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  1. I mentioned this several pages back...I was listening to a guy who covered the Nationals the other day who said if they were to acquire someone like Chapman they'd probably just cut Papelbon. I think they are getting tired of his act. and yea, they aren't getting Andrew Miller for Austin Voth. The Phillies are usually pretty tough to deal with, so they may not even get a Gomez for a mid tier prospect.
  2. You get this guy because he hits in Coors. At least see what happens when they have a home stand.
  3. I was listening to the interview. He straight up said he was a big league closer more than once. He didn't give a time table but said something to the effect of he just has to prove he's ready. now...he was also pleased with Estevez and didn't sound too pleased with McGee. If Estevez doesn't give him a reason to yank him, maybe he won't ...and disclaimer I don't own either of these guys
  4. Upton posted a 5/57 bb/k ratio the past month and a half. He had an obp below .270 in July. His stock was falling faster than a Bartolo Colon cannon ball. Padres did good to get anything out of him...including being a place holder until their prospects are ready
  5. The quote wasn't he has closer stuff, it was "he's a big league closer" and something to the extent of it's only a matter of time before he's closing games.
  6. 108 years. I don't blame the Cubs at all.
  7. Guy has an era around 9 and a whip higher than a lot of football players GPA. The end is near if it's not here.
  8. Probably hacked
  9. This is like his 5th MLB thread. We'll see
  10. Dyson is my boy, but he's been shakey lately
  11. O's put Ubaldo on the paternity list. Gotta wonder if they are searching for other girls he's knocked up now
  12. Black Mike Hampton
  14. Joe Nathan on the Cubs now. They shouldn't need chapman any more
  15. Braves reportedly interested in Sale