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  1. Thaddeus Young 2017-2018 outlook

    They'll find a way to screw it up. This entire city is so friggin jinxed.
  2. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Can you tell me who your next trade targets are? K thx.
  3. Week 6 injury thread

    That's all folks
  4. Week 6 injury thread

    But drafting QBs is so safe?
  5. Doug Martin 2017 Season Outlook

    Holy run-on sentence Batman.
  6. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I totally agree. This wasn't an attack on the format just the woe is me attitude. I'll admit I probably didn't word it the best but I agree, if you're dead set on certain player(s), auction is the way to go.
  7. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    I don't disagree with your statement in general but I was reacting to his specific comment. Barring injuries or fluky points allowed, which you have no control over, you should be able to draft a competitive team regardless what draft pick you have IF you're a talented fantasy player. Blaming draft position in a snake is a loser's mentality. It's like when Lennon said if you give me a tuba I'll make you a hit because I'm an artist.
  8. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Soooo it sounds like your snake draft was a bigger challenge and you fell short. Sucks for you.
  9. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    Why is this thread on mute?
  10. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Well, let's face it. Following a three word instruction is difficult for people these days.
  11. I dunno but I just got an offer from some idiot offering me Murray for Zeke...lmao
  12. Odell Beckham Jr 2017 Season Outlook

    If he does play, he may as well be a decoy. This is really a no-win situation.
  13. Buy Low - Sell High 2017

    His 3 yards a carry isn't sexy enough for you?