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  1. not even a single target to jones. geezus
  2. for sure. ride is definitely over. at least he gave us two good weeks
  3. dropped a kicker to pick up don jackson dropped don jackson to pick up a kicker. lol
  4. hand injury. already lol
  5. wish kniles davis was in the game. woudlve been am automatic td
  6. first carry to montgomery second carry to cobb. yeah thats how they think of don jackson
  7. smart move. low risk high reward
  8. yesterdays practice..... jackson he was the only rb available. the packers barely traded for davis yesterday morning.
  9. lets hope he gets a full practice in.
  10. knile davis.. i remember him coming up big everytime jamaal charles got hurt with news of lacy being out for several weeks.. i am in! dropped rawls for him. he could even take over by next week when the packers play against atlanta lacy hasnt played well, and all it takes is davis to go off in the atlanta game.
  11. damn. hes got seattle next week hopefully 100 yards and 1 td. maybe 2
  12. geno came in the game. gave arizona their first sack. fumbles the ball which was luckily recovered and then throws an int. savior? hah