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  1. Adelman was so dominant tonight he 1 hit his own team per the RW blurb
  2. I actually think Rodney is a "safe" closer in that he has as much rope as anyone else who is closing. That doesn't mean he won't be prone to meltdowns and torch your era. I could see him with 40 saves. I could also see him ending with a 5 or 6.00 era
  3. I think Ramos gets shipped if he doesn't lose the job all-together. The Marlins have some good arms who could take over...Barraclough, Wittgren, Gacria... I think it's going to come down to who is pitching the best whenever the opening happens. Zeigler has been awful. If he was pitching well, he would be a solid option to close, but he looks closer to being done than to closing.
  4. Stil Waiting for that regression .
  5. I hate cucumbers, coworkers who pee on the toilet seat, cinnamon schnapps, and people who jog in place at stoplights.
  7. On the radio they mentioned that Watson has hired Boras as his agent... so you can bet the Pirates are going to ship him out at some point and Rivero will likely close
  8. Bowden thinks that Scioscia will keep Norris in the role when Bedrosian & Street return. "Typically managers will stick with the guy who is getting it done." If the Angels were out of the race, they would likely ship him out for a prospect but they are still hovering around .500
  9. Can we get him to start in the 2nd inning?
  10. According to BA, Norris worked his way up to the Astros #2 overall prospect. He was named the best pitching prospect in the PCL in 2009. A few years ago, there was talk that the Orioles were going to move him to the bullpen to close but that never happened. So he had some hype. The Angels had an audition for closer during ST. Bedrosian was actually hurt during ST and won the closer job due to a strong spring and everyone else around him hitting the DL too. Never really can tell what the Angels will do, but it would surprise me if Bedrosian just stepped right back in and took over the closer job from Norris. For one, he can never stay healthy. He seems like a prime "manage his workload" candidate. Also not worried about Street taking the job over either. If he can prove himself effective and healthy, he seems to be a prime trade candidate if the Angels aren't in the playoff chase.
  11. This is just speculation...but sounds like Tuesday
  12. Lucas Sims Franklin Barreto Maybe Luke Weaver a lot of these guys are only an injury or two away
  13. He's the ace of a team that will probably win over 100 games and a former Cy Young winner. There's a lot to like
  14. He looks like a different hitter