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  1. Ian Desmond 2018 Outlook

    Ill write that off to the injury. He’ll be 1b/Of eligible in most leagues but I’d rather have him at Of
  2. First year keeper league draft strategy

    Some guys will go youth crazy. Just draft normally and you’ll have a pretty good team
  3. Ian Desmond 2018 Outlook

    He was going in like the first 5 rounds last year before the injury. Now he’s going around the 10th. Nothing has really changed. Seems like he’s being under valued
  4. 2018 Luiz Gohara Outlook

    Not sure about Kazmir two of Kazmir, newcomb, gohara, wisler, fried, sims, Blair make it
  5. Miles Mikolas 2018 Outlook

    Someone made a good point today. If his name was something like Shattisaki Matsumoto, people would be all over him. Since he's Miles Mikolas, not so much. .
  6. SP Eligible Relievers 2018

    Lance McCullers Adam Wainwright Danny Salazar David Price by the end of the year...
  7. ADP of 100+ in 2018 to top 25 in 2019?

    Syndergaard made a big jump 2 years ago
  8. ADP of 100+ in 2018 to top 25 in 2019?

    There’s probably two a year that make the jump on average. Look at least years top 25. There really isn’t much difference in it from this year that said anyone who can steal bags and hit for power will rocket up the rankings. That also goes for pitchers who can strike a bunch of hitters out. Ill go with Acuna, Moncada, Albies, Amed Rosario pitchers much more difficult to do but Buehler, Kopech, Gohara
  9. Matt Harvey 2018 Outlook

    Irregardless of who they've canned, they've changed the way they are handling their pitchers. It's a start. If he's healthy, he could improve. Not advocating investing anything significant. Just a $1 or a later round pick. “You have to have that routine in place at all times,” Callaway told Kernan. “We are going to implement some things that maybe they haven’t done before. “Everyone I’ve been around pretty much walks outside, stretches, plays catch, they do their bullpen. Our pitchers in Cleveland had about an hour-and-a-half routine before they even went out and played catch. They were with massage therapists, then they were with trainers, getting all these hands-on things done, then they went to the weight room to see the strength coach for extra stretching, then they went on the bike, then they went outside and stretched. “It’s pre-hab. If we can implement those types of things, we have a better chance to stay healthy. It does work. When you present it to these guys, they are going to want to do it.”
  10. Matt Harvey 2018 Outlook

    Mets fired their medical staff and are trying a new approach with all of their pitchers. I wasn’t touching him until I heard that. Now im willing to take a flier and see how he looks in ST
  11. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    Oh signs with Rangers.
  12. Off-season Closer Thread 2017/18

    From how the GM sounded on Sirius, their pen sounds like a committee. Parker or Middleton probably the most talent, but would it surprise anyone if Jim Johnson got saves
  13. Jose Pirela 2018 Outlook

    Wow that’s more about Jose Pirela than I ever imagined I’d know
  14. 2018 Sleepers/Value Picks

    I've made that joke before. The internet has killed the concept of a sleeper. Now we're just looking for value picks which varies on a draft by draft basis.
  15. 2018 Sleepers/Value Picks

    Just took Albert Pujols in the 31st!! round of a 12 team draft. I know he's old, but come on.