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  1. Do you think I'm pretty?
  2. No, you can't actually.
  3. Got to love these inconsistent idiotic RW blurbs Sat, Aug 12 Jay Ajayi is still in the NFL's concussion protocol. Advice: Ajayi got in a "limited" practice midway through last week, but he's yet to receive medical clearance to fully participate. Ajayi has now missed two full weeks of team drills. He remains one of the riskiest picks in the second round. NEXT DAY... Sun, Aug 13 Dolphins coach Adam Gase confirmed Jay Ajayi is no longer in the concussion protocol. Advice: There was concern that Ajayi may have suffered a relapse of concussion symptoms after leaving Sunday's practice early but he was merely dehydrated. Ajayi is slightly behind schedule, but it shouldn't take long for the third-year workhorse to get back up to speed. Coming off a breakout season, Ajayi is locked in as an every-week RB1 in fantasy.
  4. Are you a Mets doctor by chance?
  5. All these injuries suck...its killing the game. Can't wait for the safer sport to begin (NFL)...
  6. I dont own him in any of my leagues sadly but this sucks big time
  7. Time to sell high?
  8. Thanks for taking one for the team
  9. LOL @ posting a source from 7/31...
  10. Hey Buuuuuuud....
  11. I'll add that not only should pitchers be kept away from knives but also motorcycles and sleeping, apparently.
  12. Dude drop it, no one cares brah
  13. As long as you've acknowledged you're wrong, it's all good.
  14. You couldn't be more wrong. I can't believe I'm teaching 3rd grade English here but this has nothing to do with the ongoing season. This could be a Barbie forum for all we care. When you make an observation you only use seen when you've modified it using a helper word like have. You can use see on its own perfectly fine. Show me anything reputable online that say you can use the word seen on its own.