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  1. holy crap I was thinking this exact scene when I saw this thread 😬
  2. apples and oranges. Tight end is a wasteland
  3. DooDoo Westbrook. Time to cut bait.
  4. Rosen has officially been named starter of this "NFL" team. It's clear ownership is trying their darndest to tank. They really need to find a way to motivate this roster...
  5. Great. I didn’t know when I drafted mike Evans I was actually drafting Corey Davis
  6. Draft satisfaction: 100% Actual team performance: Godspeed
  7. I don’t think it’s that bad. Maybe a little top heavy but if you stay injury free and pick up depth on ww, you’ll be fine.
  8. Huh? Joseph Randle hasn't played for the Cowboys since Obama was in office. Rod Smith isn't exactly all-world. I do know Alf Morris looked pretty good the short time he was playing behind this line.
  9. Whoa! mock drafts? Game changer.
  10. So you own Kelly somewhere, we get it
  11. Always heartwarming when family decides to post here
  12. live look at Al Michael's in the booth when he made that annoucement https://twitter.com/McClain_on_NFL John McClain @McClain_on_NFL · 1h I’m told Texans have not signed RB Jay Ajayi.
  13. At best if he stays healthy. I recall Eagles last year starting to lean on him a little and he had all sorts of physical ailments. And that was before getting hurt for the year. I want him to do well but I'm very guarded. I'd take a flyer at best.
  14. I dont know...I can find anything anywhere...Google, Twitter, Reddit...nothing. Maybe he meant on his 2020 Madden Franchise = His Texans signed FA Ajayi?