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  1. Sounds like the Rockies may move him to 1b
  2. Sam Dyson looks terrible. Not sure if he can hang onto that job much longer
  3. Time to Retire, Zack Godley
  4. Simply paying attention in September usually gives you an edge
  5. Dusty baker is known for burning pitchers into the ground but won't run Scherzer out in the 9th with 95 pitches in a 4-0 game. Instead he uses his closer. Baker is such a lotto ticket
  6. Both Hudson & Delgado haven't given up a run since around August 3rd. Seems like one may actually stick
  7. by week 2, it's going to hit home. Fantasy leagues need to allow Sunday moves
  8. Royals have crept back into wild card contention. He keeps this up and he'll be in the Cy Young contention
  9. I've bought in. Even if he falls back to Earth there's a good chance he will be better than 75% of the cess player pool at catcher. And even if he regresses you can't tell me when that will happen. So I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts, which could easily be the rest of the season.
  10. Hudson has been ok his last 7 games. They could decide to give him a look
  11. I expect Arozona to get an eninma in the offseason from GM to manager. Team will have a different look next year
  12. I don't see Jim Johnson losing the job unless he begins blowing games. Also, I hope one day to see Brewers reliever Damien Magnifico close just based on name alone.
  13. Welp
  14. ^ they're Also billing Vizcaino as the closer when he comes back. Not sold on that one either
  15. I'm really wondering what happened with Zach Britton today