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  1. I would give Myles Turner and receive Isaac and the #9 pick in the rookie draft. My roster is below. Turner fits really well with my build, but I think Isaac is going to be a star, and I have a few guys I am very high on in the 10-15 pick range. Thoughts?
  2. Championship Winning/Losing Performances

    Lowry and Middleton won me a ship by going a combined 50/95 from 3 the past 2 weeks. The league is 12 cat (8 cat + OREB, FGM, FTM, 3P%). A made 3 has a positive effect on 5 cats, FGM, FG%, 3PM, 3PP%, and PTS. The crazy volume and % from those 2 guys locked up almost half of my matchup.
  3. Quinn Cook 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Hes probable. Hurts his knee last game but came back. He should be good for tonight.
  4. I have had this guy on IR for a while. Is he worth activating for the Thurs/Sat games or will he be on too much of minutes restriction to make an impact?
  5. Kevin Love 2017-18 Season Outlook

    Hes playing boys!!! Fire him up!
  6. Richaun Holmes 17-18 Season outlook

    Holmes worth a speculative add with Booker out of town?
  7. I'm punting AST, so Middleton's bump there doesn't matter to me. I'm mostly worried about being too light on guards. If both trades went through, Mitchell would be my only PG eligible player.
  8. Gordon is much more consistent than Covington, grabs more REBs, and doesn't tank your FG%. Assuming he is fine after ASB, I'd want Gordon.
  9. Drop Tatum or Gibson for Larry Nance?

    If you are going to drop anyone, I would drop Bullock. He doesn't do much else except score, and unless you really need 3s hes doesn't have a lot of value.
  10. I would take Gordon in a heartbeat. Almost a 2/1/1 guy with ok % (44.5). You already have elite STLs with PG13, Mitchell, Ariza, and recently, AD. When Gordon and Vuc come back post ASB, Super Mario's minutes and usage will tank.
  11. Need some help deciding who to drop | WHIR

    Probably Jabari for me. He is at best the 3rd or 4th options for Mil, and may be rested some down the stretch.
  12. Negotiating on both these possible trades in dynasty. Would you do 1? Both? Neither? Give Tobias Harris for Khris Middleton Give Tyreke Evans for Otto Porter Jr. Team in sig. Thanks in advance and WHIR.
  13. Anthony Davis Season Outlook 2017-2018

    Owning this dude in dynasty is a blessing and a curse
  14. Josh Hart 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I don't think IT and Ball can play together.
  15. Wilt had a 53/32/14 game with supposedly 24 blocks and 11 steals Modern era though, Boogie just had one of the best stat lines ever.