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  1. nah. first down. game over
  2. broncos pls score a td. sanders td please
  3. need osweiler to throw a deep td to an unknown player to go to ot then big ben to throw another td to win the game
  4. ben playing like how he did last week.
  5. remember when guys were saying that he wasnt worth the headache. lol
  6. moncrief is active for todays game so thats a plus lets go ty hilton! hopefully we can say t.y thank you hilton later
  7. ivorys breakout season.... denied fml
  8. ivory and the stupid a** kicker.
  9. ivory not even in for this series. fml
  10. going with ben this week. what really screwed us last week was dalton getting hurt and pitts getting a pick 6 hopefully the broncos can get some points on the board for ben to air it out
  11. true i think that dropped td by martavis would have helped everyone. martavis seems to drop alot of td passes. and its sad to see boswell outscore ben. rant over.
  12. he scored less than 10 points in standard ppr. still very bitter.. no tds