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  1. June Closer Thread 2018

    Watching the game. Britton looks terrible. Hit a batter. Not fooling anyone
  2. June Closer Thread 2018

    Winkler drops a big steamy pile on the mound. Should take care of receiving any save opportunities in the near future
  3. Hanley Ramirez 2018 Outlook

  4. Chad Kuhl 2018 Outlook that was posted yesterdag morning. Wonder how many people it buried ?
  5. Greg Bird 2018 Outlook

    I think the Yankees are going to have a little less patience for him sucking that most think. They're being pushed by the Red Sox. The could win 107 games, lose the division, and be treated to a one game playoff against James Paxton or Mike Trout... or god forbid Justin Verlander if injuries hit the Stros.
  6. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

    Not sure why the brewers keep giving rookie pitchers their first start of the season in coors, but here we are. This guy has promise, and does pitch in Colorado Springs. Hopefully it doesn’t jack him up too much
  7. Dee Gordon 2018 Outlook

    If he’s not running, he’s about as useless as tits on a boar. Trying to be patient...
  8. June Closer Thread 2018

    It’s been a relatively quiet season in closer land, but I think the next 40 days are going to be make or break in the land of saves. Going to have to begin paying closer attention here
  9. June Closer Thread 2018

    JMO...random thoughts... I realize Familia has been on the DL, but Callaway's management of the pen the past 3-4 weeks has committee written all over it. That teamed with him floating the idea of using anyone in the 9th in Spring training makes me bump all of the Mets down a bit. Like Philadelphia, they aren't worthless, but rather several guys have a small amount of value. Mets, Rays, Phillies, Astros appear to be full blown committees. Royals, Angels, Giants could be heading in that direction. I think Cishek is the guy for the Cubs. Still not convinced the Diamondbacks don't put Hirano in at closer if Box blows up. Padres wanted Devers for Hand. This was similar to what they were asking for last season. Their price hasn't dropped. Royals look like they've moved Staumont back to starter. McCarthy probably the next guy up, if there is one, but Tim Hill appears to be the best arm. Very undesirable situation. Hopefully Dick Lovelady gets some save chances this season.
  10. Dee Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Doesn’t even try to steal anymore
  11. June Closer Thread 2018

    Giants aren’t paying melancon 60 mil to pitch the 6th. When and if he’s ready, he will close
  12. June Closer Thread 2018

    Iglesias. Britton. And If things don’t improve in Minnesota....
  13. June Closer Thread 2018

    I interpreted it as he’s going to get someone but for the time being it will be a committee and girls girls girls
  14. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Yea, not saying there is no impact...but this isn't the days of Andres Gallaraga, Larry Walker, and Ellis Burks. A player has to be a stud like Arenado or Blackmon to set it and forget it. Carlos Gonzalez was solid for years and he's just a dude on the road. Most of the Rockies players are really only worth starting at home. Maybe I phrased what I said incorrectly. Just because he plays in Coors doesn't mean a player will be a stud.
  15. Delino DeShields 2018 Outlook

    The one who will be losing AB is Odor. Deshield's may lose some here or there, but it doesn't sound very significant. If you drafted Deshields, you drafted him for SB. Anything else he provides is a bonus.
  16. Ervin Santana 2018 Outlook

    Last I heard, he had a setback and an ETA before the All-Star break looks highly unlikely. Twins sent him back to the surgeon. Best case probably late July/early August if he doesn't have any setbacks. I don't remember where I heard/read it. .
  17. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Listening to the Astro's president on the radio, it doesn't sound like Tucker will be up anytime soon. He's not going to be traded and when he's up, he's not riding the bench.
  18. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Maybe it's their lineup, but Rockies ranked 12th in the league in homers, 13th in hits, and 10th in runs scored (5th NL). People are overrating the Coors effect somewhat. He's not going to be hitting in many pitcher friendly parks during his minor league tenure.
  19. June Closer Thread 2018

    Astros GM was on Sirius this morning and said (paraphrasing)... "Last year, we asked AJ to win the World Series without a closer. I'm not saying that I'm going to ask him to do that again..."
  20. June Closer Thread 2018

    Name is stash in dynasty leagues Was the royals top prospect last year. Walk machine, but K rate is ridiculous
  21. Greg Allen 2018 Outlook

    So.... hit leadoff today. Might they bump him up the lineup? He’s Been a speed guy in the minors
  22. Roberto Osuna 2018 Outlook

    Yea, he was arrested. There was enough evidence to arrest him, so it's not like he's an innocent guy just being punished to protect the league's imagine. Fantasy wise, there's been zero good news coming from this. I may wait another 2-3 weeks for his next trial date if I've waited this long...but if nothing good emerges from it, he needs to be waiver fodder/someone else's problem.
  23. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    He already went through spring training. Maybe it’s extended spring training
  24. Madison Bumgarner 2018 Outlook

    He does not look very good