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  1. lmao. were all excited for a catch for funchess.
  2. they shoudlve thrown it to ertz a long time ago! stop giving it to blount
  3. James White 2017 Season Outlook

    with burkhead and gronk out, white should be able to eat alot of targets tonight.
  4. Wayne Gallman 2017 Season Outlook

    hopped on the gallman train and got him for free in 2 leagues. gallman should have the ability to be a 3 down back and vereen can come in for a few 3rd down breathers. correct me if im wrong, but in all of his rush attempts last week there were no losses and he scored a touchdown on a catch. which is a huge plus. he was close to scoring a late rushing touchdown towards the end of the game, thank god he didnt because the fantasy world wouldve went nuts. . gl to all who has him.
  5. Jay Ajayi 2017 Season Outlook

    jay cutler actually making the team worst than it is. they had the ball in the redzone at the 5, instead of letting ajayi run it in, he chucks it into an interception.
  6. it looks like miami is the one of the worst defenses rather than the saints.
  7. everytime ajayi goes for a run. theres a flag on miami. rediculous. lol
  8. JJ Nelson 2017 Outlook

    great news for those who kept him your lineup. im sure alot of people switched him out just to get burned. damn that maclin
  9. 9/24/17 - Ravens @ Jaguars - London Game Thread

    ravens are a joke.
  10. Jarvis Landry 2017 Season Outlook

    landry is a target hog 15 targets. 13 catches. 78 yards. looking good in ppr
  11. JJ Nelson 2017 Outlook

    great pick up gents! congrats to those that got him for free this week before he became a hot add this week off waivers lets hope he keeps this up.