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  1. Why even call it a competition if you’re going to give it to one guy all Along
  2. In all likelihood you probably don’t. We’re just used to bad news.
  3. Just glad that guy who use to make those player photoshops isn’t going to make a Ryan Brazzers
  4. Tough Tom Murphy waived. Could be the break his needs
  5. He's had bad ST before and has usually been a slow starter. 2016 isn't coming back, but'd think he's turning into Josh Tomlin. Ceiling lower than in the past, but floor higher than some are treating him.
  6. so if kimbrel waits till June, he’s still waiting. The pick doesn’t mean anything, at least not to the Barves
  7. I play a lot of draft & holds and best balls. Feels like I got a lot of Berrios, Danny Jansen, Glasnow, Kyle Tucker, and some of the sleeper closers like Braiser, Robertson, and Colome. Tried to get Acuna and Soto as much as possible, but that's mostly dictated on draft position.
  8. I think he's the better pitcher, when healthy. Really both Minter and Viz have issues staying healthy and if they both split it, the team can manage their workloads better. Then there's this earlier this month... #Braves' Snitker indicated that Viz and Minter would split closer duties to start season. "And it may start out being a matchup-type thing, eight and ninth inning. We did that a little bit last year at the end."
  9. One more tease for Braves fans to end the offseason. We all know where he’ll end up.
  10. Well Donnie, too bad you’re managing the Marlins
  11. Meh, if he’s really getting 60%, youre probably not off by much by the time you figure in games he subs. 350-400ab of non-average destroying at bats from your catcher is worth something
  12. And Miami... i think romo closes. Miami can build up his value. Steckinrider hasn’t been able to get anyone out this spring. Conley looks good but no reason for the cheap marlins to have him close yet
  13. Just my opinion on unsettled closer situations. Boston: Giving Barnes the nod because he's further along. Tampa: Everyone has anointed Alvarez, and he's the best bet, but don't be surprised if the Rays get cute and have multiple pitchers close games. Baltimore: Givens has been absolutely terrible this spring. Given how few win the Orioles are expected to have this season, it may take a little while to figure out who is next in line. White Sox: Colome is the favorite here, but it wouldn't surprise me if Herrera gets 25-33% of the save opps. There was a question whether or not he'd even be ready for OD, but he's done well. Colome will have a short leash. Minnesota: Sounds like a Parker/May committee, but I would lean May. If you have one, wouldn't hurt to handcuff with the other. Kansas City: Peralta will close. Boxberger has looked terrible this spring. Have also read about Peralta developing a "closers mentality". KC has a few good young options coming down the pipeline. Arizona: Holland looked done. Bradley has the goods to close, but ff the Diamondbacks decide to keep him in the fireman role, Hirano will close. Atlanta: Vizcaino but the Braves are going to work Minter in as soon as he's healthy. Chicago Cubs: Sounds like Strop will begin the season as closer, but may be spelled by Cishek. Nobody has any confidence in Morrow staying healthy for an extended period of time. Milwaukee: Kimbrel landing spot? If not, Hader will likely split duties with someone else. Philadelphia: Don't see any reason why Kapler won't have multiple pitchers closing games again. Giants: I don't see how the Giants can have Melancon pitch in high leverage with how he's looked this spring. St. Louis: I'd lean Hicks with Miller receiving some chances if he can stay healthy. Neither have looked outstanding this spring.
  14. Anyone else think the name Dakota Hudson sounds like a stripper?
  15. Fried will make the rotation. It was always going to be an uphill climb for wright to make it out the gate, but he should get a decent Amount of starts this season
  18. Any shot? I think so. Holland looks done. Bradley is capable but the diamondbacks could keep him in the fireman role. Hirano closed a few games last September when boxberger was done.
  19. I think it’s going to be Peralta. Boxberger has done nothing to win the job