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  1. Malik Beasley is somehow only owned in -8% of Yahoo leagues ...
  2. Who cares about porzingas...no ones talking about the Ryan Anderson injury??
  3. Caron Butler Appreciation Thread

    Hall of pretty good, sure, first ballot.
  4. Super Bowl

    Haha patriots suck. Losers.
  5. Super Bowl

  6. Shams Charania‏Verified account @ShamsCharania FollowFollow @ShamsCharania More New Orleans All-Star center DeMarcus Cousins has initial diagnosis of a torn left Achilles’ tendon, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. He’s on way now to get MRI to confirm.
  7. lol who cares about the all-star game? Our teams are dead.
  8. Where can I donate my Achilles ?
  9. lol Were you on the court with him?
  10. Now you're getting it! Way to catch up. Carmelo-lite this kid is...
  11. Lol zero point zero
  12. Devil's Advocate: I think Rotoworld writers don't believe it either because the tone of the blurb is very sarcastic or glib or something.
  13. Live look at T'Wolves game with Andrew "0 assists" Wiggins: