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  1. I would keep Towns. He is worth Irving and Mirotic by himself.
  2. Ingles or RHJ

    In win now mode I would want Ingles over RHJ.
  3. Trade for Harden

    I cant see a viable argument to veto Ayton + Kemba. Unless your league just has it out for you.
  4. Trade for Harden

    I think Kemba and Ayton should be more than enough. Might be a tough sell though after Kemba's dud. May want to wait until he puts a few solid games together.
  5. Trade THJ for JJJ? WHIR

    If it's H2H I would want JJJ.
  6. If you are punting FG% go with Monk. Bullock was incredibly reliable last year, but Monk could hit a higher ceiling.
  7. Kanter vs Capela

    I would take that deal. You can package Payton with someone else to upgrade again. Kanter's value may take a hit during playoffs when Porzingis returns.
  8. Fournier for Murray? WHIR

    Agree with above. You risk offending the guy by offering Fournier. Maybe try Fournier and Lauri and get another asset back from the Murray owner. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/730050-kats-value-in-dynasty-whir/
  9. Gallinari for Dunn? (WHIR)

    I would give Gallo. Huge injury risk. You should sell him while he has decent value. Ingles is playing great, and the Jazz offense is killing it right now.
  10. McGruder or Warren? WHIR

    James Johnson is close to being back, and will eat into Mcgruders time. I would go with Warren, he can put up loads of stats even in limited minutes.
  11. Roster below. Trying to package Turner and Gordon for KAT. Am I giving enough or is there another offer that would be better? Would like to hold on to my core of AD, Kawhi, PG13 and Dipo. WHIR
  12. 12th pick. Leonard or PG. WHIR

    Kawhi. Kawhi seems to be 100% healthy from news coming out of Toronto. He is a top 5 player if thats the case. I think PG 13 will improve after year of getting used to playing with Russ and gaining some of Melos usage, but Kawhi is a 9 cat H2H monster.
  13. Rudy Gay 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Think he could have a renaissance season. No competition for minutes outside of Belinelli, and maybe Demar plays the 3 for short stretches. Someone on the Spurs will need to stretch the floor, I think Rudy is the answer. If he can get 27-30 mpg, I could see 14.5/5.5/2 with 1.5 3s and almost 1 stl and blk. FG5 may take a hit because I do think he will be shooting more 3s. Not a great 3p shooter, as you mentioned, but he has a had seasons of 35%-37%, so the precedent is there.
  14. Pick 3

    Rubio - Improved 3pt shot, and still a great source of ASTs and STLs Anderson - Increased usage and PT should see his numbers increase across the board. FT% is an issue. Knight - Per Kokoshkov, will start at the beginning of the year. Top 60 when healthy and given PT. Health is a concern though. If he gets off to a hot start, you can find an owner to give you value before and injury/Okobo takes over.