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  1. sleeper pick. james white brady coming back week 5. james white will be ready.
  2. cooks....... fml
  3. this guy was dropped after week 1. thats understandable after the vikings picked up bradford, i knew how bradford likes his tes. rudolph has been paying dividends ever since. i dont recall rudolph ever having back to back weeks with tds. with peterson out, it definitely puts him on the map with bradford. and he looks like a steal if you picked him up. sure glad i did.
  4. langford only 2 rushes. is he hurt or is howard slowly taking over ?
  5. knew marvin was going to take the megatron roll but damn this good? glad i bought marvin jones stock in all leagues 200 yards and 2 tds today. good lawd!
  6. miller sees a pack of patriots. miller runs straight into the pack of patriots. goodnight
  7. miller trying to shake guys off just makes things even worse by slowing himself down.
  8. yes please. if osweiler dares to even throw the ball.
  9. exactly. lol god the texans are terrible
  10. the texans. were talking about the texans..
  11. waiting for that osweiler to fuller bomb down the field.
  12. damn. dt had a couple end zone opportunities but the ball wasnt thrown to him not sure what to do with him going forward
  13. nah. first down. game over