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  1. I’d just like to mention what a huge pathetic loser this guy has been when its mattered the most
  2. Im talking about average adp. Trout has been the first player taken for a number of years. Next year that changes in 5x5. Trout doesn’t run anymore
  3. Acuna is going to have the #1overall adp. Some will still take trout & yelich, and that’s fine. There really isn’t a wrong answer there.
  4. Trout has been the 1.1 for about 5 years
  5. Very real chance their series with Cleveland is cancelled, ppd, or moved this weekend
  6. If last night is an indication, he’ll have the green light to run when he wants... and they’ll punch run him. He just not going to get anything other than steals as runs. Literally.
  7. Who drafts first and trend sets adp? The nfbc. What do those contests have? An overall prize. What do those players shoot for? Upside. I can’t imagine Correa falling out of the top 100 or past the top 75. Corey seager was going 80ish this year. i understand if someone want to put him on a dnd, but You’ve got a talented player who is likely batting 2-5 in Houston’s lineup. Several 6-9 rounders will bust anyway. Next year I don’t have any problem taking him there.
  8. I know you aren’t supposed to post paid content here, but I pulled this quote from another site. “He sucks”.
  9. His adp this year was about 50. I don’t think he falls too far from that. 6th rounder? Zero chance he’s not a top 100 pick
  11. Seems safe. He’s been awful for a while. Probably playing hurt
  12. I was halfway expecting to open this thread and see him back here