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  1. This guy has a 60 something mph change hitters can't hit. I love it
  2. He's a two true outcomes guy now. Strikeout or walk
  3. Wanted to bump this to say this guy sucks
  4. Mets see Reed being healthy and can't stand it. Will have him pitch as much as possible until he is no longer healthy and has no trade value
  5. Keep holding onto hope. I basically dropped him in a 12 teamer a few weeks ago. Dealt him for Lamet who I cut. There's just better options out there. He's batting .186 on the road. I guess you can still start him against RH at home, but he's not anything special there either. Someone mentioned a few pages back that his shoulder injury may be worse than anyone is letting on. seems to me something is bothering him.
  6. Yes, Seattle. Giving up a top 25 overall prospect for someone who may not be in the organizational top 15. A guy who is 25 coming off of TJS. Even if the Mariners wanted to deal Oneil, the return could have been better.
  7. Wow that may be the worst trade I've seen in a while, and I saw the JD Martinez trade a few days ago. That's saying something.
  8. It's a combination of a few things. "Juiced" baseballs, better understanding of launch angles/change of hitting philosophy, watered down pitching, nobody really understanding whats going on w/ the strike zone. The pendulum is always swinging back and forth.
  9. Mark Feinsand@FeinsandSource: Jaime Garcia to the Twins is not a done deal. In fact, source said other teams are still talking to the Braves about Garcia.
  10. Apparently that "done" was premature
  11. Jamie Garcia to the twins done
  12. He's stream fodder now. Only playable vs righties at home. He's essentially what parra was last year but worse his last good game accounted for half of his stats in July. It's July 20th. Let that sink in
  13. I hope Rosenthal runs with the job so I don't have to hear about the Cards closer situation the rest of the season.
  14. Jim Bowden said Mariners are close to acquiring David Phelps and possibly Ramos