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  1. Bartolo Colon
  2. With Cishek being out to begin the season, he probably has a little more rope.
  3. I would think it fluctuates year after year. I wouldn't say I'm spending this percentage on pitching and that's it. This year you could even argue that SP is a position of scarcity. After the first 10 or so, there's a big drop off. There just aren't guys who pitch deep into games anymore. You had a top 5 SP pass away over the off-season and numerous top SP's are dealing with injuries, further watering down the pool.
  4. I'm in some large auction 16-20 teams. I always see owners sitting on money then getting into bidding wars over the last few guys or even guys like Dustin Pedroia. I guess it goes back to the last few guys in the tier thing. I would guess that in a local league, especially if it is live, you aren't going to see this as much. Live actions move slow and are a grind and people tend to get down to business. I also usually see people leave money on the table which I think is a mistake unless you have a keeper rule and you're killing it with value keepers.
  5. I think people wait too long. You have too many teams "saving money" and it creates overbidding at the end. Stars & scrubs isn't a bad way to go
  6. If you have or three guys in a tier left in a position, you better believe the cheapest one will be the one who is first nominated. Say you're down to Cabrera, Freeman, Rizzo at 1b and then there's a drop off. People will back off the one first nominated with the hope of getting one of the other 2. That will end up driving up the price of the last 2 of the group nominated
  7. waiting for someone to use one of these
  8. So Britton... that doesn't sound good
  9. Twins GM on the radio today. Said "Kintzler deserves to be closer" and that he has taken a leadship role in the pen. They are cautiously optimistic about Glen Perkins, but they are not going to push him. So it kinda sounds like it's going to be Kintzler even if Perkins is healthy.
  10. Listened to to Rizzo interview yesterday. It sounds like it's going to be Kelley or Treinin. I think Glover is a longshot. He said he wasn't currently discussing any trades. Read something where Dusty was questioning if Kelley could hold up with his arm history. I do believe this is a coin flip or 60/40 Kelley Treinin at best. Will be decided this spring
  11. Adding 40sb should really help his ADP
  12. You can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first. There is next to no chance Familia doesn't get the job when he comes back. They asked the Mets beat writer this same question on the radio this morning. She said the same thing. Familia will have to lose it. Now if you think he could, that's another discussion, but you shouldn't be taking Reed with the hope he keeps the job all season.
  13. And right on cue the manager said he wants Blackmon to run more
  14. In his defense, some of his injuries were a little fluky. Maybe he will take some stretching classes with Ichiro or something
  15. Guys like Herrera, Duffy & Paxton are so not deep sleepers. Even Renfroe & Margot probably aren't. When you have to reach to get your sleeper, he's no longer a sleeper. Paxton & Herrera are flying off the board now