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  1. you play sammy watkins and farrow. you lose
  2. you play farrow in the playoffs. you lose
  3. high risk play this week. and could be facing josh norman next week ill pass.
  4. watkins dropping balls left and right.
  5. so who here is actually starting cooks tomorrow after last weeks goose egg cooks is still top 10 ranked wr for the week.
  6. firing him up tonight. gl to all rudolph owners
  7. what a waste of space. shouldnt have trusted this guy and shouldve went with better options.
  8. lol. dropped jones in 2 leagues for watkins today he does something. next week a goose egg
  9. hope he balls out with limited snaps this weekend.
  10. ham injury and prob doubtful to play time to drop for a kicker. lol
  11. "I know nobody here likes the Dallas Cowgirls". -Rob Kelley lol. shots fired
  12. he'll probably play but will be on snap count hopefully he will be all systems go by next weekend.
  13. bum. time to move on