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  1. Hurry and accept before the other owner realizes how bad he screwed up.
  2. Keep Sabonis. Kuzma is unlikely to even start, and doesn't provide much more than points and some rebounding.
  3. You already have a pretty solid punt AST lineup going there. I would target Steph in a trade. His high volume on good % for a guard is devastating in punt AST. Maybe a package of Mitchell + Gallo + Bridges would do it? That would even allow you to keep Bryant, who should be a very solid punt AST contributor. Curry (61), George (42), Gobert (27), Bryant (5), Hield (2), Robinson (1), and Brogdon (1) leaves you with $61 to play with. With that budget I would grab a 4th star to complement Steph, PG, and Gobert for around $35-$45. Then fill the rest of your roster with guys under $5 who contribute stocks and dont hurt %s too bad. Good luck!
  4. Kenrich Starvin Marvin Zeller Dinwiddie Diallo
  5. Delon has the most clear path to big minutes. Less chance of a dud, even though TJ is a better passer overall.
  6. Are you going to stream Mirotic's spot? And what value does a 6th round pick actually have? Are there any keepers or is it a straight extra pick in a full redraft? That being said, I'm really low on CJ. He just doesn't put up much besides scoring, while Jrue is a complete guard. I would try and get Blake only and hang onto Jrue, or ask for a better guard than CJ.
  7. Team in sig below. Gunning to repeat as champ and ADs minutes and rest days are going to be an issue. I have been shopping him for the past few weeks and have gotten the following offers: AD + my 1st round rookie draft pick for LBJ + Vucivic AD + Mudiay for Steph + OPJ AD for Embiid AD for Fox + Cousins AD + my 1st + Mudiay for Harden + Marc Gasol (still working on this one with the owner) I believe LBJ + Vooch is the best value right now, but I wont have many good Bron years left. Embiid is tempting, but his knee is scary, and he is surprisingly only 1 year younger than AD. The other trades all give good return, but Steph and Harden are a bit older and AD has 10+ good years left. Alternatively, I could hold. Any advice much appreciated and WHIR 100%.
  8. I would keep Towns. He is worth Irving and Mirotic by himself.
  9. In win now mode I would want Ingles over RHJ.
  10. I cant see a viable argument to veto Ayton + Kemba. Unless your league just has it out for you.
  11. I think Kemba and Ayton should be more than enough. Might be a tough sell though after Kemba's dud. May want to wait until he puts a few solid games together.
  12. If you are punting FG% go with Monk. Bullock was incredibly reliable last year, but Monk could hit a higher ceiling.
  13. I would take that deal. You can package Payton with someone else to upgrade again. Kanter's value may take a hit during playoffs when Porzingis returns.