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  1. Any of you guys seal the deal? I'm liking this Matt Olson guy.
  2. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    It was a long time ago, but there was a year or two where the NFL played with an odd number of teams while they were waiting to reboot the Browns. So at least one team was on bye every single week. I'm not sure how that impacted teams who had byes weeks 1-3 or 16-17. Could go back and check. The game has changed a bit since then though.
  3. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    You realize the storm is 400 miles wide? It's going to affect the entire state of Florida. Neutral site sounds fine and dandy, and easy to type out on a keyboard, but you still have to get the neutral site city on board. You have to staff the stadium. Allocate resources towards a game. A lot of other things come with a game behind the scenes, and now you only have a few days to get it together. All of that costs money and time. All of that could have possibly been done, though it would have been tough given the time frame, but would require Miami to be on board with only having six home games this season. You have several less than desirable choices. It sucks but week 11 is the only option now. Maybe this will wake people up to the idea of having two bye weeks.
  4. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    What other decision was there to make?
  5. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    We use to play in the snow. Didn't know where the goal line was. The field was also uphill. Both ways.
  6. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    They haven't announced it because there is still some disagreement with what path the storm will take. If they move it to Week 11 and it curves out to sea, they'll look dumb. At this point, it's unlikely the storm will do that, but with weather small changes can produce large impacts. The move is all on Miami. They're the home team. If they haven't lost a home game to London, moving the game to a neutral site would be easier to argue. I think that's the route Tampa is lobbying for.
  7. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    BTW, this is another reason to have two bye weeks. Not sure why this topic hasn't gained more traction.
  8. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    It's really up to Miami being willing to lose another home game. The Bucs likely want a neutral site and want to avoid 16 straight. It's looking like an evacuation will be ordered for Miami-Dade later today or early tomorrow morning. Once that happens, week 11 or neutral site are the only options.
  9. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    Move it to London
  10. Weather 2017 Season Outlook

    I work for the state of Florida, so I can relay what I know and guess the outcome here. I suspect the league has already made the decision to postpone to week 11, but they are waiting to see if the storm goes out to sea. Monroe County, which is the county with the Florida keys and is west of Miami-Dade has already issued a mandatory evacuation for tourists and residents. Those people have to go somewhere. If an evacuation is ordered for Miami-Dade, it's highly doubtful the Florida State Patrol and other law enforcement will be pulled to help staff a game. Miami will not want an NFL game going on between Florida's two biggest fan bases with an evacuation in order and days before staring down the path a major hurricane. So rule out moving it up. Moving it back is out of the question. You may not even have power and it could still linger to Monday. Moving it to another city isn't happening because Miami is already giving up one home game to London. So you're left with week 11. Unless this thing curves out to sea, I'm fairly confident that will happen. We'll see...
  11. Eric Thames 2017 Outlook

    Man what an April though
  12. Albert Pujols 2017 Outlook

    He was dropped in a few of mine. Given the lineup additions, I believe he's a solid add
  13. Jorge Polanco 2017 Outlook

    Man on Fire
  14. August Closer Thread 2017

    Familia crapped all over the place
  15. Jorge Polanco 2017 Outlook

    Hottest hitting MI in baseball right now and available in 80% of leagues