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  1. 12th pick. Leonard or PG. WHIR

    Kawhi. Kawhi seems to be 100% healthy from news coming out of Toronto. He is a top 5 player if thats the case. I think PG 13 will improve after year of getting used to playing with Russ and gaining some of Melos usage, but Kawhi is a 9 cat H2H monster.
  2. Porter all day.
  3. Rudy Gay 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Think he could have a renaissance season. No competition for minutes outside of Belinelli, and maybe Demar plays the 3 for short stretches. Someone on the Spurs will need to stretch the floor, I think Rudy is the answer. If he can get 27-30 mpg, I could see 14.5/5.5/2 with 1.5 3s and almost 1 stl and blk. FG5 may take a hit because I do think he will be shooting more 3s. Not a great 3p shooter, as you mentioned, but he has a had seasons of 35%-37%, so the precedent is there.
  4. Pick 3

    Rubio - Improved 3pt shot, and still a great source of ASTs and STLs Anderson - Increased usage and PT should see his numbers increase across the board. FT% is an issue. Knight - Per Kokoshkov, will start at the beginning of the year. Top 60 when healthy and given PT. Health is a concern though. If he gets off to a hot start, you can find an owner to give you value before and injury/Okobo takes over.
  5. Kyrie + Wall for Lillard?

    Stop it. AD has played 75 games in back to back years and 60+ every year of his career. People get burned by an injury one year at the wrong time and label someone as "injury prone" for the rest of their career. OP why not Lillard, Wall, Davis? If you can keep that combo, that's my vote.
  6. Dynasty: Beal for Sexton/Porter

    Keep Beal. Sexton cant shoot and MPJ may never be healthy. Beal puts up solid #s and is only 25.
  7. Are we talking 6th round = 4 rounds of keepers + 2 rounds drafting? What is your league size? Lets assume 12 teams. Turner (ranked about 40-50 ADP) plus a 6th rounder (pick 72-83) is not enough to land a superstar. I would probably keep Turner. His Blks are one the most difficult stats to get in fantasy. If you are dead set on trading him, I would target someone in the late 2nd/early 3rd that compliments your other keepers. Maybe some one like Middleton/Love/Gasol/Tobias Harris.
  8. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    Got him at 15 recently in a dynasty draft. The Raps know hes healthy or they wouldn't have traded for him. I think most of the time missed after He played his 9 games was smoke and mirrors due to the way the relationship with the Spurs fell apart. Bargain at the end of the first round.
  9. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Last year as a starter his usage was only 17% on 29mpg. Pacers have CoJo, Tyreke, and Holiday who will all take some min at PG. He is a great low-volume, efficient player, but I am worried he will lose 4-5 mpg which will be a huge hit to his value. Also shot a career high in 3P% (46.8) which was 5% more than any other year in his career. If he is closer to his career 3P% (40%) and loses a few minutes, it's disaster for his H2H value. He may still be a good asset in roto, as you pointed out.
  10. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    Nice write up! I enjoy these topics. Here are a sleeper and avoid I have at each position this year: PG: Sleeper: Jerian Grant - Only competing with Augustin for minutes and put up some good numbers when giving playing time in CHI. Avoid: Darren Collison - Already losing usage to Dipo. Tyreke will take minutes off him and could finish games in his place. SG: Sleeper: Jeremy Lamb - Batum is moving to his natural at the 3. Lamb put up career highs in PTS and 3PM in 24 mpg. I think that bumps to 30. Could deny Monk the job. Avoid: Lou Willams - Lots of guards that will demand playing time, plus prospects to bring along. I don't think Lou has a bad year, but I think he won't perform to his ADP. SF: Sleeper: Johnathan Isaac - Word is the Magic will be trying him out at the 3. If his handle and shooting has improved he could give you 1.5 3PM and 3+ stocks. Avoid: Will Barton - Much of his value was coming off the bench and running the 2nd unit. Could be argued he is the 5th option in the starting unit in Denver. PF: Sleeper: Tobias Harris - Experienced owners know he is already a 9 -cat gem. Was a top 30 player after the trade to LAC. If you can get him in the 4th, it's a steal. Avoid: Blake Griffin - Guess who didn't sniff the top 30? Poor defensive numbers and percentages for a big man, and he always seems to find a way to get hurt. C: Sleeper: Mitchell Robinson - With Porzingis out for most of the year, Knicks will be trying out their young guys. Kanter could be flipped as an expiring contract. Avoid: DeMarcus Cousins - Someone will take him way too high. He may not be 100% until April (if ever), and Draymond may be better at C. Don't be that someone.
  11. Mikal Bridges 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I could see Mikal learning from Ariza for a few months and then the Suns flipping Ariza to a contender for assets, with Mikal sliding into to a starting role.
  12. Mikal Bridges 2018-19 Season Outlook

    I traded back into my dynasty draft to get him. I can see him putting up 15/5/2 with 2 3s and close to a steal and block as soon as December or January. I think he is better than Jackson right now. Could definitely be starting by the end of the year.
  13. Per BBM he ranked 18 overall before the trade, and 33 overall after. The AST went from 3.9 to 1.7. That is a huge deal for out of position value. Stocks remained about the same with 3.0 before and 3.3 after. I agree no one is targeting him for his AST, but they provide a lot more flexibility in filling other spots, especially in a punt FT build, where many of the big men are a huge negative in AST.
  14. I would expect Drummond to take a dip in value with a full year along side Blake. Drummond's ranking last year was inflated by his passing skills. Prior to Blake's arrival, Drummond had 14 (of 47) games with 5 or more AST. The final 31 games he played with Blake, he only did this twice. He also had 0 AST 5 times after the trade, and only did that 1 time before Blake. If he is not contributing in AST, he is a strong contributor in 4 cats (FG%, REB, BLK, STL). He turns the ball over a lot for a big man, and is punting FT% for you all by himself. He will probably be taken too high in most drafts, bar a punt FT% build.
  15. Efficiency

    Gary Harris...not on list lol. What rankings are you using? Per the BBM rankings I am looking at right now, you missed a ton of guys that should be there and have guys on the list that don't deserve it. For example, Gasol is -1.0 in TO and -1.19 for FG%. Tatum I assume was left off due to a negative overall z score (-0.03). Well Buddy Hield's is -0.14. There are a ton of inconsistencies here. Can you explain where your numbers came from? Here's guys on your lost that have a -1.0 or worse value cat or overall negative z score: Covington, Teague, Rubio, Crabbe, Gasol, Murray, Ingles, KCP, Hield, Olynyk, Hart, Johnson, Batum.