Here's why the RB could skip the entire season, why Steelers might prefer it
  5. I'm wondering the same thing...I could scoop them up right now but they've been awful. Their schedule isn't too bad for the stretch run: @ IND - not great but lots of turnovers? vs PIT - is this the only really bad matchup? @ BUF vs IND - not great but lots of turnovers? @ TEN vs WAS @ MIA
  6. Samuels is a deep dynasty stash only at this point and will probably end up being a roster clogger, unfortunately. I own and love him as a player.
  7. If you're starting Barber that's crazy. Definition of chasing points. He's only had one week where he got double digit points. His weekly scores in my 12-team full PPR league = 6.90, 4.90, 4.30, 4.00, 20.60, 3.00 - that is unstartable unless in a super deep league.
  8. Not worth it in a 10-teamer I wouldn’t think. Maybe Richard if it’s PPR.
  9. Agreed. Unless it's a dynasty league. But I'd just trade DT personally.
  10. That’s some BS...didn’t look very laterally to me and it better not cost me my matchup!
  11. Why does and Yahoo show Rodgers with only 1TD? Didn’t I see him throw one to Montgomery and then Adams? I only have credit for I missing something?
  12. This is easy. If you're in a redraft league with an IR spot, pick him up and see how it shakes out. If you don't have an IR spot, don't pick him up yet. If you're in a dynasty league and he's available, he's a no brainer add and hold, especially with an IR spot.
  13. Why does Clement lead the committee over Smallwood?