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  1. Garrett Hampson 2019 Outlook

    Sites could have him as a SS. He Played more games there last season
  2. 2019 First Rounders Discussion

    Nfbc first rounds so far (all $150’draft champion leagues) First Round:1 1 Betts, Mookie OF 1 2 Trout, Mike OF 1 3 Lindor, Francisco SS 1 4 Scherzer, Max P 1 5 Yelich, Christian OF 1 6 Bregman, Alex 3B 1 7 Ramirez, Jose 3B 1 8 Baez, Javier 2B 1 9 Acuna, Ronald OF 1 10 Martinez, J.D. OF 1 11 Arenado, Nolan 3B 1 12 deGrom, Jacob P 1 13 Turner, Trea SS 1 14 Machado, Manny SS 1 15 Harper, Bryce OF NFBC $150 Draft Champions League Round 1: 1 1 Trout, Mike OF 1 2 Yelich, Christian OF 1 3 Betts, Mookie OF 1 4 Ramirez, Jose 3B 1 5 Turner, Trea SS 1 6 Lindor, Francisco SS 1 7 Scherzer, Max P 1 8 Martinez, J.D. OF 1 9 Arenado, Nolan 3B 1 10 Bregman, Alex 3B 1 11 Baez, Javier 2B 1 12 Acuna, Ronald OF 1 13 Harper, Bryce OF 1 14 Story, Trevor SS 1 15 Altuve, Jose 2B NFBC $150 Draft Champions League Round 1: 1 1 Trout, Mike OF 1 2 Betts, Mookie OF 1 3 Ramirez, Jose 3B 1 4 Lindor, Francisco SS 1 5 Acuna, Ronald OF 1 6 Baez, Javier 2B 1 7 Scherzer, Max P 1 8 deGrom, Jacob P 1 9 Turner, Trea SS 1 10 Martinez, J.D. OF 1 11 Yelich, Christian OF 1 12 Arenado, Nolan 3B 1 13 Bregman, Alex 3B 1 14 Machado, Manny SS 1 15 Judge, Aaron OF NFBC $150 Draft Champions League Round 1: 1 1 Betts, Mookie OF 1 2 Trout, Mike OF 1 3 Ramirez, Jose 3B 1 4 Lindor, Francisco SS 1 5 Acuna, Ronald OF 1 6 Martinez, J.D. OF 1 7 Arenado, Nolan 3B 1 8 Scherzer, Max P 1 9 Bregman, Alex 3B 1 10 Yelich, Christian OF 1 11 Baez, Javier 2B 1 12 Turner, Trea SS 1 13 Altuve, Jose 2B 1 14 Blackmon, Charlie OF 1 15 Kershaw, Clayton P
  3. I think some of us are arguing different things. Some are saying he's going to be drafted in the first round (which so far in real $ leagues, he has) Others are saying, he's a reach in the 1st round. Completely reasonable argument. Others are also disagreeing saying he's worth it. Also can be a reasonable argument. One thing to consider is that these leagues are contending for an overall prize, so many shoot for the upside over the known player. If Acuna turns into the Venezuelan Trout, and they bink on a few other players, maybe they contend for the overall. These leagues are also 15 teams deep. So if you want Acuna and you draft in the top 12, you pretty much have to take him in the first. Chances of him getting back to you in the 2nd in this format are slim. Maybe in a 12 teamer with no overall prize, he drops some...but I think the hype machine will only crank up from here. To me...I don't get Soto going 24th overall. ADP of 25.75 now. What does he do more than others in the 2nd/3rd round? I guess it's the upside thing. .
  4. So they posted some results from real $ NFBC leagues. Not guys mocking to be stealthy or get attention. There is no NFBC adp posted yet (happens after 5 drafts are completed) So there wasn't really anything for them to go off of. League 1 Acuna 9th overall Soto 22nd overall Buehler 34th Vlad 43rd League 2 Acuna 12th Soto 33rd Vlad 37th Buehler 38th League 3 Acuna 5th Soto 24th Vlad 37th Buehler 44th League 4 Acuna 5th Soto 24th Vlad 42nd Buehler 37th
  5. Stephen Piscotty 2019 Outlook

    Hate to say it, I don't think it's just his 2nd half, but it's his mothers passing. He began his hot streak shortly after she passed away. These guys are still human, and that had to be like a chapter of life closing for him. It was the reason he asked to go to Oakland. Make no mistakes, he was pretty bad before then, but at where he'll be drafted there is some upside.
  6. Can only assume the 3b who went in the 2nd round that they didn't have a card for was Vlad.
  7. Stephen Piscotty 2019 Outlook

    22 homers from June to October. 30 homer potential in the later rounds. I like.
  8. i think this is the whole thing if you can zoom in
  9. in that draft acuna went 4th overall So that’s three recent drafts so far where he goes top 5. Rankings and early mocks don’t mean much now because they’re adjusted. Mocks in particular tend to follow the nfbc adp once it’s released (it hasn’t now). I think he’s going to easily settle in the top 10 in nfbc. If other sites default rank him 26 or whatever he’ll probably fall. Now one can certainly argue against taking acuna that early, but it’s starting to become clear that’s where he’s going to be taken most of the time
  10. Ronald Acuna 2019 Outlook

    He also banged up his knee early in the season. I think he's going to be in the top 10. I didn't a month ago, but that looks like the way this is heading.
  11. I think all of those guys end up a similar ADP come March. Based on early ADP, Acuna will be a top 10 pick. Walker will go in go around the 4th round. Vlad may rise even higher as spring training inches closer. Posey, while in the 17th is a decent value, has a plethora of concerns now. Eloy is really the only one of that group I'm not sure about. He could be this year's Acuna. I'm with you drafting guys who won't begin the year in the majors. They tend to go higher than I'm willing to take them, which means I won't have many shares of them. For every Acuna there's two Victor Robles and Nick Senzels.
  12. Tipping Pitches

    I had a guy who follows the Pirates really closely tell me that Cervelli noticed that Archer was tipping his pitches, and it was corrected the last three games of the season. (I couldn't find a link, but I have no reason to doubt this guy). My question is, how does tipping become common knowledge to everyone but the pitcher or the Pirates organization? You'd think this day in age that secret couldn't be kept for very long.
  13. Comments? Thoughts? Surprises? Terrible picks?
  14. From someone who drafted two SB guys early, I thought power dried up as the draft went on. There were also several closer/potential closer type guys available up until the last round. FA dropped a bit, but that’s common
  15. Joe Mauer 2018 Outlook

    What could have been