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  1. Over Under saves totals from Bovada. You can actually bet on these. Wade Davis 38.5 Rodney 19.5 Colome 32.5 Osuna 35.5 Ramos 30.5 Melancon 40.5 Kimbrel 39.5 dyson 33.5 herrera 34.5 chapman 39.5 robertson 34.5 allen 35.5 giles 34.5 Britton 38.5 krod 36.5 johnson 24.5 jansen 39.5 Oh 35.5 Diaz 34.5
  2. Relievers who haven't looked great this spring. Not saying they will lose their jobs, just that they haven't pitched well. Guys like Allen have always started slow and Jansen probably isn't throwing any breaking stuff. Some notable fades not on this list... Kimbrel Cody Allen K-Rod Madson/Casilla/Doolittle trifecta of suck Wade Davis Storen/Lorenzen. Iglesias hurt Holland/Ottavino Jansen Ramos Watson Some of my pick-ups: Bruce Rondon - I love K-Rod but starting to worry about him Joe Kelly - At least until Kimbrel gets straightened out Someone in Tampa - Boxberger? Colome will get dealt Jared Miller, Arizona Felipe Rivero - I think Tony Watson either is dealt or fails and not buying Dan Hudson Neris, but he's probably already owned. (btw Jeanmar has a sub 1.00 era this spring) Ryan Pressley - Kintzler won't keep the job all year
  3. He, Blanton, Kelley and the other old schlubs pitched a good bit in minor league games this spring
  4. Hitting 7th may not be a problem now Randal Grichuk left Wednesday's Grapefruit League finale after he was hit on the right hand by a pitch. Grichuk was removed for a pinch-runner. It's too soon to say if it's anything serious, as the Cardinals are surely being extra careful this close to Opening Day. We should hear an update soon.
  5. Here's the problem with Glover right now: He hasn't been able to get MLB hitters out. They throw him in the closer role and he bombs out the gate then what... now his confidence is in the gutter. He still has potential, but he may not be ready yet.
  6. Supposedly batting cleanup for the Cards on opening day
  7. Jim Bowden said he texted Mike Rizzo last night and was told that a decision has not been made yet. Lols. Have to wonder if they're trying to work on a trade and they don't want to give the job to someone then have to take it away after a trade. The season starts in a few days. It's March 29th. They know who is closing by now.
  8. Are they really going to bat him 7th & 8th?
  9. What better way to kill off any interest in your bullpen than to pitch Jeremy Guthrie for 4 innings of relief in a spring game
  10. Reds suck, Iglesias is injury prone, and he may share the closer role. If he overcomes all of that he could be a top closer tho
  11. He's waiting for Kevin Gregg to walk through the door
  12. Well Dusty, you kind of brought it on yourself by telling everyone you've made a decision but you aren't telling anyone.
  13. I think if it was Kelley, they would have named him already. It also helps that Kelley has been open that he doesn't care if he closes. It makes it easier for management to pull the trigger on someone else as opposed to having someone like Papelbon or Gregerson who were more adamant about closing
  14. Chris Devenski
  15. I agree 100%. You know what also doesn't make sense? Turkey burgers