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  1. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Braves will get a few schlubby relievers and maybe a washed up starter. Any of their dabbling with Machado, Moose, or anyone of significance is likely so that competing teams don't come away with a Kelvin Herrera type deal.
  2. Post All-Star Break Rotations

    And assuming they don’t acquire a starter in a trade in the next week, they plan to start Luiz Gohara or Max Fried in a July 24 game at Miami. Manager Brian Snitker said he probably would start Sean Newcomb in Friday’s series opener at Washington, followed by Anibal Sanchez and Julio Teheran in the weekend games against the Nationals. In that scenario, Foltynewicz would start July 23 in the opener of a two-game series at Miami, and the Braves probably will have one of their rookie left-handers, Gohara or Fried, start July 24.
  3. Dee Gordon 2018 Outlook

    And I’m out, so he’ll probably start running again. He’s been waiver fodder in h2h leagues for two months.
  4. Post All Star Break pitchers...?

    Looks like gohara will be in the 2nd half rotation
  5. Jake Lamb 2018 Outlook

    He really sucks right now
  6. Not sure if any have been determined yet. Post if/when there's announcements.
  7. Trevor Bauer 2018 Outlook

    Concern for dynasty leaguers?
  8. New York Mets 2018 Outlook

    Callaway replaces relief pitcher before pinch hitter was announced. Phillies call back pinch hitter and now that hitter is still available. .
  9. 20/20 players this season

    The season is about 55% if the way over. Anyone needing double digit homers or steals is off the pace. Doesn’t mean some of them won’t reach it of course. It’s more than I expected tbh
  10. 20/20 players this season

    I think 8 maybe 9 are on pace for 20/20. Others could reach it if they go on a heater