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  1. My relievers taking turns to see who can have the largest blowup this week. Let's see what Dyson can do now
  2. How does Andy Reid dodge anything
  3. Like 22 years old and tired. Good luck when you're 35.
  4. This is why bad teams stay bad. Playing guys like Parra & Reynolds over your young guys like Dahl
  5. Gomez melts down tonight Tanner Scheppers saves it for Texas
  6. Soria sucks. Saw he was in and turned it off. Knew duffys win was toast. Soria did not disappoint
  7. Dyson Hung one to Gattis who hit it about 700 feet
  8. Wouldn't know. Dodgers Twitter is doing stand up comedy
  9. Vikings are the least Qb dependent team in the league. They just need someone to manage the game and not turn the ball over. That's what Teddy did. They still have one of the best defenses in the NFL and AP. Hill will probably start the first few games but I think the guy the bring in next will finish the year. It's not like they are going from Drew Brees to Matt schuab. They're going from game manager to another game manager:. I still think they can be a playoff team
  10. Vikings were 8-2 last year when Teddy threw less than 200 yards. He only threw for 9 ints. They need someone who can manage the game and not turn it over. That's not Kap, not butt fumble. I expect them to get someone. You can't ask 36 year old Hill to start 16 games
  11. Probably looking at a mccown or Glennon to come in. Sanchez turns it over too much
  12. Sounds like the Rockies may move him to 1b
  13. Sam Dyson looks terrible. Not sure if he can hang onto that job much longer
  14. Time to Retire, Zack Godley
  15. Simply paying attention in September usually gives you an edge