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  1. Congrats! Just beats my 2.5% raise I got!
  2. CBS is trash. Used it once a few years back and it was the worst platform I’ve ever seen. Their customer service was good though. I’ll give them that.
  3. He’ll probably sprain his ankle getting on the plane leaving New Orleans...
  4. I think you should take it to the AC forum
  5. Who needs to go see Mr. Glass in the theaters when we can just stay home and watch this jabroni in the sidelines...
  6. This patriots team will just not go away...like my crabs 😞
  7. Aye dios mios, after going 1-3 last weekend, feel free to pick my opposite picks... Colts, Rams, Pats, Saints
  8. yahoo is very slow in payouts. just gonna have to be patient
  9. Dumped pitching and did it with bats I’m guessing?
  10. Do we run, walk, hop to the WW to get this guy...havent been keeping up with the Whiz
  11. You do realize people finish last in auction drafts too, right?
  12. A gigantic banner on the top of the page in 36 point font and orange highlight. Clearly not obvious enough for some.
  13. Enjoy the 4 minutes of game action fellas...